“We Got Married ” ep 13 ( WGM ep 250) ~Jae Rim:”Even if you’re 100kg, my heart won’t change.”

After the wedding So Eun and Jae Rim went camping in a park.

Episode 13


The last episode ended with Jae Rim recognizing So Eun’s hands even when he was blindfolded. Now it’s So Eun’s time to recognize Jae Rim’s by his adam’s apple. Blindfolded, So Eun touched Eric Nam’s adam’s apple, then Kang Tae Oh’s, then Seo Kang Joon’s, Yoo Il’s, Kim Min Kyo’s and the last one was Jae Rim. By one touch So Eun recognized Jae Rim’s adam’s apple.

So Eun:”I can tell from his breathing.”

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For the next level of the game, Jae Rim will have to do pushups with So Eun on his back every time he will hear the word “honey” in the song the MC will play. What Jae Rim and So Eun didn’t know was that the MC selected a song in which most lyrics are “honey”. The people invited at the wedding gave their vote to Jae Rim for being able to do all those pushups with So Eun on his back. Now Jae Rim and So Eun have all the hearts they needed to get the flight ticket.

The reception is over. Jae Rim rented a car. It was so much noise during the reception that he wants to go somewhere quit with So Eun and talk. Because he has a normal class driver’s license, Jae Rim had no choice but to put the car he rented on a tow truck. Jae Rim said that he saw a movie once and in that movie the protagonists drove to a public park, watched the stars the whole night while talking and he wanted to have that experience too.

In the car, on their way to the campsite, Jae Rim and So Eun have fun joking around with lines form old dramas.

So Eu:”You want to eat? Want to go out with me? Want to die with me?”

While they were talking So Eun nonchalantly holds Jae Rim’s hand. She lately leans on Jae Rim’s shoulders and holds his hand.

Jae Rim:”She only avoids my lips.”

Arrived at the camping site, they need to make the fire, but for that they have to cut the wood. Jae Rim cuts the wood while So Eun is praising him. Suddenly So Eun wanted to try. For Jae Rim the fact that she wants to do everything he does it cute.

The fire is ready. So Eun goes inside the car to get the fish cakes and goldfish bread that Jae Rim brought. Jae Rim goes on the other side of the car and they start playing again. In their new play, So Eun is the lady that sells fish cakes in car and Jae Rim is the customer. While talking So Eun asked Jae Rim what would he say if she would have been 100 kg. In the end So Eun got his answers, but it wasn’t the one she expected.

Jae Rim:”Even if you’re 100kg, my heart won’t change.”

At the reception, Jae Rim and So Eun received a black band. With that band So Eun and Jae Rim have tie one leg from each of them and walk in sync with 3 legs. Other couples had difficulty getting it right from the start, but So Eun and Jae Rim got it right in one go. For them that game with tying their legs and walk in sync to get closer it’s childish.

Jae Rim:” Where are you touching?”

They leave the band alone and take out the telescope to watch the stars. There is one problem…there are no stars.

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