“Healer ” ep 8 ~Jung Hoo:” It’s my birthday.”

Healer is curious who the lady who called him by his father’s name is.

Bong Soo goes with Young Shin to make an interview, but his teacher calls him. It’s his birthday!

Someone tried to kill Young Shin, but Healer arrived and saved her.

Episode 8

After seeing the Healer, Myung Hee wasn’t able to forget him. Healer looks like Joon Seok, but he can’t be Joon Seok, he died a long time ago. Seeing the Healer made Myung Hee think about Joon Seok and she asked Moon Shik to search Joon Seok’s wife. Hearing that the Healer is identical to Joon Seok made Moon Shik remember Joon Seok’s son, Jung Hoo. Does Moon Shik suspect that Jung Hoo is the Healer?

Meantime the Healer wants answer too. He saw that Myung Hee has the same picture that his father had, but he doesn’t know why. Also Myung Hee knew his father, she called him with his father’s name. He didn’t left Moon Shik’s house, yet. Healer is about to go back to Myung Hee and ask her directly if she knew his father, but his teacher stops him. Ki Young Jae tells him that Myung Hee is the woman from his father’s picture and that she was friends with his father.

Healer is alone, thinking about the past, about who his live was after his father died and his mother abandoned him. Then, like if she knew that he needed her, Young Shin called him.

When Bong Soo arrived at the office, Young Shin was showing Moon Ho the video she received from Healer. Agitated, Bong Soo enters. He tries to disturb them, maybe Young Shin won’t tell Moon Ho that she got that video from the Healer. But it’s too late, Young Shin told Moon Ho everything. Suddenly an email came to Moon Ho, it’s from Healer’s address. Young Shin is surprised. That email address is from the same Healer she knows. How it’s that Moon Ho knows the Healer? What is Moon Hoo hiding from her? Did Moon Ho told the Healer to bring the video to her?

Before answering to Young Shin’s questions, Moon Ho asked Bong Soo and Jang Byeong Se, the chief from that news paper, to leave the room. Bong Soo pretended that he dropped some papers on the floor and placed a microphone under Moon Ho’s desk. From another room, Bong Soo listens to what Moon Ho and Young Shin are talking.

Moon Ho needs an interview with the abused actress. He sends Young Shin to interview her and Bogn Soo to film the interview.


On their way, Young Shin fall asleep and Bong Soo used one of his hands to support Young Shin’s head. When they arrived at Young Shin’s father coffee shop, Bong Soo saw that there were some criminal there. Without worries, Young Shin got out of Bong Soo’s car and run towards those criminals happy. They were the men that her father helped after they were released from jail and Young Shin grew up with them. They all love Young Shin.

While Bong Soo assembles the camera, Young Shin explains the abused actress how the interview will be. It’s the first time, Bong Soo uses a camera like that, but he assembles it just fine. His father was good with the machines too so he must take after his father.

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In Bong Soo’s ear, Jo Min Ja, the hacker who is helping him tells him that Moon Ho send them an email in which Moon Ho ordered the Healer to stop having contacts with Young Shin. While Min Ja was reading the mail to him, Young Shin came next to him. Since Bong Soo isn’t the type that does what he is told he touches Young Shin telling her that he is making physical contact with her.

After Young Shin left him, Min Ja asked Jung Hoo if he has some password with Ki Young Jae, because she talked to him earlier and he asked if Jung Hoo likes fresh fruits or chocolate.

When Bong Soo was gathering the equipment, Ki Young Jae called him. He keeps asking Jung Hoo what he likes. He is waiting for Jung Ho at his house, but Jung Hoo should hurry.

Young Jae:”You know a man doesn’t wait for more than five minutes, right?”

Bong Soo wants leave in a hurry, but the man who takes care of Young Shin’s father coffee shop stops him. Young Shin asked him to make something for Bong Soo to eat. Bong Soo gets close to get the package, but when he sees the cakes he realizes why his teacher wants to see him.

Jung Hoo:” It’s my birthday.”

After Bong Soo left, Young Shin received a phone call. It was Kim Moon Ho. He was calling her somewhere saying that he discovered an informant. She just has to go to the address that he said and close her phone. Without thinking Young Shin jumped into the first taxi and went there. The only problem is that on the phone wasn’t Kim Moon Ho.

Kim Moon Ho received a strange phone call. After that phone call he tried to reach Young Shin, but he couldn’t so he contacted the Healer.

Young Shin arrived at the address she was supposed to come. She enters. There is no one there. She enters the elevator and she is going up. Suddenly the elevator stops. Kim Moon Shik’s assistant cut the elevator’s cables. The elevator is going down. Young Shin calls for help, but no one is there.

Scared, Young Shin hears noise and calls for help one more time. The one making the noise is Jung Hoo. He can’t open the elevator so he runs upstairs. Jung Hoo takes a cable, wraps it around him and jumps on the elevator shaft.

Jung Hoo is in the elevator with Young Shin. She wants to lift her head, but Jung Hoo covers her eyes. He puts the cable around Young Shin and they both go up, while the elevator fell. Healer saved Young Shin.

On the roof, Young Shin thanks the Healer for saving her life, but she is also angry at him. She is angry that he risked his life to save her just because Moon Ho paid him.

Jung Hoo wants to leave, but he stops. He never had expectation from anyone, he didn’t care if the others understood him or misunderstood him until now. He doesn’t want Young Shin to misunderstand him. Jung Hoo turns around. He get close to Young Shin and kisses her.

PS: Anyone else noticed that in the beginning when Choi Myung Hee saw Healer it wasn’t Ji Chang Wook? At that moment the Healer was Ji Il Joo, the actor that plays Seo Jung Hoo’s father.

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