“Healer ” ep 1-7 ~Healer:”Don’t recklessly follow anyone from now on. You might end up dead if you do.”

The new drama I’m watching now is “Healer”. At first I passed t because I made the mistake to look at the ratings. But because I didn’t have anything to watch this days, I started Healer.

The story begins in the early 1980’s, when five friends where running an illegal broadcasting station. The illegal broadcasting was in a truck. One of the five friends, Kim Moon Shik, was the driver. He was also taking care of his younger brother, Kim Moon Ho. In the truck there were the “reporters”, their voices were in heard on the radio, Oh Gil Han and Choi Myung Hee, who later got married and had a daughter named Ji Ahn. In the truck there was also Seo Joon Seok, an young man who was able to handle any machine he was touching. He could work and fix machine he saw just once. After Joon Seok got married he had a son, named Seo Jung Hoo. The last member of the team was driving a motorcycle. His job was to create a diversion every time the police found the illegal broadcasting. On time, the motorcycle driver got arrested. Out of loyalty he didn’t say anything about his friends and stayed in jail for 11 years. When he got out the things were different. When he was released from jail, the motorcycle driver found out that 2 of his friends, Seo Joon Seok and Oh Gil Han died and Oh Gil Han’s wife, Choi Myung Hee is paralyzed and now married with Kim Moon Shik. The only one of the five friends whose life didn’t go bad was Kim Moon Shik. He became rich and powerful.

When Gil Han died, Myung Hee became paralyze and their daughter was lost, but Myung Hee believes that her daughter is dead.

Suspicious about how things turned out while he was in prison, the motorcycle driver took in Joon Seok’s son. After his father died, Seo Jung Hoo was also abandoned by his mother, who got married with another man and had another son.

Now, at 29 years old, Seo Jung Hoo, equipped with wearable smart gadgets, became the best messenger in the industry. He became Healer. His only goal is to save money and buy a deserted island where he can live alone.

Chae Young Shin is an internet news reported. Her dream is to become a legendary reporter. She follows around celebrities and posts rumors about them on the internet.

Kim Moon Ho, Kim Moon Shik’s younger brother, became a famous reporter.

Episode 1

Kim Moon Ho found out that Myung Hee’s daughter could be alive so he hired the Healer to search her. He gave the Healer order to bring him anything that he can use to get an DNA test, but the first two tests showed up to be negative. Then Moon Ho suspected that Chae Young Shin could be Myung Hee’s daughter and sent the Healer after her. The Healer follows Young Shi around. He get in a bus and believes that she is an easy target, but Young Shin grew up around criminals and she catches really fast when someone follows her. Young Shin’s adoptive father is a lawyer and after his clients are out of jail he gives them work at his coffee shop.

Episode 2

Healer followed Young Shin to the bus. He was about to get a strand of her hair, but suddenly she put her hat on. Young Shin got down of the bus. She knows that some guy is following her. Trying to get Young Shin’s bag, because she must have some personal things in there that could be used for a DNA test, Healer throws a can at a cyclist. The cyclist barely passed Young Shin and fells over a fruit stall. Young Shin helps the fruit stall owner to get her fruits, but when she looks back, her bag is gone. She runs after the strange guy who stole her bag.

Healer enters a bathroom and looks into Young Shin bag, but there is nothing he could use for a DNA test. Suddenly Young Shin arrived too. She tries to fight him, but Healer is too strong for her. He grabs her with his arms and breaks the mirror so that Young Shin won’t see his face.

Healer:”Don’t move or you’ll get hurt.”

While she was trembling with fear, Healer cut her nails and left.

Healer:”Don’t recklessly follow anyone from now on. You might end up dead if you do.”

The DNA test showed that Chae Young Shi is Choi Myung Hee’s daughter, Ji Ahn. Moon Ho contacts Healer again and asks him to follow Young Shi and discover what her dream is. Disguised, Healer goes to Young Shin’s father’s coffee shop. He followed her the whole day and even put a tracking devise in her bag.

While Young Shin was following some celebrities she sees a woman trying to commit suicide. That day Young Shin lost her reportage, but saved a woman’s life. From behind, Healer filmed her and found Young Shin’s life story. Healer sent what he filmed to Kim Moon Ho.

While trying to found out what Young Shin’s dream is, Healer entered Young Shin’s room. He was surprised to see his picture on her wall.

Episode 3

While he was watching Young Shin, Healer sees a car parking in front of Young Shin’s house. The driver of that car is Kim Moon Ho. He came to see Young Shi now that he knows that Young Shin is Ji Ahn. But when Young Shin saw him, Moon Ho left. He didn’t want Young Shin to see him.

Healer followed Moon Ho to his brother’s house. He went inside the house and was surprised to see a picture of his father there. Seeing that picture there, Healer became curious about why is his father’s picture there, who are those people, do they knew his father…

Because he is wrongly accused of killing one of his clients and he suspects that the real killer is connected to Moon Ho and used Young Shin as bait, Healer goes to work for the same internet newspaper that Young Shin is working for.

In the morning when she arrived at the office, Young Shin’s boss introduces her to her new subordinate, Park Bong Soo.

Episode 4

The people from Someday News went for drinks. Only one person isn’t there, Bong Soo. He went to see his mother. He became curious about his father. When he arrived where his coworkers where, Young Shin was already drunk. Bong Soo decided to take Young Shin home.

After sending Young Shin home, Bong Soo lied to Young Shin’s father that he doesn’t have money for taxi and it’s too late to be able to take the bus and he requested Young Shin’s father to let him sleep there that night.

The drunk Young Shin posted from her room a news that her boss didn’t allow her to publish. The victim from her article is the woman who tried to kill herself few days ago. Now that woman is living with Young Shin and her father. Because she can’t sleep with other people in the room, Young Shin went to sleep on the sofa. But there Bong Soo was sleeping. She didn’t have any problem in sleeping with him in the room. And it wasn’t the first time. Since their biological parents were friends, Jung Hoo and Young Shin used to play together when they were children.

The next day, Moon Ho came to see Young Shin. He wants her to give him the news from the article she posted the night before when she was drunk.

That night, while Bong Soo was walking Young Shin home, they were attacked by gangsters. Bong Soo let the gangsters hit him. They left Bong Soo behind and took Young Shin with them. At first he wanted to leave, but remembering what Young Shin’s father told him about Young Shin not being able to breathe when she see violence, he changed into his Healer costume and went to save her.

Episode 5

Healer fought the gangsters, then he gave Young Shin her pills and hugged her until she felt better. Back home, looking at the picture with Healer that she has on her wall, Young Shin realized that the man who saved her and the man who cut her nails few days ago where the same person and that person was Healer.

In the morning, the coffee shop employee found Bong Soo sleeping in front of the coffee shop on a bench. He took him in. When Young Shin saw him, she was so happy that Bong Soo is fine that she hugged him and then she cured his injured hand.

Later Young Shin and Bong Soo went to investigate the case she talked about in the article she posted when she was drunk. The woman who tried to kill herself and now is living at Young Shin’s house was an actress. The CEO of the agency she was working her was abusing and beating her. Arrived at that CEO’s house, Young Shin and Bong Soo saw the gangsters that tried to kidnap Young Shin were guarding the CEO’s house. While he was threatening Young Shin, the CEO beat another of his actresses in front of Bong Soo and Young Shin. Knowing that she can’t breathe when she see violence, Bong Soo covers Young Shin’s eyes with his body.

While his friends distract the gangsters, Bong Soo managed to run away with Young Shin.

Episode 6

Bong Soo and Young Shin run away. They got to their car and drove away. When they were coming, Bong Soo saw 2 cops watching the CEO’s house. He drove and stopped in front of the policemen’s car. Then he got out and in his knees begged the cops to help them. While the cops were talking with the gangsters that where following Bong Soo and Young Shin, Bong Soo took advantage of the situation and disappeared.

Healer caught Sang Soo, the boss of the gangsters and handcuffed him on the steering wheel. In Sang Soo’s phone, Healer found a conversation between Sang Soo and the man that orders him what to do, Kim Moon Shik.

At home, Healer ordered some food. He goes out to pick it up and he has an impression that someone is following him, but he passes over that feeling fast. Healer was right, someone was following him. The man that was following him is his father’s friend, the one that raised him. While he was eating, Healer received few text messages, all of them where from the same person, Chae Young Shin. She was worried because he disappeared and she doesn’t know if he is alright or not.

Bong Soo calls Young Shin back. During their phone conversation, Young Shin tells Bong Soo that Moon Ho was her first crush, a one sided love. Also she tells him that now she has another crush, now she has feelings for another man, a man whose face she didn’t saw. Young Shin’s new crush is the Healer. Then Young Shin tells Bong Soo what feeling she has towards him. Bong Soo has high expectations, but for him Young Shin only feels a siblings love.

The next day Kim Moon Ho came to Sunday news. From that day onwards Kim Moon Ho is Sunday News new owner.

Episode 7

After seeing Kim Moon Ho, strangely Young Shin couldn’t breathe. Without thinking Bong Soo give her 2 pills. She takes the pills and holds Bong Soo’s hand until she feels better. Young Shin is curious about Moon Ho’s reason to come to Sunday News.

Bong Soo:”It feels like he came here for you.”

Before leaving, Young Shin asks Bong Soo who did he knew that she takes 2 pills. Bong Soo barely survives saying that people usually take 2 pills.


Later, Moon Ho sends Bong Soo out to investigate something, while he takes Young Shin with him. Jealous, before leaving, Bong Soo intervenes between Young Shin and Moon Ho. In his office, Moon Ho begins training Young Shin into becoming a legendary reporter like her idol, Oriana Fallaci.

Healer went to the CEO’s house again. He managed to enter the CEO’s office without being seen. After beating the CEO up, Healer took the information Bong Soo had to investigate and also the video that the CEO used to threaten his actresses into making them prostitutes.

Young Shin received a text. It was from Healer. He was calling her on the rooftop to give her the video he took from the CEO. Because she needed to ask him something, Young Shin tied her muffler around her eyes and called him.

That night Healer went to Kim Moon Shik. He wants Kim Moon Shik to give him the real murderer of the man that Healer is accused of killing. While he was leaving, Healer met Myung Hee. She couldn’t sleep and came to her husband. When Myung Hee saw Healer, she called him Joon Seok. Since he was young Jung Hoo heard people saying that he looks just like his father.

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