“Iron Man ” ep 18 ~ Final episode!

Finally “Iron Man” last episode. I had the impression that Iron Man has 20 episodes, but now I see that it had 18. Wasn’t a bad drama, but Lee Dong Wook had better ones.

In this last episode Tae Hee dies and Hong Bin makes pace with his father.

I didn’t really understand why madam Yoon suddenly had to leave. She was the bad character here, but she did a lot to remain in that house and eventually get the house. But now suddenly she left….

Episode 18

Se Dong runs away crying. Hong Bin follows her. While they both were crying, Hong Bin said that he has to stay close to Tae Hee. He can’t let Tae Hee alone, because he never did anything good for her. Because of her love for Hong Bin, Tae Hee only suffered.

Hong Bin:”Meet a man who can take care of you, Se Dong.”

Few days later, Seung Hwan told Se Dong that Tae Hee and Hong Bin returned to Seoul. Tae Hee isn’t feeling well and she is in the hospital. Tae Hee wants to see Se Dong.

Hong Bin’s father also found out that Tae Hee is sick and went to see her, but Hong Bin sent him away. Tae Hee is scared of him even if she didn’t do anything bad.

When he was leaving, Jang Won saw Se Dong and asked her a favor. Se Dong called Hong Bin out. She told him that soon she will resign from his company. She will only finish the project she is working at now.

Meanwhile, Jang Won entered Tae Hee’s room. He needed to apologize to her for all the bad things he did in the past. Tae Hee didn’t expect Jang Won to apologize to her and her tears started to come out.

Jang Won signed the divorce papers and he will leave his house. His wife prepared for this divorce for some time now and she took everything he had, except the money. Even if he knew that she was secretly taking his lands and properties, Jang Won pretended that he doesn’t know.

When he was leaving, Hong Joo stopped him. He wants to know why his parents are abandoning him. But Jang Won isn’t abandoning him, he just doesn’t know how to be a father to his sons. He will keep in touch and support Hong Joo no matter who Hong Joo will choose. Jang Won is letting Hong Joo choose with which parent he wants to stay. Now Hong Joo has only one question left, will his father miss him if he chooses his mother. Even if he avoided the answer, Hong Joo insisted until Jang Won answered him. For the first time in his live, Hong Joo heard his father saying that will miss him.

In this whole time at Hong Bin went to see Se Dong. Seung Hwan told him that Se Dong is blaming herself for Tae Hee’s death. She thinks that Tae Hee died because she didn’t go to see her.

Se Dong hated Tae Hee because Tae Hee was the person that knew Hong Bin’s childhood, adolescence and young adulthood. She knew everything about Hong Bin and also she was a better person then Se Dong. Now Se Dong is upset because Tae Hee died without saying goodbye to her. She needed some time to hesitate, but Tae He didn’t give her that time.

Also Se Dong is blaming herself for her thoughts. She thought that if Tae Hee will be death she could return to Hong Bin’s side, after he finished missing Tae Hee. Now that Tae Hee is dead, Se Dong thinks that she is getting the punishment that she deserves. And the worst punishment for her is to not see Hong Bin. What Se Dong doesn’t know is that Hong Bin also was thinking about her. He wanted to save Tae Hee, but he also worried that Se Dong will meet someone else.

Se Dong is packing her things. She is moving out. Suddenly Hong Joo called her. He came to say goodbye. Hong Joo is moving with his mother in USA.

Hong Joo wanted to take Se Dong to a special place so he took her to the rooftop where Hong Bin called him for the first time “little brother”. He prepared a song for Se Dong. Hong Joo’s song made Se Dong think about Hong Bin and she started crying.

At home, Hong Bin is also saying his goodbye to madam Yoon. She is leaving Hong Bin’s house. Madam Yoon wants to spend some time with her son so she is leaving Hong Bin’s house for good.

On her way to Hong Bin’s office to return something to him, Se Dong met her friends and her coworkers. They were coming towards her one by one with a rose in their hands telling her that it’s not her fault and that she shouldn’t blame herself. Hong Bin was waiting for her in front of his office with a rose too.

Hong Bin:”I blamed my father. You blamed yourself. If anyone has the right to blame someone, it’s Tae Hee. But Tae Hee didn’t blame anyone.”

Hong Bin made pace with his father. Then he and Se Dong met at Seung Hwan’s wedding and restarted their relationship.

They lived happily ever after!

The end!

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4 Responses to “Iron Man ” ep 18 ~ Final episode!

  1. apqaria says:

    It was planned to be 20 Episodes but they cut it short to end it on the planned date although 2 Episodes were preempted before.

    • lemonmirae says:

      Yes, i know that there were 20 ep planned at first. i suppose your right and they cut it short to end it on the planned date and the rating didn’t help either….

      • apqaria says:

        I always hate it when plan changes when it comes to dramas. Either by cutting or extending.

        I wasn’t watching but I hope the drama wasn’t affected by the cut.

      • lemonmirae says:

        not really, even if i don’t know who some stuff happened… 😀
        usually when they cut episodes the ones watching don’t understand who some things happened, but well…it happens, and when they extend the episodes, you get bored watching…

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