“We Got Married ” ep 14 ( WGM ep 251) ~Jae Rim:”Become my bed servant.”

For one day So Eun will do everything Jae Rim wants.

A package came. So Eun and Jae Rim are leaving for their honeymoon in Turkey.

Episode 14

After the wedding, So Eun decided to wear a hanbok, Korean traditional clothes, and for one day she will be a dutiful wife, for one day she will do everything Jae Rim wants. So Eun wanted to show Jae Rim a side of her that he didn’t see until now, a side in which she is the perfect wife. When he saw So Eun, Jae Rim was shocked. But… he comes back to his usual self fast.

Jae Rim:”Come and become my bed servant.”

While playing So Eun said that she is hot.

Jae Rim:” I’ll undress you.”

Since Jae Rim wants a coffee, So Eun pushes him back on the sofa and runs to the kitchen to make coffee for her husband.

Someone is at the door. So Eun runs to open. They’ve received a package. They open it and inside it was the group photo from their wedding.

Jae Rim:” I don’t know whether I married a flower or you.”

The newlywed couple went to the bedroom to hand the painting on the wall. So Eun went to bring the hammer and she told Jae Rim to stay put. Because So Eun told him to not move, Jae Rim turned to stone. When she returned, So Eun didn’t let Jae Rim hang the painting, she did it herself.

Jae Rim:” The frame being lopsided is because I’m leaning towards you.”

Lately Jae Rim’s skin looks bad. As a good and devoted wife, So Eun wants to give him a facial treatment, before the facial So Eun will wash Jae Rim’s face. It’s easier for him to wash his face alone…. Jae Rim lies down on the sofa, while So Eun brings a large bowl with water.

The impatient Jae Rim put his face in the water, but when his face met the water he realized that the water was too hot. So Eun cleaned his face and then she put a mask on his face. While Jae Rim relaxes with his eyes closed, So Eun gives him a manicure. So Eun told him that she is giving him an hand treatment, like essence, while she is painting his nails. Each of Jae Rim’s nails had a different color.

The nails are finished, the mud pack has to be washed, so Jae Rim get up. So Eun asks him to raise his hands so she could wash his face. He is still smiling since he doesn’t know about the colors of his nails. After washing his face, So Eun goes to the bathroom to throw the water. Jae Rim wipes his face with a towel and when he wants to check his phone, he sees his nails, each of his nails has a different color.

So Eun:” Since you seemed envious of my nails…”

Asked if he wants to repeat the day when So Eun is a devoted wife every three months, Jae Rim refused. It’s more comfortable for him to do everything, then to let So Eun do something for him.

Jae Rim:” I’ll pack lunches and chase her to stop.”

Later a package came. Inside the box there was a book, a conversation guide. The newlywed will go to their honeymoon in Turkey as So Eun wished it. They’ve received the plane ticket, but they have to reserve a place to stay and the activities they want to do on their own. The concept for their trip is a backpacking trip. After reading the note, Jae Rim and So Eun prepared their luggage. They are ready to go!

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