“We Got Married ” ep 11 ( WGM ep 248) ~Jae Rim:” I feel like I’m loved.”

The wedding is close. Jae Rim and So Eun went to buy So Eun’s wedding dress.

Episode 11

Se Eun is home. She is waiting for Jae Rim. She hears the door bell and went to open. Jae Rim arrived home with a box full of different kind of flowers.

Early that morning, Jae Rim went to the flower market to buy flowers. He looked on the internet for the meaning of each flower and brought a lot. Both Jae Rim and So Eun will make the bouquets for their wedding.


They sit next to each other and get the flowers ready. While Jae Rim was making his kind of comments about an indirect kiss, he touched the cup on every side and then told So Eun that she can drink from everywhere because he but his lips there, So Eun remembered the in a different show Jae Rim said that their fake marriage is just business.

Jae Rim:” I’m your bellflower.”

So Eun and Jae Rim play around while reading the meaning of the flowers. Jae Rim is happy that lately So Eun is more affectionate with him.

Jae Rim:” I feel like I’m loved.”

Sa Eun took a bouquet with pick roses and one of the roses broke. Of course Jae Rim couldn’t miss the chance to say one of his “famous sayings”.

Jae Rim:”You break the necks of flowers more beautiful than you.”

They’ve made two bouquets. So Eun takes the two bouquets and tells Jae Rim to picture her dressed in white and choose the flowers that will make her look good.

Jae Rim:” No flowers can hide your beauty.”

Now that So Eun has the wedding bouquet, they went to pick the last and most important thing, the wedding dress. Arrived at the wedding dresses shop, So Eun tries to lie to Jae Rim saying that he will have to buy everything she tries on. At first, Jae Rim was taken back, but when the lady from the store said that the dresses can be rented, he’s smile came back on his face. Jae Rim can’t decide on which dress to pick for So Eun so he jokes around when the lady from the store said that all those dresses are new styles, to give them the old style dresses.

Jae Rim:”You’re out of stock to me. You don’t need new styles.”

Looking at the dresses, Jae Rim touches the dresses and sees that they are heavy. He ask So Eun if she can walk with those dress on and So Eun’s answer shows that she is starting to become like him.

So Eun:”I’m walking to you.”

So Eun went to change into the dress Jae Rim chose. She will try on two dresses, one was picked by Jae Rim and the other one she picked it herself. While she was changing into the first dress, Jae Rim arranges their jackets. Suddenly he asks her if she is undressed. Realizing what came out of his mouth, Jae Rim becomes embarrassed. From inside the curtain, he hears strange noises coming from So Eun.

Jae Rim:” Is my wife having a baby?”

So Eun is ready. Without So Eun knowing Jae Rim records So Eun. He wants her to see her own expression when she will come out dressed in a wedding dress. But when the curtain is removed and he sees So Eun, Jae Rim lost his words. She is beautiful.

Jae Rim:”If I saw an angel, I would probably feel like that.”

Jae Rim is speechless at first. He stops the video and gets close to So Eun. He checks her out and then he says what is on his mind again.

Jae Rim:”You do have curves.”

Both of them become embarrassed after Jae Rim’s remark.

The curtain is back. So Eun goes back inside to change into the dress she picked. She comes out. The dress is beautiful and it’s more comfortable so she wants this dress. Jae Rim gets close. He looks at the dress. Suddenly he becomes shy. He smiles and doesn’t know where to look.

Jae Rim:” I can’t look at your bust.”

The day of the wedding is here. Jae Rim is taking care of the guests. A lot of people came, the actor Jae Rim invited, the three members of 5urpr!se that where invited, Seo Kang Joon, Yoo Il and Kang Tae Oh and of course all the stuff members. Even if it’s a fake wedding, everything looked like it was a real wedding.

When So Eun came out, because they don’t have the flower girl, Jae Rim was throwing flower petals in front of So Eun.

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2 Responses to “We Got Married ” ep 11 ( WGM ep 248) ~Jae Rim:” I feel like I’m loved.”

  1. Nju's says:

    Did you see the dance???
    The first time ,I can not take it, it is too sexy for a man.
    How dare he chose the girls song!!!but he did a good job!
    And why !! No kiss!!!!
    But when I saw he said my wife’s hand is cool,then cuddle her.
    Really touch my heart ❤

    • lemonmirae says:

      yeah the dance was really funny :)) at first i didn’t understood why he sited down after the poem, but then the music started and i couldn’t refrain from laughing 🙂
      i think that dance was chosen to be funny…
      yep no kiss…maybe next time…in their honeymoon 😀

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