“Pride and Prejudice ” ep 7 ~ Dong Chi:” The person who killed Han Byul is a prosecutor.”

Dong Chi opens up before Yeol Moo and tells her about the day when Han Byul died.

Episode 7

Sometimes Yeol Moo thinks that Dong Chi killed her brother and sometimes she thinks that he is innocent. She doesn’t know what to thinks when it comes to Dong Chi. She isn’t sure of anything anymore. Dong Chi has prove that he didn’t kill Han Byul. There is something that he couldn’t do if he would’ve really killed Han Byul. To prove that he is innocent, Dong Chi kisses Yeol Moo. But for Yeol Moo that doesn’t prove anything. Even if Dong Chi didn’t kill Han Byul, he was a witness.

Later the prosecutors are interrogating the two suspects, Song Ah Reum and Kim Jae Shik. The two of them are murder suspects. Kim Jae Shik’s lawyer is the most powerful and dirtier lawyer in the country. But now when they were starting to get somewhere with that case, the higher-ups took the case from them.

Arrived home, Yeol Moo sees Kang Soo dressing Chan. She is happy that Kang Soo returned home. When Dong Chi arrived home, Yeol Moo pretended to not hear him. She was avoiding him, no matter what Dong Chi was saying or doing. That only one who talks to Dong Chi is Kang Soo.

While Yeol Moo and Kang Soo were dressing Chan, Dong Chi meddled in, trying to put the shirt on Chan, but he put it back words and Yeol Moo left to her room.

That night, Kang Soo couldn’t sleep. Every time he was closing his eyes, he was sees the scene with him and panda falling into the water.

The next morning, Yeol Moo and Dong Chi left at down. At breakfast Kang Soo can’t eat. He is going back to work and he is nervous about how will he face his coworkers and what his coworkers will think of him.

In front of the prosecution office, Kang Soo met Yoo Dae Gi. He encouraged Kang Soo. No matter how good Kang Soo is, he can’t know what will happen when it comes to criminals. Inside the office even chief Moon encouraged Kang Soo.

That morning chief Moon was a little angry and his called everyone in Dong Chi’s office. He made Yeol Moo, Kang Soo and Dong Chi get all the cases they didn’t finish. Dong Chi, Kang Soo and Yeol Moo aren’t allowed to go home until they finish all those cases. The same goes for prosecutor Lee Jang Won.

Even if their boss gave them a lot of work, Dong Chi takes out Yeol Moo and Kang Soo without chief Moon’s permission. He wants to keep investigating Song Ah Reum. They are looking through Song Ah Reum’s belongings trying to find some kind of evidence to help her. Ther reinvestigate the dead of the girl that was found dead with a yellow scarf around her neck. That girl’s name was Cha Yoon Hee and she was Song Ah Reum’s friend. While looking though Song Ah Reum’s belongings, they found a ticked from a storage box. Because they need the password from that storage box, Yeol Moo went to see Song Ah Reum. In that storage box Dong Chi, Yeol Moo and Kang Soo found the dead girl’s, Cha Yoon Hee, phone and diary.

While Yeol Moo and Kang Soo were returning to the prosecution office, Dong Chi went to see a prosecutor colleague from the prosecution office that Song Ah Reum’s and Kim Jae Shik’s case was send too. That colleague told Dong Chi that the case came to them, but no one was interested in it and no one told them what to do with it.

On their way back, Yeol Moo read Cha Yoon Hee’s diary. In that diary Yoon Hee wrote that her boss, the director form the clinic she was working at, sexually harassed her. The clinic director was only making her a 3 mouth contract. Every 3 month he was making a new contract for Yoon Hee. If she was refusing to do what he wanted, he wouldn’t have renewed her contract. And if Yoon Hee wanted to quit her job, he would have made sure that no clinic would have hired her.

The prosecutors need strong evidence against the clinic director to be able to sue. For that Yeol Moo calls Yoon Hee’s coworkers. She is sure that Yoon Hee wasn’t the only one that was sexually harassed. But none of those nurses what to testify.

While Yeol Moo was trying to convince chief Moon to let her call the clinic director in as a testifier, the clinic director already arrived. He came without being called. During interrogation the clinic director admitted that he touched Yoon Hee, but he said that he did that because they were in a love relationship.

Later, Yeol Moo keeps searching. In the past, there must be other women’s how pressed charges against the clinic director. Dong Chi found some. But before Yeol Moo got the chance to look on the files Dong Chi gave her, Yoon Hee’s father came. He changed his mind and doesn’t want to sue the clinic director. He received money from the clinic director. After Yoon Hee’s father left, Dong Chi and Yeol Moo received a mail. Song Ah Reum recorded her last conversation with Cha Yoon Hee, before Yoon Hee’s death.

At home, Dong Chi asked Yeol Moo how she knew that Song Ah Reum didn’t throw away Yoon Hee’s things. Yeol Moo reminded him about the day they’ve met. That day Yeol Moo was going to throw away Han Byul’s things, but she couldn’t. She returned home with the bag with Han Byul’s things.

Yeol Moo:” You can’t throw away your pain.”

Hearing Yeol Moo saying that, Dong Chi told her about the day Han Byul died. “He was very scared.”, he said about Han Byul. He felt sorry for a long time for not being able to help Han Byul. And he didn’t come out as witness because the criminal ran away. Because the criminal ran away, Dong Chi was afraid that the police will thing that he killed Han Byul.

Dong Chi:”My memory is the evidence.”

Since he is the only one who knows the truth about Han Byul’s death, Dong Chi became a prosecutor.

Dong Chi:” The person who killed Han Byul is a prosecutor.”

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