“We Got Married ” ep 12 ( WGM ep 249) ~Jae Rim:”24 hours isn’t enough…time to spend with you.”

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun’s wedding. Jae Rim accomplished his mission and danced at the wedding as So Eun wished him to do.

Episode 12

The last episode ended when the wedding was about to begin. Now, in this episode we participate at Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun’s wedding. The bride and groom enter shy and smiling happily. “Thank goodness, the groom didn’t wear striped suit.”, the MC said and I agree with him.


When they arrived next to the MC, he asked So Eun and Jae Rim to look into each other’s eyes for 3 seconds. When he heard that, Jae Rim pulled So Eun closer to him. After that the couple told their promises for each other.

In order to congratulate them and member of the “We Got Married” family was invited. Eric Nam came to the wedding to sing. He performed Bruno Mars “Treasure”.

Eric Nam:” Please dance.”

After Eric Nam’s performance it’s time for Jae Rim to complete his mission, So Eun’s wish. Jae Rim prepared a dance for So Eun. Before his dance Jae Rim recited a poem for So Eun.

Jae Rim:” An angel was thinking while falling.

                 What happened to me? Did I fell to hell?

                 The angel was full of sadness at her broken wings.

                 In this place, a second lasted a month. One minute seemed like a year.

                 When my memory started to fade, I realized it.

                 I had fallen…in love.

                 I want to tell you who found a place in my heart.

                 24 hours isn’t enough…time to spend with you.”

17 18 23 22 21 20 19 24 25 26 27 28

Jae Rim finished the poem and he sit down on the floor hugging his knees. The song he is dancing is Sun Mi’s “ 24 hours”. But after the sexy dance, Jae Rim was too embarrassed to get up.

Later, when they were enjoying the food, the remaining guests praised Jae Rim for his dance. One of the girls invited at the wedding told Jae Rim that during the dance So Eun kept giving him thumbs up. And she was doing that because she liked Jae Rim’s butt.

Jae Rim:” You like men’s butts!”

The guests kept asking the bride and groom what they like about each other. Jae Rim said that he likes So Eun’s exterior too, but he also like the fact that they connect which is making them feeling good around each other. So Eun on the other hand said that she likes Jae Rim’s smile.

Jae Rim:” How can I not smile when I look at you?”

The traveling Mc for the show, Hang Jae Sung, also arrived. He brought in his roulette. The roulette is split into four sections, on every section there are is a number of hearts from one to four. When the newlywed couple accomplished their missions and they will have seven hearts they will receive from the MC Hang a flight ticket.

The first one that spins the roulette is Jae Rim. He got the one heart section. The one heart mission is for Jae Rim and So Eun to show their compatibility. For that they sing 2 songs and the guests will vote if they licked the how the couple sang. For this mission, Jae Rim and So Eun couple didn’t get any vote.

29 30 31

The second spinner is So Eun. She spins the roulette and Eric Nam “helped” the roulette stop on the two hearts part. So Eun’s mission is to show her love for Jae Rim. To accomplish that mission So Eun has to show her cuteness. Because the guests weren’t impressed, So Eun had to dance. This round Jae Rim and So Eun couple got several votes, except Seo Kang Joon’s vote. Kang Joon wanted So Eun to be more cute and he showed her how much cute she should’ve been.

The tired round, for three hearts, Jae Rim has to touch the hands of all four women, So Eun’s and the three girl guest’s, and to see if he can recognized So Eun’s hands, even with his eyes covered. Surprisingly he did recognize So Eun’s hands.

Jae Rim:”So Eun has cold hands.”

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