“Nobunaga Concerto ” ep 11 ~ Saburo:”I love you Kichou!”

Episode 11 is the final episode of “Nobunaga Concerto” drama.

Saburo wants to leave the Oda house for good, but something happened and he returned.

Hanbei realized who Denjiro is and the real Oda Nobunaga killed him.

Episode 11

Knowing that Nobunaga isn’t the real Oda Nobunaga, Tsuneoki asked Saburo to leave the House of Oda.

Tsuneoki:” Get away from the Oda clan!”

During the time Tsuneoki was with Nobunaga, the news that Azai and Asakura joined forces and are coming to invade them came. Saburo as Nobunaga decided that they will not fight. If he wants to have a country without war, he should be the first one to set an example. Nobunaga asked Hanbei to sent letter to Azai and Asakura to for a truce.

That night Tsuneoki told Mitsuhide that he asked Saburo to leave and he will prepare the return of the real Oda Nobunaga. When Tsuneoki left the room, Mitsuhide’s servant turned Mitsuhide against Saburo saying that everything Saburo has, including Kichou, is his because he is the real Oda Nobunaga.

Word came from Azai clan. The leader of the Azai clan accepted the truce. Namagasa, the leader of the Azai clan, went to see Nobunaga. The truce isn’t possible anymore. The Azai clan retainers didn’t agree with the truce. One of the Azai retainers even committed harakiri.

Namagasa:” I will put my life on the line to destroy you!”

Now that Namagasa decided to not form a truce, the only thing left to do for Nobunaga is to kill Namagasa.

Kichou sees that Tsuneoki changed his attitude towards Nobunaga and she calls him to her room. She asks Tsuneoki what happened between him and Nobunaga, did he found the truth. Tsuneoki is surprised! Kichou knew that the man pretending to be Nobunaga isn’t her husband and still she didn’t say anything. Nobunaga came to her and tried to tell her something, but she didn’t let him. That moment Kichou knew that the fake Nobunaga is getting ready to leave. She would want to go with him, but he wants to leave without telling anyone and if that is what the fake Nobunaga wants then she will remain with the Oda clan and fulfill her duty and Oda Nobunaga’s wife. The real Oda Nobunaga head Kichou and Tsuneoki talking and he wasn’t pleased to find out that for his wife loves the impostor he brought home.

Meantime, Nobunaga is thinking about what to do. He can’t understand why he has to kill Namagasa when they are friends. The Yakuza form the future explains to him who things are in that time.

Nobunaga is going to war against Namagasa. He doesn’t know if he took the right decision or not. He goes to Kichou and talks to her. Kichou gives him courage. She trusts him. She is sure that he took the right decision in that situation.

The next day, Nobunaga and his army are going to war. Before attacking Namagasa’s castle, they have to get Oichi and her daughters out and take them to a safe place. Denjiro has an idea. He attacks Namagasa’s father’s castle first.

In his castle, Namagasa requested Oichi to take their girls and go to her brother. Oichi took the girls out and sent them away to Nobunaga with the nanny’s, but she returned. She wants to die together with her beloved husband. Touched, Namagasa tells her to live for him and to make their daughters happy for the rest of their live. Denjiro arrived at Namagasa’s castle and took Oichi away.

When they met, Nobunaga apologized to Oichi for the decision he made, but Oichi doesn’t think that he should apologize. In Oich’s eyes, Nobunaga did the right thing. If he is father to fight then he must fight.

With Oichi in a save place, Saburo changed his clothes with Mitsuhide and went to try and save Namagasa. Tsuneoki accompanied him.

Nobunaga:” There isn’t anything more precious than life.”

Tsuneoki and Nobunaga arrived where Namagasa is. They’ve tried to convince Namagasa to don’t commit seppuku, but in the end Namagasa died.

It’s time for Saburo to leave. He takes his backpack and leaves. Kichou can’t let him go like that and runs after him.

Saburo:”I love you Kichou!”

Saying his goodbye to Kichou, Saboru left. In front of the tree where all his live as Oda Nobunaga begin, Saburo met Tsuneoki, who was sent by the real Nobunaga to bring Saburo back. Saburo returned.

Hanbei realized who Denjiro is and went to tell everything to Nobunaga. There he found out that Mitsuhide is the real Oda Nobunaga.

Hanbei:”You are not my lord!”

Mitsuhide, the real Oda Nobunaga killed Hanbei.

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