“Nobunaga Concerto ” ep 9 ~ ”Denjiro’s fortune is Nobuanga’s misfortune.”

After winning a battle, Nobunaga and his people celebrate Christmas for the first time.

The real Nobunaga and Denjiro went to talk with the Enryaku-ji monks, who are protesting against Oda clan. Something happened and Saburo as Nobunaga has to pay for it. Hanbei realizes that everything is Denjiro’s fault.

Episode 9

A foreigner came to Japan. All of Nobunaga’s retainer’s are scared. The strange foreigner is speaking in a different language they can’t understand and even more shocking is that the foreigner has blue eyes. The foreigner came to Japan to spread Christianity and Nobunaga allowed him to. The real Nobunaga and Kichou don’t understand why is Nobunaga allowing the foreigner to o so. Kichou can’t understand why she has to celebrate the birth of someone she didn’t met, the birth of Christ.

News came in a hurry. Oda’s clan is being attacked by the strongest cavalry of those times. Takeda’s soldiers are like nature itself. They are fast as the wind and quiet as the forest then they attack like raging fire and they are as immovable as the mountain. The only ally Nobunaga had, the Yakuza form the future, betrayed him.

Worried about the attack, Nobunaga doesn’t have any idea what to do. He is alone in front of a big and strong army, without any ally. Walking around the yard with Mitsuhide, trying to find a way to fight back, Nobunaga sees Yuki with Mori-dono’s children. When Yuki told the children to stand in row, Nobunaga got an idea. Nobunaga’s army will use the rifles against Takeda’s cavalry. To minimize the time they shot, Nobunaga’s soldiers will stand in row. While the ones in front are shooting, the once in the back are refilling the rifles.

It’s time to go to the battle field. Nobunaga asked Mitsuhide and Denjiro to stay home. Denjiro is in charge to protect the castle and Mitsuhide has to help him and stay alive. In case Nobunaga will die in battle, Mitsuhide will have to return as the real Nobuanga.

Nobunaga’s army in facing Takeda’s army, but something is strange Takeda’s army isn’t moving. Suddenly one of Nobunaga’s soldiers came with news. Takeda’s army turned back. Takeda Shingen was ill and died few minutes before the news arrived to Nobunaga. Without fighting, Nobunaga won the battle.

Retuned home, Nobunaga and his people are enjoying a Christmas Party. They have a Christmas tree, presents and even a Santa Claus.

Mori Nagayoshi comes running with news towards Nobunaga. The monks from Enryaku-ji, the once that killed Mori-dono, are protesting against Oda. The anti-Oda faction is growing.

Nobunaga decided to go and talk with the monks from Enryaku-ji. He will be accompanied by Mitsuhide. Denjiro offered to accompany Nobunaga. When Nobunaga accepted to take Denjiro with him, Hanbei wanted to go too. He is still suspecting Denjiro. Because he couldn’t understand what Mitsuhide was telling him, Saburo changed his place with Mitsuhide, the real Nobunaga. In the end the ones that went to talk with the monk from Enryaku-ji where Mitsuhide, the real Nobuanga and Denjiro.

When they arrived, the Enryaku-ji monks refused to talk to Nobunaga and Nobunaga wanted to leave. Denjiro took advantage of the situation and using Mori-dono’s death convinced Nobunaga to attack the temple. Everyone from the Enryaku-ji temple, monks, women and children, where killed.

When the real Nobunaga and Denjiro returned, Saburo called him. Saburo is furious, he is angry. Mitsuhide killed the monks and Saburo as Nobunaga will have to answer for what happened. That wasn’t the way Saburo as Nobunaga wanted to conquer the country.

The retainers are disappointed, they didn’t expect that Nobunaga will kill the monk and especially the women and children that where in the temple. Nobunaga spend the next few days depressed, alone in his room, crying. Seeing him like that, Kichou went to talk to him, trying to make him feel better.

Kichou:”You are dear to me. I’m sure that you have something that you can’t say.”

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