“Nobunaga Concerto ” ep 10 ~ ”The Oda era is about to begin.”

The beginning of the new era.

Tsuneoki discovered that Nobuanga switched places with Saburo and the leader he is following now isn’t the real Oda Nobunaga.

After Yuki died protecting Saburo, Tsuneoki told Saburo to leave the Oda House.

Episode 10

Mitsuhide is still apologizing for what happened with the Enryaku-ji monks. He feels bad for ignoring Saburo’s feeling and acting on his own.

Saburo:” I can’t be Nobunaga anymore.”

Saburo as Nobunaga meet his retainers and apologize for what happened at the temple. He knows that the monks were against the Oda clan, but he didn’t want them killed. While he was apologizing, his retainers told him that they talked about and they know that what happened at the Enryaku-ji temple was the best for them. Still Nobunaga explains them why they shouldn’t see things like that. Even if the monks where their enemies they didn’t deserve to die like that. Also Nobunaga asked his retainers to never to something similar to that.

Nobunaga:”I’ll never do anything like that again.”

When Nobunaga requested his retainers to never do something like what happened in Enryaku-ji again he looked at Mitsuhide. Tsuneoki saw the exchange of looks between Nobunaga and Mitsuhide.

After everyone left, Tsuneoki noticed that Mitsuhide forgot his fan. He took the fan and he was surprised. Tsuneoki went after Mitsuhide and called him “young master”. The fan that Mitsuhide had was the fan that Oda Nobunaga received from his father. When he saw the fan, Tsuneoki realized that Mitsuhide is the real Oda Nobunaga. Finding out what happened Tsuneoki is shocked. Oda Nobunaga abandoned everyone and switched places with a complete stranger and that stranger is always close to Kichou, Oda Nobunaga’s wife.

News came. The shogun has sent letter to all the states urging them to attack Oda clan. Nobunaga decided that he should go and talk to the shogun, but Tsuneoki, who found out that Nobunaga isn’t the real Nobunaga, asked Nobunaga to send someone else. Denjiro agreed with Tsuneoki and asked Nobunaga to let him go with Mitsuhide to the shogun. For his mind to be at easy, Nobunaga requested Tsuneoki to go to the shogun with Denjiro and Mitsuhide.

With a strong attitude, Mitsuhide made the shogun stop urging the leaders of other states to attack Oda clan. On their way back Mitsuhide requested Tsuneoki to continue supporting Nobunaga. While Mitsuhide and Tsuneoki were talking outside, Denjiro returned to talk to the shogun. Denjiro told the shogun that they should unite to defeat Oda Nobuanga and the Oda clan.

Back to Owari, Mitsuhide, Denjiro and Tsuneoki met Nobunaga to tell him what happened with the shogun. While they were talking, news came. The shogun has raised an army against Oda clan. If other states will join the shogun’s army, Oda clan’s army will not be able to defeat them.

Oda clan raised the army too. Denjiro will lead some soldiers. The shogun is waiting the other states army and he also has Denjiro’s army on his side. Letters came. The other states refused to join the shogun’s army. After what happened with the Enryaku-Ji monks, the other states are too scared to raise their armies against Oda Nobunaga, they believe that the gods are on Oda Nobunaga’s side. After the receiving the letters, the shogun is still calm, he still has Denjiro’s army on his side. The shogun’s base camp is attacked. Denjiro lead his army against the shogun and killed the shogun.

Denjiro:”The Oda era is about to begin.”

Since he won the battle against the shogun, the Imperial Court has given Nobunaga the approval to name the new era.

During the party, Nobunaga found out that Denjiro fooled the shogun into raising the army against him. Nobunaga got angry. Tricking people or making them suffer wouldn’t make him happy. Seeing Nobunaga’s reaction, Denjiro apologized and using Mori-dono’s death he said that the massacre from Enryaku-Ji was a good thing. If the massacre wouldn’t have happened the other states would have joined the shogun and defeated the Oda army.

Denjiro decided to help Oda Nobunaga take over the country. But what will happen them? Will Denjiro fight against Nobunaga and become the new leader of the country?

A strange man came to Oda House. He is an Asakura’s man and wants to switch sides and become an Oda’s man. He convinced Nobunaga and the retainers to receive him.

Coming home from her date with Toshie-dono, Yuki saw the strange man. She recognized him and scared went to tell Toshie that the strange man is an Asakura’s man and he will never change sides. Toshie will follow the strange man so that Asakura’s assassin won’t be able to get near Nobunaga and hurt him.

There is a party to receive the new retainer, Asakura’s assassin. Toshie is following that assasin’s every move. The assassin went out. Toshie followed him out. Suddenly the assassin turned towards Toshie and laughed. Something is wrong and Toshie realized it. He runs back to the party. At the party one of the dancers threw her fan to Nobunaga. He caught the fan, but the woman got a knife and tried to kill Nobunaga. Yuki saw the dancer trying to kill Nobunaga and jumped between the dancer and Nobunaga. That night Yuki died trying to protect Nobunaga.

Finding out that Hanbei knows that he is an impostor, Denjiro is turning Mitsuhide, the real Oda Nobunaga, against Saburo, the fake Nobunaga.

Tsuneoki can’t take it anymore. He and the retainers swore t protect Oda Nobunaga, not an impostor. Tsuneoki can’t let anyone die for an impostor, like Yuki and Mori-dono so he went to Saburo and asked him to leave the Oda House.

Tsuneoki:”Please leave this castle. Get away from the Oda clan.”

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