“Healer ” ep 9 ~Young Shin:” I thought he would suddenly appear behind me.”

Young Shin lost her phone and the only number she remembers is Bong Soo’s.

Healer’s teacher found out that Young Shin is Oh Gil Han’s daughter.

To protect Young Shin, Moon Ho decided to make her famous.

Episode 9

Kim Moon Ho arrived where Young Shin and Healer are. He comes in running and calling for Ji An. When he sees her, he hugs Young Shin. She is in shock, but still she explains him that she received a phone call from him and when she arrived she entered the elevator, but the elevator was broke. If Healer wouldn’t have come to save her, she would have been dead. Moon Ho takes Young Shin away from that place. He takes her to a place where she will be safe, his house.

After Moon Ho and Young Shin left, Healer calls Min Ja and tells her to check all the surveillance camera in that place, because the person who wanted to kill Young Shin must have been close. When he wants to leave Healer trips, his heartbeat is really fast.

On their way to Moon Ho’s house, Young Shin is still shocked. When she comes to her senses she tells Moon Ho more about the phone call she received. Moon Ho tells her that it wasn’t him the person who called her, but someone used his voice. Someone threatened him and used Young Shin. At Moon Ho’s house, Young Shin asks Moon Ho about the name he called her on the roof. After Moon Ho told her that Oh Ji An was a little girl he knew, Young Shin wants to go home, she is sure that Healer will protect her, Moon Ho doesn’t let her. Moon Ho is sure that if Healer will receive more money from the people who tried to kill Young Shi, then he will stop protecting her.

Leaving Young Shin in his house, Moon Ho goes somewhere. While he calls the elevator he sensed that someone was on the staircase. He goes there, but he can’t see anyone. Moon Ho knows that Healer is there and he thanks him for saving Young Shin. Before leaving, Moon Ho requested Healer that if he will get more money from the other side and decides to work for them to tell him before, since he was a regular client.

Young Shin leaves Moon Ho’s house. She calls the elevator, but she is too scared to get in so she decides to go down the stairs. Healer follows her.

The person Moon Ho went to see is his brother. He knows that the only ones that could hurt Young Shin are his brother or the Elder his brother serves. After threatening his brother, Moon Ho leaves and cry on Myung Hee’s knees.

In his office, Kim Moon Shik asks his right hand man what his did, what was the Elder’s order. While Moon Shik was talking to his secretary, a message came from Min Ja in Healer’s name.

Later Healer’s teacher asks Min Ja to hack into Kim Moon Ho’s email address. Since he knows that Moon Ho requested a DNA test for a female in her 20s, that girl could only be Oh Gil Han and Choi Myung Hee’s daughter, Oh Ji An.

Young Shin is on her way home. Healer follows her. She sees a pay phone, but the only number she remembers is Park Bong Soo’s. Without knowing that Bong Soo is Healer she calls him. He knows that she called because she needs someone to talk to. She talks about the phone she lost, that old thing was her mother’s phone. She also doesn’t want to go home because she is waiting for Healer. She hopes that he will appear behind her.

Young Shin:” I thought he would suddenly appear behind me.”

The same time, Min Ja hacked into Moon Ho’s email. Surprised she tells the teacher that Chae Young Shin is Oh Ji An. For the first time in his life, Jung Hoo has showed interest in a woman and that woman is Young Shin. The only problem is that people say Seo Jun Seok, Jung Hoo’s father, caused an accident and his friend Oh Gil Han, Young Shin’s biological father, died.

The next day, when Young Shin arrived at the office, Moon Ho was waiting for her. He brought her a new phone and he thought of an idea how to protect Young Shin. Moon Ho will make Young Shin a famous reporter, that way she will be safer.

The chance for Young Shin to become famous arrived the same day. The mayor candidate will hold a press conference and Moon Ho is sending Young Shin and Bong Soo there. Bong Soo arrived late. When Young Shin saw him she told him “let’s go to become famous”.

A problem occurred, the press isn’t allowed in. Only the journalists that are on the candidate side are allowed to enter at the press conference. At the room next to the one where the press conference will be is an engagement party so Moon Ho talked to a friend of his designer. The designer dressed Young Shin and Jung Hoo. At first Jung Hoo tried to run away from all those ladies that where undressing, measuring and dressing him, but he couldn’t.

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