“Pride and Prejudice ” ep 8 ~ Dong Chi:” Go out with me!”

Yeol Moo asks Dong Chi to reopen Han Byul’s case and reinvestigate it.

Dong Chi asks Yeol Moo to date him.

Kang Soo begins having nightmares with him drowning.

Episode 8

Kang Soo can’t sleep. He takes 2 beers and goes to Dong Chi’s room. Dong Chi knows that something is bothering Kang Soo and talks to him. Kang Soo knows that he didn’t do anything wrong, even if he spend a little while in jail, but he still feels embarrassed. Kang Soo would’ve felt better if Yeol Moo wouldn’t have seen him getting arrested. He is embarrassed to look into Yeol Moo’s eyes.

Yeol Moo, who was taking a shower, kept thinking about what Dong Chi told her from the day Han Byul died. She runs into Dong Chi’s room and finds Dong Chi with Kang Soo. Realizing that the person he was embarrassed to look at, Dong Chi sends Kang Soo away.

Left alone with Dong Chi, Yeol Moo keeps asking him about her brother’s case. Dong Chi gets up and tells Yeol Moo to go with him. They will have that conversation into the office because he has there the case. Everything related to Han Byul’s case was destroyed, but Dong Chi has a copy.

Moon Hee Man, before leaving the office checked to see if his employees are still working as he told them. First he checked Dong Chi and Yeol Moo’s office, but they were gone. Then he checked Jang Won and Kwang Mi’s office. They were they, but Jang Won was on his way out. Chief Moon stopped him.

Before leaving home, prosecutor Lee has to see a man who is always suing someone. This time, that man is suing his colleague because his colleague got a job he wanted. Go Young Min, the student who is always suing someone, considers that the fact that he didn’t get that job is unjust because he has better grades that his colleague. Jang Won didn’t believe him and made him feel bad. When he was leaving, Go Young Min saw Jang Won leaving too. He followed Jang Won and arrived at a club.

In the club Jang Won saw a girl he liked. He approached that girl and he saw that the girl was his coworker Yoo Kwang Mi. While they were dancing they saw Ko Young Min stealing Jang Won’s bag. In his bag, Jang Won had some files he took to look over at home. Young Min will return the bag after Jang Won will look over his case.

Into the office, Dong Chi shows the copy form Han Byul’s case to Yeol Moo. After he made that copy, everything related to that case was destroyed. The day Han Byul died, Dong Chi heard the man who was looking for Han Byul at the factory, the man who killed Han Byul, talking with someone at the phone. He was calling the person from the other side “Your Honor”. This is who the detectives were calling prosecutors a long time ago.

When he looking at the files for the first time, Dong Chi went to see the prosecutor that closed Han Byul’s case, but the strange part is that the prosecutor didn’t know that the case was closed. Prosecutor Choi believed that the case was assigned to another prosecutor. Someone used prosecutor Choi’s name, because he was on duty, to terminate the case from further investigation. The case was terminated as an accidental fire.

At first Yeol Moo’s family didn’t want to make an autopsy to Han Byul’s body, but when they decided to request the autopsy, the body was gone. Han Byul’s body was misplaced and cremated.

At home, Kang Soo was having a nightmare. He was dreaming that he was drowning.

Because he couldn’t fall asleep, Kang Soo went to the office to work. There he found Yeol Moo. He felt better after Yeol Moo told him that she and Dong Chi aren’t in the relationship Kang Soo believed they were.

At the office, Kwang Mi and Jang Won asked Dong Chi for help with Young Min’s case. With Dong Chi’s help Jang Won found evidence that Young Min’s colleague got the job through corrupt connections.

Dong Chi grabbed Yeol Moo’s hand and took her to his father’s house. Because his father wasn’t home, they had to wait for him in front of the house. While they were waiting, Yeol Moo asked Dong Chi to open and reinvestigate Han Byul’s case. But Dong Chi doesn’t want to help her for free.

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Dong Chi:” Give me your heart! Go out with me!”

Dong Chi’s father arrived and they went inside. After giving them something to drink and some fruits, Dong Chi’s father left. Dong Chi came at the house to look for Han Byul’s last thing left at the crime scene, his shoe. Dong Chi kept Han Byul’s shoe all this years and now he is giving it to Yeol Moo.

Yeol Moo:”Whose is this?”

After looking at the shoe, Yeol Moo asked Dong Chi whose shoe is that. Dong Chi believed all this years that the shoe was Han Byul’s, but it’s not.

Meanwhile at home, Kang Soo was sleeping. He had a nightmare again. In his nightmare, Kang Soo was wearing an yellow jacked and he was drowning. Kang Soo is…Han Byul!

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