“Nobunaga Concerto ” ep 7 ~ Nobunaga:” It never ends.”

Nobunaga fights back and defeats Azai’s army.

Returning home, Nobunaga is shot. Shocked he finds out that another person he trusted betrayed him.

Denjiro sees Akechi Mitsuhide’s face.

Episode 7

Betrayed Nobunaga decided to do what his soldiers asked him to do, to retreat. Together with Tsuneoki and some soldiers, Nobunaga is escaping. While they were letting the horses to rest, Azai’s army found them. His soldiers protected him and Nobunaga managed to run away.

Kichou is worried. She is waiting for Nobunaga to return safely. She sees Nobunaga coming. He was coming towards her. Suddenly she hears a gun shot. Nobunaga fell unconscious on the ground. He was shot and the shooter was Yuki, Kichou’s maid.

Tsuneoki, who was right behind Nobunaga, saw him falling down. Seeing that Nobunaga is in critical condition, Tsuneoki blames himself. He promised one that he will protect Nobunaga, but he feels like he failed. On the other hand Yuki, while washing Nobunaga’s clothes full of blood and while seeing who worried Kichou is, she feels remorseful.

At night, Kichou is praying for Nobunaga’s recovery while throwing cold water on her. Akechi Mitsuhide see her and comes to her asking why is she going to so much trouble for Nobunaga, she wasn’t doing that before. Kichou opens up and tells Mitsuhide that Nobunaga changed one day, he opened up his heart and made everyone trust him. That day was the day Saburo came in as Oda Nobunaga.

The same time Yuki entered Nobunaga’s room to finish her work. She has a knife and she wants to stab Nobunaga. Suddenly someone is coming. It’s Kichou. Yuki wasn’t able to kill Nobunaga.

Several days after he was shot, Nobunaga woke up. Kichou comes happily to him. The retainers are also happy. They all came to Nobunaga. Without Nobuanga, their clan will be gone.

Later, while he was alone thinking about all those soldiers that died to protect him, Nobunaga made a decision. Tsuneoki come to Nobunaga and apologized. He feels guilty for not protecting Nobunaga, even when he was so close to Nobunaga.

Nobunaga:”Tsune-chan, thanks for protecting me.”

Pretending that he is on patrol, Denjiro wanted to go out at tell Nobunaga’s enemy what is going on in Oda clan. When he was about to jump over the fence, Takenaka Hanbee stopped him. Hanbee is the only one in Oda clan that is suspecting Denjiro.

Hearing that Yuki took care of him while he was unconscious, Nobunaga wants to make her a present. Both Nobunaga and Kichou went to see Yuki. They are giving her a present and thanking her for taking care of sick Nobunaga. Remorseful Yuki can’t accept the present. Politely, Yuki refuses the gift and confesses the truth to Nobunaga. Yuki is Asakua’s spy and she was the one that shot Nobunaga.

Nobunaga:” It never ends.”

Nobunaga is shocked. The betrayers never end. Everyone that he trusted betrayed him at some point. He is disappointed and angry.

Nobunaga and his army are going to war. He was betrayed and he will fight back now, for his clan and for the soldiers that died to protect him.

Nobuanga:”Let’s give them a taste of their own medicine.”

Even if he was smiling in front of everyone, Nobunaga is acting strange. He realized something.

Oda’s clan defeated Azai’s clan. Back home, Nobunaga and his soldiers are having a party. Suddenly Nobunaga goes out. He is hurt by all those people he trusted and in the end he was betrayed by them.

Nobunaga:”The betrayals, the hurt…I wonder if I can get used to it.”

Kichou, who came after him, listens to Nobunaga and encourages him. All they need is each other. If one day Nobunaga can’t handle being the head of a clan they can leave. They can have a new life in a small village where Nobunaga can cultivate the field and Kichou can prepare the meals.

Yuki left the Oda clan. Before going away, Yuki sent a letter to Kichou and Nobunaga in which she was apologizing for what she did. Also she returned the history book to Nobunaga.

Nobunaga didn’t forgive Yuki’s betrayal, but he sent his man to bring her back. He is giving her a chance to redeem herself by being Kichou’s bodyguard.

While walking around the yard, Denjiro saw Akechi Mitsuhide taking his mask down to drink water. He shocked. Akechi Mitsuhide and Oda Nobunaga are identical.

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