“Nobunaga Concerto ” ep 6 ~ Nobunaga:”Don’t any of you die on me!”

Nobunaga is betrayed by one of the men he trusted.

Episode 6

Nobunaga introduced Mitsuhide Akechi as the new retainer of Oda clan. So that the retainers won’t see that Mitsuhide is the real Nobunaga, he covered his face, telling that he is sick. Mitsuhide will introduce Nobunaga to the brother of the 13th shogun. That way Nobunaga will enter easily in the capital. But there is a problem, the retainers have to teach Nobunaga the proper etiquette. Since Nobunaga has difficulty in pronouncing the proper salute, the retainers want to cut his hair. Nobunaga refuses the haircut.

That night the real Nobunaga came to Saburo. Oda Nobunaga went to see the shogun with his retainers. When they’ve met the shogun, everyone was surprised of how good manners Nobunaga had now. What they didn’t know was that Saburo and Nobunaga changed back for a short while. Later Saburo returned as Nobunaga. At the meeting he had with the shogun, that one wanted to make Nobunaga is vice-shogun. Before accepting Nobunaga asked the shogun what kind of world he wants in the future. Hearing that the shogun wants a world in which everyone is devoted to him, Nobunaga declined. Nobunaga wants a world for everyone.

A man came to Owari. Everyone of Nobunaga’s retainers are scared of him. They call him oni (in Japanese oni means demon). That is what is making everyone be scared of him.Nobunaga approach him. That man is from the future. His body is full of tattoos. Looking at that man, Nobunaga realizes that the man in from the future, is an Yakuza. The man brought a letter. Since Nobunaga didn’t want to become vice-shogun, the 13th shogun has made Owari land his enemy and is calling every other land’s to war against Owari.

Mitsuhide Akechi and Oichi’s husband went to other clans to request a meeting between them and Oda Nobunaga. Back in Owari, the retainers wrote letters to every clan to form an alliance. But no one wants to form an alliance with Oda Nobunaga. No one wants to become an enemy of the shogun. The only one that made a small progress was Oichi’s husband. He managed to convince the leader of one clan to meet with Nobunaga. Now the only hope for Owari clan is for Nobunaga to convince that man to form an alliance with him. If that man will become Nobunaga’s ally then Oichi’s husband’s father will also form an alliance with Oda Nobuanga.

Nobunaga is worried. Everything happened because of him. Kichou gave him strength and Nobunaga is sure that he will form an alliance and lead his people to victory.

But that meeting was a trap. Nagamasa’s father knew that he was helping Nobunaga. Both him and the man that is meeting with Nobunaga will attack Oda Nobunaga.

Arrived at the meeting place, Nobunaga received massage from Oichi. She was telling him that he was betrayed and that he will be attacked. At first Nobunaga couldn’t believe that Nagamasa, Oichi’s husband, betrayed him, but his soldiers came with the news that Azai and Asakura’s army’s are attacking them. Tsuneoki convinced Nobunaga to run away. The only way the Oda clan can survive is for the leader to be alive.

Nobunaga:”Don’t any of you die on me!”

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4 Responses to “Nobunaga Concerto ” ep 6 ~ Nobunaga:”Don’t any of you die on me!”

  1. apqaria says:

    I am SO IN LOVE with this drama but I am getting somehow frustrated that no one did discover that spy “Denjiro” till now although “Hanbee Takenaka” does have some suspension about him. I am wondering if they are leaving him to show him changing his plan later after seeing our fake Nobunaga good deeds or he will have some fatal effect on him??

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