“Pride and Prejudice ” ep 6 ~Dong Chi:”How was it sleeping without me?”

Kang Soo is arrested.

Dong Chi and Yeol Moo investigate the case in which Kang Soo is accused of murder. After the case is over, Dong Chi kisses Yeol Moo.

Episode 6

Checking the crime scene, Dong Chi is looking through the drug dealer’s truck. Inside he saw the bamboo ring and realized that the drug dealer was a Panda. Dong Chi runs to the hospital, where he finds out that the drug dealer is death.

Meantime, the police arrived at the house looking for Kang Soo. His grandmother went to Jung Chang Gi’s house. He encourages Kang Soo and sends him to the policemen. Kang Soo was taken in for questioning.

Returned at the office, Dong Chi and Yeol Moo together with the whole team have a meeting to discuss what they will do. The chief prosecutor came too. She is watching the video from the harbors surveillance camera with chief Moon’s team. The camera was on Kang Soo, Dong Chi, Yeol and the panda, but it wasn’t visible if Kang Soo killed or not the drug dealer. What will they do now? For them seems to be more important what will the citizen say. Chief Moon took a decision. Kang Soo will be investigated as anyone else. The prosecutors will not close an eye for Kang Soo.

Later, in the office, Yeol Moo is angry. She is venting her anger on Dong Chi, because he is not helping Kang Soo.

Dong Chi:” Are you stubborn or are you crazy?… Am I really a criminal to you or not?”

While Dong Chi stays at the office, Yeol Moo went to the police station too see Kang Soo.

Before leaving, chief Moon went to Dong Chi’s office. They want to help Kang Soo, but until they will have concrete evidence of Kang Soo’s innocence Kang Soo will be guilty in front of others.
In the parking lot, chief Moon saw Jung Chang Gi. He came to see chief Moon. So that chief Moo will help Kang Soo, Jung Chang Gi is capable to do anything chief Moon asks.
Fifteen years ago, Jung Chang Gi was an attorney. While he and Moon Hee Man were in the same car going somewhere. The driver was attorney Jung Chang Gi. The two of them were concerned about something and the car killed a woman.

In the morning when she entered the office, Yeol Moo saw Dong Chi sleeping. He didn’t go home that night and stayed looking at the evidence in a way to find evidence to prove that Kang Soo is innocent.
Yeol Moo sees the panda’s belongings and looks at them. When Dong Chi opened his eyes, he caught Yeol Moo looking at him.
Dong Chi:”I’m good-looking, right?”
He starts joking around with Yeol Moo. He was expecting her to bring him grandmother’s breakfast, a shirt or a pair of shocks.
Dong Chi:”How was it sleeping without me?”
Later, Yeol Moo met a man at the prosecutor’s office entrance. That man was the father of the girl that was found death with a yellow scarf around her neck. That day, Yeol looked over the video with the homeless that the prosecutors investigated when the girl was found dead. Looking closely, Yeol Moo saw a bamboo ring around the homeless wrist.

Now that they know that the dead girl was murdered, Dong Chi and Yeol Moo reinvestigate. Dong Chi realized that the girl’s murderer is someone that knew both the dead girl and panda. Dong Chi and Yeol Moo look over the surveillance camera outside the place where the girl was found. They saw a woman entering and coming out of the place where the dead body was found.
Yeol Moo calls the last call that appeared to be made from the dead girl’s phone. When she called the phone that ringed was panda’s phone that now was with Dong Chi. The last call made from the dead girls phone was made after her death. Dong Chi and Yeol Moo decide to check the call made before the last one.
Chief Moon knows that panda’s drugs were stolen by a woman. His informer was paid by panda to find that woman.
Yeol Moo and Dong Chi went to the clinic were the dead girl used to work. They found out that the dead girl was really close to another woman that used to work at that clinic. Returned to the office, they decide to look for that woman, the dead girl’s friend. When they received the death girl’s friend picture, Yeol Moo recognized her. She saw that girl ones. That girl stole panda’s drugs and she is selling them now.

While looking through the pictures with people that where on the same boat that panda was on, chief Moon saw that his informer’s brother was on that boat. He is sure that the informer’s brother is the killer, the one that killed panda. He goes to Dong Chi’s office and tells him to go catch the killer, but Dong Chi doesn’t agree. Dong Chi still believes that the killer is the death girl’s friend.
On their way out they met the death girl’s friend. She came to turn herself in.

Kang Soo was realized. Jung Chang Gi is waiting for him in front of the police station with tofu.

Back to the office, Yeol Moo asked Dong Chi how did he knew that the killer was the dead girl’s friend. She goes back and forth with her feelings towards Dong Chi. Sometimes she thinks that Dong Chi killed her brother and sometimes she thinks that it wasn’t Dong Chi.

Dong Chi:”I have proof that it’s not me. Should I show you?”

Dong Chi gets close to Yeol Moo and kisses her.

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