“Pride and Prejudice ” ep 10 ~ Dong Chi:”At the factory, there were two children wearing yellow coats.”

Kang Soo tells Dong Chi about his suspicions. There is some kind of connection between Kang Soo and Han Byul.

Dong Chi, Kang Soo and Yeol Moo found evidence that can make problems for important people. While Dong Chi is getting ready to prosecute, something happened and he is sent away.

Episode 10

Chief Moon Hee Man found out that Kang Soo is adopted. He meets Jung Chang Gi and confronts him. Chief Moon wants to know who Kang Soo is. Jung Chang Gi is shocked. He drops the papers, the he picks them up, turns around and leaves without answering to Moon Hee Man’s question. After Jung Chang Gi left, chief Moon remembers the night he and Jung Chang Gi were is a car together and an accident occurred. That night they run over a woman. That woman died. Moon Hee Man sent Jung Chang Gi away, saying that he will take care of everything. While he was calling someone a child came crying. The child was the dead woman’s son.

At home, Kang Soo was asking his grandmother who is he. Kang Soo came to his grandmother’s house the same day Han Byul disappeared and they both were wearing the same clothes. But the grandmother can’t help Kang Soo that much. When she found Kang Soo, he didn’t know his name or his age. She took Kang Soo to the police station, but no one came looking for him.

Arrived home, Dong Chi asks Kang Soo why he left like that from the office. Kang Soo said that it was a misunderstanding and without saying anything else, he went to his room. Dong Chi follows Kang Soo to his room for more details. Kang Soo tells Dong Chi that he isn’t blood related to his grandmother, that he came to his grandmother’s house the same day Han Byul disappeared and he was wearing the same clothes Han Byul was. Then Kang Soo shows Dong Chi the box with the clothes he was wearing that day.

Dong Chi:”There really were two. At the factory, there were two children wearing yellow coats.”

Yeol Moo sees Dong Chi and Kang Soo going out and taking form Dong Chi’s car the box with the shoe Dong Chi thought it was Han Byul’s. She follows them and hears Dong Chi telling Kang Soo that he was the witness for Han Byul’s case. He tried to save a boy that day at the factory. That boy could be Kang Soo or it could be Han Byul. Yeol Moo comes is. She looks in the box. The moment she see the shoe Kang Soo had that day, she fells down. The boy Dong Chi saved wasn’t Han Byul, it’s Kang Soo.

After comforting and sending Yeol Moo to her room, Dong Chi returns to Kang Soo’s room. He would like to see a picture of Kang Soo from when he was little, but Kang Soo doesn’t have any. The grandmother’s house was floated and she lost all of Kang Soo’s pictures then. Dong Chi wants to see Kang Soo’s picture from when Kang Soo was little to be sure who that boy he saved was. Kang Soo believes that the boy Dong Chi saved is him. Kang Soo tells Dong Chi about the dreams he keeps having since the day he fell into the water, the dreams with himself, when he was little, drowning.

The two criminals involved in the cases that Yeol Moo and Jang Won are handling have been released. Thinks are complicated now. Dong Chi tells Yeol Moo and Jang Won to close the two cases by making the suspects guilty. The only problem is that they don’t have proves. Before they will find proves, Dong Chi wants to have lunch. He invites everyone, but Jang Won said he has a previous engagement, Kwang Mi said that she is on a diet and Kang Soo had something to do too. Dong Chi tried to convince Kang Soo to come with them saying that Kang Soo shouldn’t have to miss his chance in the fighting. He meant their fight over Yeol Moo.

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Yeol Moo:”If you two are fighting, I’m totally on Kang Soo’s side.”

In the end there is only Yeol Moo having lunch with Dong Chi. They talk about Kang Soo and Han Byul. They must have met when they were little. Since Kang Soo was the kidnapped boy Dong Chi saved at that factory and the piece of paper with “Save me” wrote on it was found in Han Byul’s car, the two boys must have met the day Han Byul disappeared.

While Yeol Moo and Dong Chi were having lunch, Kang Soo went to see Jung Chang Gi. Only Jung Chang Gi has a picture with Kang Soo from when he was little. Kang Soo looks at the picture. He confronts his picture with Han Byul’s picture. He isn’t Han Byul.

Song Ah Reum called Yeol Moo. After being released from prison, she left something hidden in a hotel room. Someone is after her so she can’t talk long, she just tells Yeol Moo the name of the hotel and the hotel room where she left some evidence for Yeol Moo. Together with Dong Chi and Kang Soo, Yeol Moo went to that hotel. They are in front of the door Song Ah Reum told them, but when they were about to open the room door, two men got out of there. Kang Soo and Dong Chi fight with those men. Yeol Moo closed herself in that room. The room is devastated, those men were looking for the evidence Yeol Moo came to pick. She is looking behind the television, as Ah Reum told her and the evidence is still there.

The two men tried to run away. Dong Chi and Kang Soo followed them. A man was waiting in his car in front of the hotel. When he sees that the two men are followed by Dong Chi and Kang Soo, he gets out of his car and goes to the room where Yeol Moo is. Hearing the door, Yeol Moo hides. The man that came in was talking with someone on the phone. When that men left, Yeol Moo followed him. The man got in his car and wanted to run over Dong Chi. Yeol Moo runs to Dong Chi and saved him. In her hand, Yeol Moo has the evidence Song Ah Reum left for her.

Dong Chi:”You shocked me so I thought my heart was going to burst.”

Back at the office, Dong Chi, Yeol Moo and Kang Soo are looking at the evidence Song Ah Reum left them. They now have proves they needed. They can prosecute important people now, including the head of civil affairs. At the meeting they tell chief Moon what they found and what they are going to do from now on, who they are going to prosecute. But chief Moon had a surprise prepared for Dong Chi. Because he is making trouble for the higher ups and he isn’t doing what they want, Dong Chi is being sent away.

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