“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 12 ~ Jackson :” Jin Young, you’re my Korean father.”

JYP is invited to the roommate Christmas party. At the party there will be a present for Jackson.

Episode 12

The Roommate family wants to hold a small performance and invite at their party few close friends. Jackson said that he wants to invite his members, GOT7 members, but Se Ho had a different idea. Se Ho proposed that Jackson should invite JYP. Actress Bae Jong Ok agreed with Se Ho raises the bet, they should ask JYP to produce their small performance. Everyone was happy, especially Young Ji and Lee Dong Wook, when they saw the face of the little scared lamb Wang Jackson. He isn’t ready for inviting JYP yet, but still Se Ho sent a text to JYP and JYP replied back.

Jackson and Se Ho arrived at JYPE building to meet with Park Jin Young. During the conversation Jackson keeps holding JYP’s hand. He also talks about JYP, who is the nicest person in the world, according to Jackson, but when they get in the studio, JYP transforms himself into a scary person. Also Jackson talked about how he was “BREAK HEART” when he saw JYP being cold towards them, as boys, and being really warm around Suzy or other girls.

Bravely Se Ho tells JYP why they came and that is to invite him to their roommate party. At first JYP refused politely, but Se Ho begin to sing JYP’s songs and Jackson was whispering “JYP” into Park Jin Young’s ear. Hearing the song, Park Jin Young doesn’t know which song it is.

JYP:” What song is this? I made this song!”

While Se Ho keeps singing JYP’s songs, Park Jin Young turns to Jackson and asks him if he knows the song Se Ho is singing. Since Jackson doesn’t know the song, JYP said that he will have to cut Jackson’s part to half for the next song. Hearing that Jackson strongly protested, he didn’t have much at the song they are promoting now either.

Jackson:”That’s all I have. I only have half of it. And I was only on for 12 seconds in the music video.”

Finally JYP accepted to produce the roommate. He asks Se Ho for whom are they going to sing at the performance. The guests could be family too. Se Ho will invite his mother and sing for her. When he heard the word “mother” Jackson leaned his head on JYP and he was about to cry. Looking at Jackson, JYP comforted him. JYP sent a video message to Jackson’s mother and in his message JYP mentioned the phrase “I really wich you could spend this Christmas with you…precious son.”

Jackson :” Jin Young, you’re my Korean father.”

The next few days, Se Ho, Gook Joo, Kang Joon and Jackson came to JYPE to practice the songs they will perform at the party. JYP decided that he, Joon Hyung and Jackson will sing a song together, as JYP brothers.

The day of the party has come. Jackson runs out to receive JYP. He jumps into JYP’s arms, his Korean father. Everyone was concerned about the relationship between JYP and Joon Hyung. But when he saw JYP, Joon Hyung screamed out loud “Yo, wassup JYP!”. The two men hugged as old friends. Jackson drags JYP to introduce him to every member of the roommate family and to show him the roommate house. Since the floor wasn’t clean, Young Ji gave JYP her indoor shoes with little hearts on.

Later, the men gathered in Dong Wook and Se Ho’s room. Joon Hyung and JYP remembered the old times. In the beginning the G.O.D members and JYP were staying together in a basement, they didn’t even have beds. One night, it rained so much that their room got floated. The water was to their hips. During the conversation Jackson found out that JYP was a backup dancer.

When Jackson auditioned, JYP didn’t want to take him. Jackson was to nervous that he was dancing ahead of beat and JYP thought Jackson was too unnatural for his agency. The staff members pleaded for Jackson and JYP agreed to accept him. Now JYP thinks that Jackson has the naturalness that he is looking in his artists.

Joon Hyung:” He and I are very similar.”

Jackson and Joon are really similar. They are really affectionate and also when they practice if things don’t go their way they both would say the same think “I totally did it a minute ago.” If JYP tells GOT7 to practice more the next day, Jackson is the only one that arrives an hour later. The same was Joon.

Later, when Gook Joo’s friend, Baek Ji Young arrived, everyone got down to receive her. After a while, Baek Ji Young is eating and JYP makes everyone practice. After all JYP is a perfectionist.

When he got rid of Jackson, JYP took Se Ho and they run upstairs to Dong Wook, who was in his room. JYP prepared a surprise for Jackson, he brought his mother from Hong Kong. While the three men were discussing where to hide Jackson’s mother, Jackson came in with something for JYP to eat. Dong Wook, Se Ho and JYP where scared, but they tried to act natural. Luckily Jackson didn’t realize what they were saying.

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