“Pride and Prejudice ” ep 12 ~ Kang Soo:”My mother…where is she?”

Dong Chi realizes that there is a connection between Kang Soo and the hit-and-run accident. Also he discovers that Jung Chang Gi and Moon Hee Man were both in a special prosecution unit at the time the hit-and run accident happened.

Kang Soo met with a man that knew him when he was little and finds out his real name.

Episode 12

Dong Chi looks at the envelope he found on his desk. He opens the envelope and finds an old recording with chief Moon who was reporting an hit-and-run accident and a piece of paper on which it was printed the cut from the newspaper about the hit-and-run accident.

While Dong Chi was looking into old recording about the hit-and-run accident, Kang Soo arrived. He just came from hospital, Song Ah Reum is in bad condition. What Dong Chi and Kang Soo don’t understand is who the ones that tried to kill Song Ah Reum knew where she was, Kang Soo and Yeol Moo made sure no one followed them.

Because Song Ah Reum was attacked, the prosecutors have a meeting. Chief prosecutor Oh Do Jung came also. They look at the black box recording from one of the cars in front of Jung Chang Gi’s house. Dong Chi wants to be responsible for what happened. Chief prosecutor Oh is scolding him. But when no one was expecting him too, chief Moon Hee Man took Dong Chi’s side.

Chief Moon:” No matter how much I despise him, he’s still one of my people.”

After the meeting, Dong Chi follows chief Moon to his office. Dong Chi is curious why is chief Moon suddenly taking his side, is his change of heart having anything to do with the hit-and-run case. Surprisingly chief Moon told Dong Chi to investigate the hit-and–run case. But Dong Chi has to decide which case will investigate first, the hit-and-run case from 15 years ago or the clinic director case.

The clinic director was brought to the prosecution office. He doesn’t cooperate during the investigation and prosecutors will have to let him go soon because the higher up doesn’t give them the warrant. The higher up are protecting the clinic director. Since they can’t let go of the clinic director, Dong Chi goes in the interrogation room. Suddenly Kang Soo comes in with an envelope. Dong Chi looks inside the envelope and tells the clinic director that the warrant came and if the warrant came it means the ones that were protecting him abandoned him. Becoming scared that he was abandoned, the clinic director hands over to Dong Chi the bookkeeping he was having. The only problem is that Dong Chi pretended to have the warrant.

At the meeting, while the prosecutors were looking through the bookkeeping, chief Moon entered. He looks through the bookkeeping and tell them one of the higher up paid the clinic director with a check and they can investigate that person. That person must have been in a hurry and it was a large amount of money and the bank doesn’t give that much money in cash.

Later chief Moon enters Dong Chi’s office. Dong Chi was fired. He has 20 minutes to pack his bags and leave. The reason for being fired it seems to be the fact that he lied about the warrant.

Yeol Moo wants to talk to chief Moon about Dong Chi’s firing. She wants chief Moon to change his mind, but he doesn’t listen to her and kicks Yeol Moo out of his office. Returned to her office, Yeol Moo sees Kang Soo helping Dong Chi to pack. She leaves the office. Dong Chi follows her, but Yeol Moo locked herself in the women’s dormitory. She needs to calm down a little.

Yeol Moo and Dong Chi went to the crime scene, to Jung Chang Gi’s house. They have to find the phone of the man who fell over the window together with Song Ah Reum. That man was the man who Yeol Moo heard in the hotel that he recorded the ones that are trying to kill Song Ah Reum. That man’s name is Kin Jae Shik.

Both Yeol Moo and Dong Chi are looking around, but they can’t find the phone. Suddenly Dong Chi starts to run. He saw someone. The man Dong Chi tried to follow is one of Kim Jae Shik’s men, the one that fought with Dong Chi at the hotel. Since he was at the crime scene that means that he was also looking for Kim Jae Shik’s phone.

Realizing that the other side doesn’t have Kim Jae Shik’s phone either, Yeol Moo and Dong Chi went to search Kim Jae Shik’s car. They found the phone, but the battery is off. Together with Kang Soo, who came to help them, Dong Chi and Yeol Moo stopped at the minimart. While the three of them eat, they recharge the phone. While they were eating, Dong Chi saw some gangsters. They also want the phone. Kang Soo gets up, like nothing happened and wants to get the phone, but he can’t. The gangsters surrounded Yeol Moo, Dong Chi and Kang Soo.

While Kang Soo and Dong Chi were fighting the gangsters, Yeol Moo took the phone. She wants to call the police and leave with the phone, but the gangster’s boss stopped her. His name is Park Soon Bae and he works for lawyer Oh Taec Yoon. Park Soon has Song Ah Reum’s phone and he want to trade Song Ah Reum’s phone for Kim Jae Shik’s phone. Dong Chi realizes that on Kim Jae Shik’s phone there must be something even bigger that the gangsters are going through so much trouble to get it and he doesn’t trade the phone. Also Park Soon Bae is the one that left the envelope with the hit-and-run accident on Dong Chi’s desk.

When Kang Soo, Yeol Moo and Dong Chi where leaving Park Soon Bae talks to Kang Soo. “It’s been a long time. Don’t you remember me?”, he said to Kang Soo. Then he leaves, but before that Park Soon Bae asks Dong Chi to send his greetings to chief Moon.

Back to the office, Dong Chi goes into chief Moon’s office. He asks chief Moon who is Park Soon Bae, what he knows about Kang Soo. Dong Chi connected the hit-and-run accident with Kang Soo. He also asks chief Moon is the victiom of the hit-and-run accident, Kim Mo Shi, is related to Kang Soo. While Dong Chi was asking about who was the culprit of the hit-and-run accident, Jung Chang Gi entered. Chief Moon called him over.

Leaving chief Moon and Jung Chang Gi alone, Dong Chi went to continue his investigation about the hit-and-run. He search chief Moon and finds out that the time Kang Soo and Han Byul were lost, the time that the hit-and-run occurred, there was a special prosecution unit. At that time a special prosecution unit was formed to catch a rich people group slush fund.

While Dong Chi was reading the article about the special prosecution unit, Kang Soo and Yeol Moo came in. Kim Jae Shik’s phone was found in the ambulance that took him to the hospital the night he fell from Jung Chang Gi’s window. Kang Soo calls the person who found the phone, but someone called before him. The person who called before Kang Soo was a prosecutor, but he didn’t say his name.

The paramedic that found the phone gave it to Dong Chi.

Back to the office, Dong Chi takes the phone to chief Moon. After he explained what he found, Dong Chi was surprised that chief Moon told him to keep working on that case. He was supposed to leave, but chief Moon is telling him to finish his work.

The prosecutors have new evidence to charge the clinic director.

In his office, chief Moon is looking over the copy of Kim Jae Shik’s phone record that Dong Chi gave him. He heard a conversation between Kim Jae Shik and Park Soon Bae. In that conversation Park Soon Bae was telling Kim Jae Shik to kill Dong Chi. At the time that conversation was recorded, Park Soon Bae was talking to Kim Jae Shi and next to Park Soon Bae was lawyer Oh Taec Yoon who was talking to someone else on the phone. The order was given by the person who was talking to lawyer Oh on the phone. He looks into it and finds out the person who wants to kill Dong Chi.

Moon Hee Man:”Are you really going to kill him? Prosecutor Go Dong Chi?”

Meantime, in his office Dong Chi was looking over the events that happened at the time Han Byul was murdered, Kang Soo disappeared and the special prosecution unit was formed. He sees that during the investigation at the time and sees that someone investigated the corruption charges for the slush fund, but that person is kept anonymous. Dong Chi calls a friend and asked him about the anonymous investigator. He was surprised to find out that the person who investigated that corruption case was Jung Chang Gi.

The same time Kang Soo went to see Park Soon Bae.

Park Soon Bae:”Good to see you Tae Won.”

Park Soon Bae knew Kang Soo when he was little and he knew Kang Soo’s mother. He tells Kang Soo that his mother was murdered.

Kang Soo:”My mother…where is she?”

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