“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 7~ Jackson:”How could you hit so hard?”

Jackson, together with Joon, Ryohei and Se Ho went skateboarding. In the night Jackson went with Se Ho and Gook Joo to see Lee Dong Wook on the Iron Man filming set.

Episode 7

Jackson and Kang Joon decorated their room late in the night so it was hard for them to sleep in their room. The spray’s smell was to strong. The two youngsters enter up sleeping on the sofa. In the morning, when Gook Joo wakes up, she sees the two boys sleeping the in living room. She tried to cover them with a board. The window is too wide and the strong son was coming towards them.

Because the son was to strong, Jackson wakes up. The board that Gook Joo put in front of the sofa only helped Kang Joon. Jackson wakes up Kang Joon with a morning kiss, or it seemed like that to me and went in the kitchen were Gook Joo was.

Roommate members Jackson, Joon, Ryohei and Se Ho went skateboarding. At first Joon teaches them how to ride the skateboard then they split into teams. First team is the young boys, composed from Jackson and Se Ho and the second team, old boys, is made by Ryohei and Joon. The looser team will be flicked in the forehead. Fortunately, Joon and Ryohei lost. But when Se Ho hit Ryohei he left a big mark on Ryohei’s forehead.

Jackson:”Se Ho, it’s just a game. How could you hit so hard?”

Foreigners defend themselves!

It’s time for Jackson to hit Joon’s forehead. Even if Joon is his senior by 25 years and JYP senior by 15 years, Jackson hit was pretty strong. After hitting Joon, Jackson seemed a little scared. He apologized and hugged Joon.

Since Jackson and Se Ho are the only ones that didn’t get hit, they play again, just the two of them. This time too, Jackson won and Ryohei got his revenge on Se Ho.

No matter how I look at it, I just have the impression that Joon, Jackson and Ryohei are close. They seem like a gang against Se Ho. Foreigners power 😊

10 11

Jackson is the only one left that wasn’t hit. They play again and Jackson lost this time. He’s getting hit by the others three, Joon, Ryohei and Se Ho. Poor Jackson is looking scared, with big eyes, at the others to not hit him strong.

Returned at the house, Jackson is teaching Young Ji some dance moves. Then Jackson teaches everyone at the house how to beatbox.

Jackson together with Gook Joo and Se Ho went to visit Dong Woo at “Iron Man” filming set. On their way Jackson tells them how he ended up in JYP. Since he was a fencer, Jackson was popular in his school and his photo was in front of the school’s office. JYP casting team saw his picture and asked him if he wants to give it a try at the audition. He tried and he was accepted. But his parents were against the idea of Jackson coming to Korean to become a singer and give up his hard work as a sportsman. Jackson’s father said that he will let Jackson come to Korean if he will become the best fencer in Asia and that year at the Asia’s competition, Jackson placed first.

Arrived at the filming set, Jackson, Gook Joo and Se Ho went to look for Dong Wook wearing masks. To be able to get close to Dong Wook without being seen by him, Jackson, Gook Joo and Se Ho took clothes from the filming crew.

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