“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 13 ~ Jackson met his parents!

Jackson reunited with his parents during the roommate Christmas party.

Episode 13

The quests arrived and it’s time to eat. It’s not enough room for everyone to eat on the same table, so they split into teams. Jackson is eating with Kang Joon, Joon, JYP, Ryohei and Ryohei’s friend, Yuki. They eat on the same table, but they speak in different languages. Half of the table meaning JYP, Joon and Jackson speak in English, while the other half, Ryohei and Yuki speak in their language, in Japanese.

As a good host, Joon starts a conversation with Yuki. Ryohei’s friend, Yuki, was working as a model in Korea, now he is working as a model in Taiwan. Joon asks him how many languages does he know, except for Japanese and Korean. Yuki excuses himself because he can’t speak Korean that well.

Joon:” It seems like you’re better than me.”

After eating, JYP tells the people that were with him and Joon at the table how difficult was in the beginning, how difficult was for the G.O.D members in the beginning. After JYP got paid, he took out the G.O.D members, he was going to pay for everything they will eat. That day, the 5 G.O.D members ate about 20 servings. When they were feeling full, they will go to the bathroom to throw up and returned to eat again because they didn’t know when they will get to eat meat again. Also, JYP reveals that the original name of G.O.D was GOT6. The GOT6 members were Joon Park, Yoon Kye Sang, Danny Ahn, Son Ho Young, Kim Tae Woo and JYP himself. GOT7 derived from GOT6.

Later, Se Ho’s mother came to Jackson with a package. She brought a present for Jackson. It’s nothing much, but the thought touched Jackson’s heart. Se Ho’s mother brought Jackson a scarf to keep him warm this winter. She explained Jackson that when a lady gets married and has children, she sees all the children as her own.

The performance started. Gook Joo was the first one that performed her song and her dance. 23    JYP and his lip balm 

Then Baek Ji Young, accompanied by JYP and his band, performed one of her ballads. Se Ho’s time to perform came. He is singing and dancing to JYP’s song “Honey”. In the middle of his performance, Young Ji joined in. to make JYP a surprise, Se Ho took his jacked and short off. Under his short Se Ho mimicked JYP’s plastic costume. Se Ho was wrapped in plastic.

With Se Ho’s performance over, it’s time to prepare Jackson’s present. For that Lee Dong Wook does what the script that he, Se Ho and JYP made. Dong Wook asked Se Ho how he felt to perform in front of his parents. Se Ho starts his speech with tears. Everyone started to cry, even Lee Dong Wook. Well….he is an actor after all and good actors can cry on command. After making everyone cry, Se Ho invited Jackson to bow together to his parents. Now it’s time to make Jackson cry. Se Ho asks Jackson to send a video message to his mother. He started fine, but in the middle Jackson couldn’t find his words. Since Jackson is crying, JYP stopped the video message saying that he has a present for Jackson.

Jackson turns his head and looks towards the door. When the door opened, Jackson’s mother and father came in. when he saw his mother, Jackson dropped his hat and runs to his parent’s arms. The emotional moment made everyone in the house cry. Jackson couldn’t let go on his mother.

When Jackson let go of his mother, everyone introduced themselves. Young Ji said that she is Jackson’s best friend in Korea, but Se Ho corrected her saying to Jackson’s parents that she is Jackson’s girlfriend.

Se Ho:”She’s Jackson’s Korean girlfriend.”

For his parents, Jackson will perform the song he prepared together with Joon and JYP. He started the song, but he couldn’t finish it so Joon and JYP joined in and finished the song.

After JYP finished singing the song he will release soon he called all the roommate members to get up and sing together a song, “Santa Claus is coming to town.”

For the rest of the night Jackson stuck to his mother like glue. He took his mother to lie down in bad. Seems like Jackson’s mother was a national gymnast for China and she hurt her back so because of that she can’t stay in her feet or on chair for long periods of time. She stays more lying in bad.

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