“Pride and Prejudice ” ep 11 ~ Dong Chi:” The more I look at you the more I don’t want to leave.”

Dong Chi was fired. He will leave in four days.

Yeol Moo’s mother see Kang Soo’s yellow coat.

During the investigation, something happened to Song Ah Reum.

Because chief Moo didn’t stopped Dong Chi’s investigation, the people who were trying to hide their crimes, left of Dong Chi’s desk information about the hit-and-run accident in which Kang Soo’s mother died.

Episode 11

Dong Chi will have to leave in four days, but until then he will continue working on the case he is working.

Song Ah Reum was brought is for interrogation. Knowing that he will have to leave, Dong Chi sends Yeol Moo in to interrogate Ah Reum. He wants to prepare Yeol Moo so she will be able to take over the case when he will be gone. Ah Reum tells Yeol Moo everything she knows about the director of the clinic she and Yoon Hee worked on, everything about Panda and what she knows about the higher up that are involved in the case. At first the girls from the clinic were sexually harassed. The director harassed them, claiming that if they will do everything he tells them, he will make them a full-time contract employee. The night before they would have to make the contract, the girls were put in a car and they were taken away.

The video that Ah Reum gave Yeol Moo, was made by Panda. He was delivering drugs to the higher up involved in this case. Also Panda videotaped them and he was blackmailing them. Because she needed money to run away from everything that was happening there, Ah Reum stole a package of drugs from Panda. In that drugs package, Ah Reum found the video.

Dong Chi sent Yeol Moo and Kang Soo to protect Song Ah Reum. He knew that they will be followed so he told them. Kang Soo and Yeol Moo distracted the followers attention. The followers saw Kang Soo and Yeol Moo coming out from a hotel and they went in to look for Song Ah Reum. But she wasn’t inside. She came out on a different exit. Kang Soo took Song Ah Reum to Jung Chang Gi’s house. No one will think she is there so she will be save for the night.

Yeol Moo’s mother came to the boarding house. She helps Chan picking his sketchbook and crayons. They are in Kang Soo’s room. When Chan picks his sketchbook he overturns the box with Kang Soo’s yellow coat. Yeol Moo’s mother is shocked.

Kang Soo and Yeol Moo arrived. With the yellow coat in her hands, Yeol Moo’s mother goes out. She asks Yeol Moo whose jacket is that, it’s the same as Han Byul’s. Then she asks Kang Soo who brought him the jacket, where is his mother. Yeol Moo managed to calm her down.

Chief Moon left for the day. Dong Chi calls Jang Won and Kwang Mi to finish their work. They won’t go after all the people involved in the case, they will just go after one person. The chosen person to be arrested was the clinic director who was sexually harassing his employees and who was drugging them so the influent people could rape them.

During the interrogation, chief Moon came back. He signed the arrest warrant for the clinic director. Chief Moon is letting Dong Chi arrest the clinic director and another person with the condition that Dong Chi will leave alone the powerful ones.

Kang Soo and Yeol Moo returned to the office. Dong Chi takes Yeol Moo with him to the women’s room at the prosecution office. She needs to rest.


Dong Chi:”Look at my face. Look at me because you won’t be able to see it every day for much longer. The more I look at you…the more I don’t want to leave.”

The same time, Jung Chang Gi saw Yeol Moo’s mother. She was depressed sitting outside the house. He goes to her and she insists that she wants to see the sea. Chang Gi takes her, but on the way, Yeol Moo’s mother wants to get out of the car. She doesn’t want to go see the sea anymore. No matter who much Chang Gi insists that they need to go because he has to return home as soon as possible, she doesn’t want to move.

At the office, Yeol Moo hears from the grandmother, that her mother disappeared. Together with Kang Soo and Dong Chi, Yeol Moo returns home. When they arrived, Jung Chang Gi and Yeol Moo’s mother arrived too. Suddenly, from Jung Chang Gi’s window, Song Ah Reum and a man fell over.

On their way back to the office, Dong Chi asks Yeol Moo if she is alright, but she doesn’t answer. He is upset, every time he asks her something, she doesn’t answer, but she said that she will treat differently her new superior. She is doing that because she is afraid to be happy.

Yeol Moo:”I’m afraid to be happy.”

Inside the office, Dong Chi finds an envelope. Inside the envelope there was a cut from a newspaper from December 1999 about a car accede, a hit-and-run accident. Also there was a recording with someone who called the police about that accident. The person who called the police was chief Moon Hee Man.

The envelope was put on Dong Chi’s desk, because chief Moon didn’t do as the higher up told him to do.

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