“We Got Married ” ep 15 ( WGM ep 252) ~Jae Rim:”Let’s divorce.”

Jae Rim and So Eun begins their trip to Turkey.

Episode 15

At the ariport, So Eun and Jae Rim are getting their selfie’s done. They are going to leave for Turkey soon. They are in the plane. So Eun removed her makeup. Jae Rim follows So Eun’s lead and removes his makeup too.

Jae Rim:”It’s our first time sleeping together.”

Arrived in Turkey, a lot of fans waited for them at the airport. Now it’s time to get their ticked. Jae Rim puts the money in the machine, but the money is thrown out. Jae Rim finds an attendant and asks for help. The newlywed couple got their tickets and got in the subway. So Eun is sleepy. She falls asleep on Jae Rim’s shoulder. It’s time for them to get out of the subway.

Looking at pictures, the couple tried to find their boarding home. They kind lost their way a little bit, but So Eun took the lead and they arrived safely.

Jae Rim:”We can’t sleep together!”

Tired, the two of them changed into the couple pajamas Jae Rim brought and went to bed.

It’s morning in Turkey. Jae Rim and So Eun couple went to visit Istanbul. They arrived at Hagia Sophia Cathedral. So Eun wanted to visit it, she even noted down the program. But when they arrived in front of the Hagia Sophia Cathedral’s entrance they had a surprise. When they looked at the entrance program So Eun remembered that she noted down that the Hagia Sophia Cathedral is closed on Monday’s.

While they are walking around a Turkish man saluted So Eun and she responded. Jae Rim wasn’t pleased by it and asked her why she responded to that man. She believed that the man recognized her since he was looking at her. Even if they are away from Korea, Jae Rim can still make fun of So Eun.

Jae Rim:” She is small.”

Thankfully the mosque isn’t closed. So Eun covered her hair and they went inside. The couple heads towards Eminönü for a food tour.

Jae Rim:”I love you.”

Before leaving for Eminönü, Jae Rim brought a souvenir, the only problem is that he paid 70 lira for something that he should have paid 3 lira. But that’s okay Jae Rim, everywhere it could have happened.

After a little struggle Jae Rim and So Eun managed to get their tickets and leave for Eminönü.

For their food tour, So Eun and Jae Rim arrived at the Egyptian Bazzar. Fearing that he will lose her, Jae Rim tied So Eun and his wrists together before they entered the Turkish market. As soon as they entered the market, they’ve tested the samples.

Unlike Jae Rim, So Eun isn’t scammed. She is doing a good job barging and because of that she got some discounts for slippers, for perfume. After all that shopping it’s time for the newlywed to eat. Jae Rim and So Eun are going to eat balik ekmek, which is like a fish sandwich. When they tasted the fish sandwich it wasn’t what they expected.

Jae Rim:”Mackerel tastes the same everywhere.”

Food tour continues. The next thing they will taste is kumpir, which is backed potato stuffed with salads, vegetables and meat. Maybe it will be better that the fish sandwich….

On their way, Jae Rim, at So Eun’s request, said hello in Turkish in a cute way, but when he asked her to do the same, So Eun refused.

Jae Rim:”Let’s divorce.”

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