“Nobunaga Concerto ” ep 8 ~ Nobunaga:”Nobunaga:”Maybe what I really wanted to make was smiles on the faces of people like these. “

Nobunaga heard what problems his people had and made them happy.

An ally of Nobunaga requested reinforcement, but something happened and Mori-dono died. A new samurai will raise, Mori Nagayoshi.

Episode 8

Matsunaga, the yakuza from the future, came to see Nobunaga. He heard that Nobunaga was shot and came to see if Nobunaga is alright. Also Matsunaga wants to form an alliance with Nobunaga now.

While Nobunaga was talking to Matsunaga, Mori-dono was busy stopping the citizens, who were furious and demanded to talk to Nobunaga. Hearing that the citizen want to talk to him, Nobunaga went outside, even if his retainers told him not to.

To see how his citizens are living, Nobunaga took Kichou to town. In town, Nobunaga was shocked to find out that the people aren’t free to sell what they want. And it’s all because of the trade guilt, an association made by merchants to monopolize trading.

To help the people, Nobunaga decided to go and talk with the trade guilt. Denjiro offered to accompany Nobunaga, because he is the only one from the Oda clan that knows how the poor people live. With Denjiro’s help, Nobunaga managed to change the rules. Nobunaga will abolish the checkpoint. As a reward for helping Nobunaga, Denjiro asks Nobunaga to let him change his name to Hashiba Hedeyoshi.

On Oda’s territory there is no more trade guild, so everyone can do business freely, there is no more checkpoint, so people are free to come and go as they please and there will be no more guards, so the people will not be forced to participate in battles. Instead, the sons of the people will be hired and they will receive a salary.

After a time has passed the people in Oda’s territory are happy, they are grateful to Nobunaga. The businesses are going well, people from other territories are coming to Oda too.

Nobunaga:” I’ve been thinking about creating a world without war all this time, but maybe what I really wanted to make was smiles on the faces of people like these. “

Because it’s too far to go from Oda to Kyoto, Nobunaga decide to build a post town. That way more people and more goods will come to Oda’s territory. The post town will be built on Mt. Usa, because Mt.Usa is along the main road that connects Kyo to Oda and Hanbee thinks that it’s an important position in developing Oda territory. The one in charge of building the new town will be Mori-dono.

Mori-dono’s sons saw him bowing to the people and they are disappointed in him. For Mori-dono eldest son a samurai should fight in battles not bow to people. At first when he heart that his father will lead the people that will built the new town, Mori-dono’s son was happy, but then he heard other’s samurai saying that Mori-dono was chosen to lead the construction because he is no good in battle.

Nobunaga received news that Azai and Asakura attacked Matsunaga and Matsunaga requested reinforcement. Denjiro offered to remain home and protect the castle. Hanbee, who doesn’t trust Denjiro will remain also at the castle.

When Nobunaga and his army arrived, Matsunaga was relaxed. Azai’s army and Asakura’s army come towards Matsunaga, but before arriving they changed directions. Why would they do that, Tsuneoki and Nobuanga think. And they realized it! Azai’s army and Asakura’s army were just distracting Nobunaga. From the beginning, Azai and Asakura meant to attack Mt. Usa.

Mori-dono remained and fought until the end. But another army joined Azai and Asakura, Enryaku-ji monk soldiers. Nobunaga and his soldiers are coming to help Mori-dono, but they’ve arrived too late. When Nobunaga arrived, Mori-dono was dead. Even if he was a crybaby, Mori-dono fought and died like a hero, a true samurai.

Mori-dono eldest son wants to become a samurai and serve Nobunaga. At Tsuneoki’s recommendation Katsuzo changed his name. Katsuzo will take the character “Naga” from Nobunaga and the character “Yoshi” from his father, Yoshinoru. Like that Mori Katsuzo became Mori Nagayoshi.

Nobunaga:”Mori-rin protected these people’s happiness. From here on out, I’ll protect it.”

Tsuneoki:”My lord, you have become strong.”

Note: Mori Nagayoshi was an officer under the Oda clan who was known to have a bad temper and to be ruthless in battle. Because of that he was also known under the nickname “Devil”.

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