“Pride and Prejudice ” ep 14 ~ Two frozen pollacks!

Dong Chi’s transfer was canceled.

Kang Soo and Dong Chi met Kang Soo’s kidnapper. He gave them something, a piece of evidence. On their way back something happened and an accident occurred.

Dong Chi is being questioned by his superiors. A lawyer comes in…it’s lawyer Jung Chang Gi.

Episode 14

For more information about the special unit prosecution team, Dong Chi met his superior from another division. He wants to know if his superior is a bad or a good prosecutor and if he was involved in the special unit team. Dong Chi superior was on the photo with the members of the special unit team. But at the moment the special unit team was formed, Dong Chi’s superior and friend was a rookie so he couldn’t be on that team. Dong Chi’s superior only filled in for the person who was his superior at that time. Now that person is Dong Chi’s superior, chief prosecutor Oh Do Jung. From that time until now, Dong Chi’s superior believed that chief prosecutor Oh lied about being sick, when she sent him to fill her in. As soon as the evidence came in, chief prosecutor Oh claimed to be sick and sent someone fill in for her. Three members of the special prosecution team were under suspicion, at that time.

The same time Dong Chi is talking with his friend about the special unit team, Moon Hee Man met Kang Soo’s kidnapper. Moon Hee Man knew that Dong Chi will go to that factory to look for proves, but what the kidnapper told him surprised chief Moon. The kidnapper asked him why Dong Chi was scared to death when he saw his face.

Kidnapper:” He looked as though he had seen a ghost.”

Arriving home, Dong Chi sees Kang Soo waiting in the cold. Yeol Moo didn’t come home and Kang Soo is waiting for her. Because Kang Soo was cold, Dong Chi took a picture of the two of them and sent it to Yeol Moo so she will know that someone is waiting for her to come home.

Dong Chi:” Two frozen pollacks are waiting outside of Three Meal Babies.”

Yeol Moo arrived home. Since both her and Kang Soo are feeling down, Yeol Moo proposed that the two of them should play carts and talk to make them feel good. At first Kang Soo pretended he couldn’t play, but in the end he won. Seems like Kang Soo is a master at playing carts, he used to play since he was Chan’s age against Jung Chang Gi and win money from Jung Chang Gi.

Early in the morning, Dong Chi went to see chief Moon and asked him to cancel his transfer. In return Dong Chi gave chief Moon his resignation letter. If chief Moon will cancel the transfer, Dong Chi will do what chief Moon wants and if Dong Chi will not listen to chief Moon then chief Moon can use the resignation letter. What Dong Chi didn’t know what that his transfer order was already canceled.

The next day, at the team meeting, while chief Moon was scolding Yeol Moo for missing a day from work without her superior’s approval, Dong Chi came in and said that he gave his approval for Yeol Moo to take a day off. He also said that they went to investigate a crime scene that involved a child who was kidnapped and murdered and that child was Han Yeol Moo’s brother.

Back to their office, Dong Chi, Kang Soo and Yeol Moo keep investigating Han Byul’s death without chief Moon knowing. Chief Moon took Han Byul’s case from Dong Chi saying that he will investigate that case, but Dong Chi doesn’t believe or trust him. Dong Chi, Kang Soo and Yeol Moo will start their new investigation form the kidnapper. Dong Chi made a sketch with the kidnappers face.

Dong Chi and his team are looking over the security camera from the factory. They saw the kidnapper arriving, the day Dong Chi and Yeol Moo went to the factory. The kidnapper is talking on the phone with someone so they will look into all the phone records made at that time, on that day.

The day they were at the factory, Dong Chi and Yeol Moo took the car mats that they saw when they found Han Byul’s shoe. The DNA test from that mats are out, both Kang Soo and Han Byul were in that trunk that day.

Kang Soo and Dong Chi tracked down the kidnapper and went after him. On their way the car was making a wired noise. Suddenly Kang Soo and Dong Chi realized that they were followed. The same car from the factory was following them. They stopped the car and got out. The kidnapper got out too and gave Dong Chi the records of the money he received on 19deceber 1999, the day Kang Soo was kidnapped.

After the kidnapper left, Dong Chi sent Kang Soo back to the office to check if the records the kidnapper gave them it’s real. Meantime Dong Chi will meet someone. Kang Soo got in the car and left, but he couldn’t control the car and an accident occurred. Someone deliberately tampered the car.

At the office, Yeol Moo is looking through the phone records of the kidnapper. She found a phone number that she knows. It’s chief Moon Hee Man’s phone number. Chief Moon and the kidnapper know each other. Yeol Moo goes to chief Moon and asks him to give Han Byul’s case to another prosecutor. That is Yeol Moo’s request as family of the victim.

Dong Chi sent Yeol Moo to chief Moon to get him sign a warrant. Since she is worried about going in to chief Moon’s office, Yeol Moo asks Oh Do Jung to sign the warrant. Oh Do Jung signed the warrant and also she gave some information to Yeol Moo about the people involved in Han Byul’s case.

Yeol Moo returned to her office and told Dong Chi everything Oh Do Jung said. Assuming that Oh Do Jung told Yeol Moo the truth, they found out who send the money to the kidnapper. But Dong Chi has his doubts, that proves seems to be coming to them to easily. Suddenly Kang Soo called. Park Soon Bae went to see him to the hospital and also, the same time, he sent flowers to Han Yeol Moo. Realizing that Park Soon Bae is sending threats, Dong Chi request permission from chief Moon to arrest Park Soon Bae, but chief Moon refused.

Chief Moon:”If you come across someone more powerful that you, avoid him quietly.”

Even if chief Moon told him to close the case, Dong Chi keeps investigating it. He called the once involved for interrogation. When he found out, chief Moon told Dong Chi to call back and apologize then close the case. While chief Moon was telling Dong Chi to call and apologize to the people he called for interrogation, Oh Do Jung came in. Dong Chi is being called for inspection, he will be questioned.

Left alone in the office, Kang Soo is looking for some files chief Moon requested, but he found the record with chief Moon’s voice the night of the hit-and-run accident when his mother died.

During the questioning, the once that where questioning Dong Chi send him back to get his jacket, they weren’t pleased with the way Dong Chi was dressed. When Yeol Moo and Dong Chi entered the office, Kang Soo asked Dong Chi if chief Moon was the driver that killed his mother. Before Dong Chi got the chance to tell Kang Soo who killed his mother, a lawyer came in, the lawyer is Jung Chang Gi.

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