“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 10 ~ Jackson:” You can’t joke around like this.”

In this episode Jackson didn’t appear too much, he must have been busy with the showcase preparations.

Jackson, Ryohei and Se Ho participated in a competition where they climbed 60 floors in the 63th   Building.

At the showcase, Kang Joon and Gook Joo made the stupidest joke to Jackson.

PS: The man who stopped and took a selfie with Se Ho was funny.

     Thumbs up for all the children that finished climbing 60th floors.

Episode 10

Coming home, Jackson enters his room. He has a strange feeling. He sees a note on the bathroom’s door. Se Ho and Ryohei left him a note there. The three of them, Jackson, Ryohei and Se Ho, will participate in an event. On this event they will be climbing the stairs form the 63 Building.

“What is this strange feeling?”

The next morning the competitors wake up early. Sunny, Nana and Gook Joo woke up too. The girls will go with the three participants for moral support. The first one that starts climbing is Se Ho. He is followed by Ryohei. The last roommate member that starts the climbing competition is Jackson. As soon as Jackson starts climbing he forgets his cameraman. The cameraman lost Jackson for a while.

Cameraman:” Why is he so fast?”

Even if Se Ho begins the climbing first, he is soon surpassed by Ryohei and Jackson is coming up rapidly. When Se Ho was struggling on the 10th floor, Jackson caught up with him and surpassed Se Ho. The two foreigners, Ryohei and Jackson, met between the 24th and 25th floors. Because the do sports, Ryohei plays volleyball and Jackson was a fencer, their stamina is better.

11 minutes 21 seconds after he started climbing, Jackson finished the competition. He was on the 47th place out of 520 participants. With the competition finished, Jackson falls down out of tiredness. Worried Nana and Gook Joo massages Jackson’s back and legs. After 12 minutes and 52 seconds since he started, Ryohei also finished the competition. He was placed the 99th out of 520.

GOT7 had a showcase. Gook Joo and Kang Joon came to support Jackson. Kang Joon came dressed with Jackson’s clothes.

18 19

Kang Joon sits next to Jackson and asks him if he misses his mother. Well…of course he does! What kind of stupid question was that? Few episodes ago, Jackson talked about his mother and how much he misses her. Jackson hasn’t seen his mother in two years, since he came to Korea. Excited, Jackson calls his mother. “Mommy” , Jackson screamed. His heart is racing! He is about to faint of happiness. But when the door opens, all his hopes and happiness dropped. When the door opened and he saw Gook Joo, not his mother, Jackson couldn’t hide his disappointment. He seemed like he was about to cry. Why did they have to do that kind of stupid joke and play like that with Jackson’s heart? It seems like, the producers are capable of anything for good ratings.…

Jackson tried to hide his disappointment and pretended to be happy and to appreciate the joke.

Jackson:” I really thought my mother would come. You can’t joke around like this.”

Gook Joo must have felt guilty because of the bad joke with Jackson’s mother. She gave Jackson her personal phone to call his mother in Hong Kong.

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