“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 9~ Jackson:”Young Ji is so pretty.”

In this episode we met the Wang lizard playing in the mud.

Episode 9

Lee Dong Wook, Jackson, Young Ji, Min Woo, Nana and Jong Ok went to buy eel from a puddle mud. Again, the lucky one that had to drive Jackson and Young Ji is Lee Dong Wook. On the road Jackson is bored and asks Young Ji to impersonate an alien.

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Jackson:”Young Ji is so pretty.”

Even if she refused, Young Ji ends up imitating a cockroach and a mosquito.

Arrived at the mud, Jackson transforms himself into Taeyang. But because the water will get in his pants, Jackson finishes the show off and raises his pants. In the mudflat Jackson puts mud on Min Woo’s face, than they begin wrestling in the mud. The winner was Min Woo and Jackson ended up with his face in the mud. Jackson can give up now. So he get on Min Woo’s back, while Min Woo was lying down in the mud, and washes Min Woo’s face with the mud.

After catching eels, the roommate members move to another mudflat to catch crabs. In this mud, they have to move fast so they won’t sink. Jackson discovered a way to move in the mod without sinking, he is crawling and he is pretty fast.

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Jong Ok told everyone to put mud on their faces, because that mud helps their skin. At first Dong Wook refused, but when he accepted Jackson took a big handful of mud and put it on Dong Wook’s neck and face. Then Jackson covered himself in mud. Later, when they got used to the mud, they split into two teams and play a game. The winner team will get the eel they’ve caught earlier. The Wang lizard was fast and had an advantage, but still he lost the battle.

After they played the whole day in the mud, it’s time for the roommate members to eat the eel they’ve caught.

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