“Pride and Prejudice ” ep 9 ~ Kang Soo:” Who am I?”

I thought comes to mind. Is Han Byul dead or something else happened to him? Dong Chi and Yeol Moo reopen Han Byul’s case.

Seeing the files form when Han Byul disappeared, Kang Soo goes home and asks his grandmother who is he.

Episode 9

Yeol Moo feels lost and sorry towards Dong Chi. She feels sorry towards Dong Chi because she blamed and accused him of being Han Byul’s murderer, but it turned out that Dong Chi was the witness. She hated him for many years. But Dong Chi is happy that at least hating him, she never forgot about him.

Now that she doesn’t know who killed Han Byul. She doesn’t have any clue about Han Byul’s death. She can’t lean on anything anymore.

Dong Chi:”Lean on me. Think of me as your last pillar and lean on me.”

Suddenly a thought sprouted into Dong Chi’s mind. The family couldn’t see Han Byul’s face and they didn’t request an autopsy so did Han Byul really die.

Dong Chi:”But the child that died…do you really think it was Han Byul?”

Meanwhile, at home, Kang Soo is taking a shower. He keeps thinking about the nightmares he keeps having with him drowning.

Chan is waiting for Kang Soo to come out from his shower. He wants to go out and eat with Kang Soo. In front of their house, Kang Soo and Chan met Yeol Moo’s mother. She brought some clothes for Chan.

Seeing Yeol Moo’s mother so sad, Kang Soo invited her to eat with them. At the restaurant, the lady that served them congratulated her for having a tall and handsome son like Kang Soo.

While Kang Soo was dressing Chan with the clothes Yeol Moo’s mother brought, Yeol Moo and Dong Chi arrived. When Kang Soo told her that her mother seemed a little sad, Yeol Moo runs out looking for his mother. Kang Soo wants to follow her, but Dong Chi stops him.

When she returned home, both Kang Soo and Dong Chi came out from their rooms to see what happened, but Yeol Moo only talked to Dong Chi. Upset, Kang Soo returns to his room. Realizing what is wrong to Kang Soo, Dong Chi goes to talk to him. Kang Soo likes Yeol Moo. Dong Chi and Kang Soo decide to fight for Yeol Moo and she will decide which one she wants.

Yoo Dae Gi found out that Jang Won lost his files. He made Jang Won and Kwang Mi go an beg for forgiveness to Go Young Min. They went, but they couldn’t find Go Young Min to his work place. While they were trying to call Go Young Min, he sent a text to Jang Won. It was a picture with a trash can. From that picture Jang Won and Kwnag Mi understood that Go Young Min threw the files there. They looked into that trash can, but they didn’t find anything. Then another picture came. In the second picture there was a poor man who was picking trash up and selling it. Jang Won and Kwang Mi found the poor man, they paid him for the trash, but still they didn’t find anything. Go Young Min called. He will come to the prosecution office to see Lee Jang Won. When he came, Go Young Min said that he threw away the files. He told Jang Won how hard his life is.

After Jang Won let Go Young Min leave, the security guard form the prosecution office came. He brought the package that came that afternoon for prosecutor Lee Jang Won. He opens the package and sees inside his files. Go Young Min already brought his files before sending him the pictures with the trash can.

That night Jang Won and Kwang Mi went to have a late snack together. They were hungry after the hiatus they had the whole day. After drinking Jang Won and Kwang Mi kissed.

In the morning, chief Moon called everyone to work, even if it’s holiday and it’s a day off. He asks everyone about the cases they are working on. He encourages Jang Won to keep working on Go Young Min’s case and find evidence that Go Young Min is right about the backed up employment. Then he tells Yeol Moo to reopen Yoon Hee, the girl who was found murdered with a yellow scarf around her neck, case. Also chief Moon told Yeol Moo to go and talk to Song Ah Reum, she must know a lot about the case. Chief Moon lets Dong Chi work on the old case he is reopening and tells to help Yeol Moo and Jang Won with their cases. Before letting them go, chief Moon ask Yeol Moo and Jang Won to combine their work because anyway they will find out that their cases are related.

Back to his office, Jang Won sees Kwang Mi. He is awkward around her since the night before.

Dong Chi is working on Han Byul’s case. Yeol Moo gave him the notes her father took at that time. Kang Soo came to help too. He is looking at the case files. When he reads the case, Kang Soo is shocked. Han Byul wore a yellow jumper the day he disappeared. But when he saw the date of the day Han Byul disappeared, Kang Soo was even more shocked. Han Byul disappeared on 20.12.1999. Kang Soo excuses himself and goes home.

Kang Soo runs to his room and takes out a box. Inside there was a yellow jumper. Suddenly he hears Chan crying and goes out. His grandmother tells Kang Soo that Chan is crying because he is sad and that when Kang Soo was little he cried even more.

Kang Soo:” Who am I?”

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