“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 8~ Dong Wook:” If you two keep fighting, I’m going to force you two to marry.”

Lee Dong Wook went again shopping with Jackson and Young Ji.

Episode 8

For the second time, Lee Dong Wook goes to the market with Jackson and Young Ji. This time they are going to the farmer’s market to buy ingredients for kimchi. The market team is Bae Jong Ok, Joon, Dong Wook, Young Ji and Jackson. At first Dong Wook refused to go, but in the end he gave in.

Dong Wook:”I’m sorry, but after last time, I decided never to go grocery shopping again.”

Arrived at the farmer’s market, Jong Ok and Young Ji begin shopping seriously, while Dong Wook has to watch over the two kids, Jackson and Joon. As soon as they arrived at the market, Jackson and Joon saw two umbrellas and started playing with them. When they were playing with the umbrellas, pretending to be fencing, cars where coming. Because the two children didn’t see the cars coming, Dong Wook had to watch over them and make sure the cars won’t hit them. Seeing the Dong Wook had to watch over them, Young Ji took the umbrellas.

Left without their toys, Jackson asks everyone if they have cheese there and Joon plays with everything he finds in the market. Suddenly Dong Wook realized that Joon and Jackson got away from the group and went after them.

Dong Wook:”Let’s stay together.”

After the farmer’s market, the roommates went to the fish market. Jackson and Joon are fascinated by all the fish they see there. They even play that they are making a music video. When Jackson and Joon got tired of wandering around, they sit on a lady’s stand. While Jong Ok, Dong Wook and Young Ji finish shopping, Jackson and Joon advertise that lady’s stand.

While leaving Young Ji, jokingly, said that Jackson is short. That is making Jackson upset.

Jackson:”She attacked me with my inferiority complex.”

Because they were fighting, Dong Wook makes the two youngsters spend some time alone and make pace. Feeling bad for upsetting Jackson, Young Ji tries to make him feel better, but he’s still upset.

Jackson:”I’m still over 170 centimeters! I’m 174.8 centimeters… Suzy never told me I was short.”

Young Ji and Jackson went to buy porridge for everyone. At the restaurant they order some rice cakes desert. Until the desert is ready, Young Ji took out from her pocket several cheeses. She didn’t know what kind Jackson liked so she bought all the brands she found in the store. After eating the desert it’s time to make up. Home Jackson and Young Ji fed everyone the porridge and then they helped everyone finishing the kimchi.

While having dinner, the two youngsters are fighting again.

Dong Wook:” If you two keep fighting, I’m going to force you two to marry.”

Later that night the “Lee Dong Wook roommate news” is back. No matter that Dong Wook says, the two youngsters, Jackson and Young Ji, talk as they want.

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