“Nobunaga Concerto ” ep 5 ~ Nobunaga:” It’s okay to fall in love before you get married.”

The real Oda Nobunaga is back! Nobunaga tries to stop his sister’s political marriage.

Episode 5

Saburo met the real Nobunaga. He is living with a different name now, Akechi Mitsuhide. He wants to support Saburo as Akechi Mitsuhide. While they talk Nobunaga’s men came looking for him. Both Saburo and Akechi Mitsuhide hide. Nobunaga’s men found Akechi Mitsuhide and took him back to the palace. The real Nobunaga is back to his place. While he is there, the retainers talk to him about the alliance with another clan. The only way to ally with the other clan is to marry Oichi, Nobunaga’s younger sister, with the eldest son of the leader of the other clan. Nobunaga accepts. The retainers agree with marrying Oichi. The only one who isn’t pleased with the decision is Tsuneoki, but can’t do anything about it. Tsuneoki likes Oichi.

The retainers asked Tsuneoki to tell Oichi the decision. He goes to her, but she already heard the retainers talking and she agrees with the marriage too.

Saburo returned too. The retainers confuse him with Nobunaga, now that the real Nobunaga left again. When he found out what the real Nobunaga did, Saburo went crazy. He can’t accept the political marriage between Oichi and the son of the other clan’s leader. Saburo, as Nobunaga, explained to Oichi why she can’t marry like that. He wants her to marry a man that she loves.

Then Nobunaga went to the other clan. He wants an alliance with them, but he doesn’t want to sell his sister off. The leader of that clan gets upset and sends him away. If he wants them to be ally, Oichi has to marry the leader’s eldest son.

While Nobunaga was begging for another alliance that doesn’t involve his sister, Oichi asked Tsuneoki to go for a walk with her. She’s happy. Tsuneoki follows her everywhere, thinking about the past. She is wondering how her life will be in the other clan, after she will get married. Even if he is hurt, Tsuneoki encourages Oichi that everything will be fine. Oichi wants to experience the love Nobunaga was talking about by herself, but if she gets married like that she won’t be able to have that experience.

Nobunaga is still at the Azai clan. The leader asked him to prove that Oda will not attack Azai and they will form an alliance without marrying Oichi. Nobunaga goes home and thinks hard, but no one believes that there is a way. Denjiro gives Nobunaga an idea.

Nobunaga and his army are going to war. The Azai clan prepared their army too. But Nobunaga didn’t attack them. He asked his soldiers to tear down the fortress. Nobunaga thought that if his clan and the Azai clan will be ally then he will not need the fortress and that will be the best prove that the Oda clan will not attack the Azai clan. Seeing Nobunaga acting like that, the Azai leader’s son, Azai Nagahisa, decided to accept Nobunaga’s request. He decided to form an alliance with Nobunaga, even without marrying Oichi.

Nobunaga:” It’s okay to fall in love before you get married.”

Everyone is happy at the Oda clan. Tsuneoki bought a hair pin for Oichi, but when he was about to give it to her the news came, the Azai clan won’t form an alliance with them until Oichi will marry Azai Nagahisa.

Tsuneoki makes a difficult decision. He gets on his knees before Oichi and asks her to get married.

Tsuneoki:” Please marry…Azai Nagamasa-dono.”

Oichi knows that if she refuses to marry into the Azai clan, there will be war and a lot of innocent people will die so she accepts to get married. She goes to Nobunaga and tells him that she wants to get married for the alliance. It’s the only way she can be of any help to her brother.

Oichi:”Please create a world without war.”

It’s time for Oichi to leave. Everyone is sending her off with a happy face. Everyone is wishing her a happy life. The only one missing is Tsuneoki. He is informing the groom that in Oda they give a ring to the wife at the wedding. So when Oichi arrived, her husband put a ring on her finger.

Azai Nagamasa:”Let us become a happy couple.”

Looking at Oichi leaving, Nobuanga realized that this could be Oichi’s beginning, not her ending.

The real Nobuanga found a way for Oda clan to get to the capital without marrying Oichi, but he arrived too late. When he came, he saw Saburo going on a date with Kichou. They where happy.

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