“We Got Married ” ep 10 ( WGM ep 247) ~Jae Rim:” I love you!”

Jae Rim and So Eun have the photo shoot the Jae Rim kept asking for.

Episode 10

Jae Rim and So Eun are at the restaurant, eating with 3 of the 5urpr!se members, Kang Joon, Yoo Il and Tae Oh. Suddenly a mission card arrived. So Eun opens it to read the mission. To read the mission card, Jae Rim gets really close to So Eun. He hugs her from behind and puts his head on her shoulder. After reading the mission card, Jae Rim gets excited. His wish came true. Jae Rim and So Eun will do a photo shoot for a magazine.

In the envelope, with the mission card there were also 2 pictures, one with Jae Rim alone and the other one with So Eun and Kang Joon. The two pictured were from photo shoots, but when Jae Rim saw the picture with So Eun and Kang Joon he became jealous again.


Jae Rim:”Love like this!”

The couple heads towards the place where the photo shoot will take place. They’re having fun on they’re way. But Jae Rim can’t stop himself from certain comments.

Jae Rim:” You’ve become a flower after coming to me.”

Arrived at the photo shoot place, they receive the clothes they’re going to wear. After changing into that clothes, Jae Rim and So Eun are taken care by the stuff there. The makeup artists are putting their makeup on and the hair stylists are getting their hair done. Even if they are in different dressing rooms, they talk to each other.

Jae Rim and So Eun are ready. When they first saw each other burst into laughter. The stuff member explained them how the photo shoot will go. But this is Jae Rim’s territory. There will be a lot of skinship in that photo shoot. The photographer relays on Jae Rim for that.

The photo shoot begins. On the first level they have to keep the touching part to a minimum. Because So Eun is still awkward, Jae Rim plays around to make her relax. During the photo shoot Jae Rim keep trying to hold So Eun’s hand.

On the second level their eyes have to meet. While they were shooting, Jae Rim smiled too much. The stuff told him not to smile so much, but he can’t hide his happiness. For so long, Jae Rim asked for a photo shoot with him and So Eun and not when he has it, he can’t hide his happiness.

Jae Rim:” There are things you can’t hide…poverty, a cough and love.”

Then Jae Rim calls So Eun and asks her if she knows the three things you can’t hide.

Jae Rim:” I love you!”

On the tired level So Eun has to lean on Jae Rim. For levels four and five they’ve changed their clothes and became more close to each other. After the six level, they are finished.

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