“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 11 ~ Jackson:”Let’s not fight, okay?”

Once again Lee Dong Wook went shopping with Jackson and Young Ji. At the market Jackson gathered everyone to see him on TV.

Episode 11

Ryohei’s friend sent a few bags of soybeans. While Kang Joon, Gook Joo, Jong Ok and later Ryohei the others, Dong Woo and Se Ho went to buy a pot and a millstone. Jackson and Young Ji went with Dong Wook at the market. So Dong Wook will spend another day with Jackson and Young Ji to the market.

Dong Wook:”You guys better not fight.”

Even before they could depart, Jackson and Young Ji begin bickering. The moment Young Jig t in the car on the chair behind the driver, Jackson got in the car on the same side. Jackson could’ve entered in the car on the other side, but he didn’t do that.

Jackson:”Let’s not fight, okay?”

Arrived at the market, after being surprised at how old a television was, the first thing Jackson picked was a racy video.

At the market, Dong Wook proposed that they should split. Dong Wook sent Jackson and Young Ji to buy the pot and the millstone, while he and Se Ho went to buy other things they needed. Looking around the market, Young Ji saw a pot, but they need a bigger one. The lady sent them to the factory, but Jackson asked her if she can take them to the factory. The lady put a broom in the store door so the buyers will know that she isn’t there. When he saw her putting the broom like that, Jackson was surprised. He started joking around, he can’t understand who can a broom stop the people from entering.

Jackson:”It’s good security.”

On their way to the factory, Jackson hold the store lady’s hand and he complimented her.


First Jackson and Young Ji took the millstone. On their way back to the car, they have to stop, a car is coming towards them and the street isn’t that large. When the car passed Jackson protected Young Ji, but at soon as the car passed them he pushed her away. As revenge Young Ji offered to take a picture of Jackson. She asked him to do a pose for her, but she didn’t take Jackson’s picture, she took a selfie of herself. Before they reach the car, they’ve passed by a store full of TV’s. The day they filmed Roommate is the same day as Inkigayo is on. Jackson wants to see GOT7 on Inkigayo. Because they don’t appear soon, Jackson leaves Young Ji at the store, while he runs with the millstone to the car. If he will be on before he gets back, Young Ji will have to call him right away.

Returned to the store, the nervous Jackson offers the store owner some pastry, and Young Ji tells the store owner that Jackson will be on TV soon. Hearing that a celebrity is in his store, the store owner got up from his sit and changed all the TV’s channels on SBS, on Inkigayo. Since he is not on for now, Jackson went outside and invited all the store owners and people to come and see him on Inkigayo.

Jackson:”I’m going to come on for sure! Please come!”

Finely GOT7 is on. Jackson calls everyone and shows them which one is he.

Jackson:”I’m on the far left!”

Young Ji:”Yes, he’s on the very end! The very end!”

A lot of people gathered in front of the store to see Jackson. One lady wants to buy something and she asks the store lady when she returning to her store. The store lady has to see Jackson until the end, she is not going back for now.

Store lady:”I have to see this. Business is not the issue right now.”

Inkigayo is over. The two youngsters left. They need to return to the factory to get the pot they’ve bought. On their way to the factory, Jackson rides Young Ji on the cart. Even if she was scared, Young Ji got on the cart.

Too lazy to return the cart, Jackson and Young Ji decide to just carry the pot themselves to the car. They didn’t expect that the pot will be that heavy. On their way to the car, Jackson and Young Ji had to stop every few seconds to put the pot down and rest a little bit.

For a while Jackson and Young Ji waited Dong Wook and Se Ho outside. They can’t put the pot inside the car alone. Since it’s cold and it’s raining, Jackson that Young Ji got into the car. Tired from all the waiting, Jackson passed out. For a short time Young Ji took selfies, but then she fell asleep too. When Dong Wook and Se Ho returned, they found the youngsters sleeping inside the car.

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