“Pride and Prejudice ” ep 15 ~ “The one that met the kidnapper”.

Kang Soo found out that Jung Chang Gi was the driver that drove the car that killed his mother.

The higher up gave up on chief Moon so his team is being disbanded.

Episode 15

Jung Chang Gi entered Dong Chi’s office and introduced himself as the lawyer of one of the higher ups Dong Chi called in for questioning. Also Jung Chang Gi answered Kang Soo’s question about who was the driver at the hit-and-run accident in which his mother died. Shocked Kang Soo leaves. Dong Chi tells Jung Chang Gi why he called in Jung Chang Gi’s client and then returned to the conference room. The inspectors questioned Dong Chi and then they’ve called Yeol Moo for questioning. The higher ups intend to question everyone in chief Moon’s team until they get to chief Moon Hee Man. They want to disband chief Moon’s team. They’re ultimate target is chief Moon Hee Man.

While Yeol Moo was questioned, Yoo Dae Gi came to Dong Chi’s office to get what chief Moon requested Kang Soo. Yoo Dae Gi also told Dong Chi that there is someone who might help him with Han Byul’s case. At the police station there was a young female officer who worked there for one month and she took some evidence as a memento before being destroyed.

Yoo Dae Gi:” If a prosecutor doesn’t trust his superiors, he can’t do anything.”

When Yeol Moo returned, Dong Chi took her home. Kang Soo must feel awful so they have to make him feel better. Before leaving, Dong Chi entered chief Moon’s office and gave him the record he asked. They’ve arrived home, but Kang Soo isn’t there. He was at Jung Chang Gi’s apartment. Kang Soo doesn’t feel anything about the hit-and-run accident or his mother, but still he will hate Jung Chang Gi from now one.

That night chief Moon went to see the higher up man he is working for. It’s the man that told him to kill Dong Chi. Because chief Moon didn’t kill or stopped Dong Chi, the higher up decided to give up chief Moon. The higher up chief Moon met it’s the one that kidnapped Kang Soo. Hearing that chief Moon put back in his pocked the record Dong Chi gave him and let.

Chief Moon came into Dong Chi’s office. Dong Chi called him in as a suspect so he came to be questioned. When Dong Chi started the interrogation chief Moon didn’t answer to any question. He came to be questioned as a suspect, but it’s his right to remain silent. Before chief Moon left Dong Chi’s office, Jung Chang Gi arrived with the written testimony of his client.

Oh Do Jung went to chief Moon’s office with an envelope. She said that inside that envelope there are some picture with “the one that met with the kidnapper”. She is threatening chief Moon with the pictures.

Park Soon Bae came to Dong Chi with some evidence from the time Kang Soo was kidnapped. He suddenly remembered them! The evidence that he brought in are pointing towards chief Moon Hee Man.

To force chief Moon’s hand the higher ups disbanded his team. If he wants to save his team, chief Moon has to hand over the original recording of the case he asked Dong Chi. Also Yoo Dae Gi found out that the young police woman who took some evidence in Han Byul’s case throw the evidence away, except for a necktie pin that was found at the factory during that time. That necktie pin, she handed over to Yeol Moo’s father.

Dong Chi went to chief Moon’s office. He wants to know if chief Moon had anything to with Kang Soo and Han Byul’s kidnapping and if he can trust chief Moon. The answers he got was that chief Moon had anything to do with Kang Soo and Han Byul’s kidnapping and that he can trust chief Moon. But can he really trust chief Moon?

While he was thinking what to do, the kidnapper appeared before Dong Chi. Then Dong Chi returned to chief Moon’s office and charged Moon Hee Man for kidnapping Han Byul and Seo Tae Won. Also the kidnapper was arrested.

The same time, Yeol Moo sees in her father’s diary pictures with the necktie pin.

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