“Pride and Prejudice ” ep 18 ~ Dong Chi:”You buried it…the crime that I committed.”

New evidence appeared. An evidence that shows that Dong Chi killed the kidnapper and his father buried it.

Episode 18

The man that confessed to have killed Han Byul, isn’t Han Byul and Kang Soo’s kidnapper, he is the kidnapper twin brother. The real kidnapper died the same time Han Byul’s died. Dong Chi is shocked. He hit the kidnapper while he was trying to save Kang Soo so now he wants to know if he was the one that killed the kidnapper or someone else did it.

Dong Chi goes after Baek Sang Dae, the kidnapper’s brother and tries to convince that man to tell him everything he knew about the day his brother died at the factory, but Baek Sang Dae decided to ignore Dong Chi and he left with Chief Moon.

Later in his office, Dong Chi explains Kang Soo and Yeol Moo what happened. He told them that the kidnapper’s body was found near the factory where Han Byul died. Dong Chi goes at the factory. The police was sent to investigate. While he was talking with the policeman in charge, Dong Chi saw Baek Sang Dae.

Dong Chi and Baek Sang Dae talk. They both have a lot of questions about the kidnapper’s death. While they talk, the policeman calls Dong Chi. The policemen found something that could be used as evidence. Dong Chi picks up the evidence, it’s a whistle he knows. Dong Chi is shocked. The whistle is his father’s whistle. Surprised, Dong Chi goes home to his father.

Dong Chi:”You buried it…the crime that I committed.”

With tear in his eyes, Dong Chi’s father said that the crime that happened at the factory has nothing to do with them and even if he had anything to do with them then it had to do with him not with Dong Chi.

Returned to the office, Dong Chi goes to chief Moon’s office and hands over his ID. Thinking that he killed Kang Soo and Han Byul’s kidnapper, Dong Chi wants to quit his job. Chief Moon hears him out then he tears up Dong Chi’s resignation letter. Even if Dong Chi killed that man, he did it to save himself and a little boy so it was self defense. Chief Moon doesn’t let Dong Chi quit or thing that he is a murderer.

After talking to chief Moon, Dong Chi goes to his office and takes Yeol Moo out for a date. As Yeol Moo wanted they go to the amusement park. In the middle of their date, Kang Soo calls to tell Dong Chi that Song Ah Reum is still alive. She didn’t die as they were thinking.

Kang Soo and Dong Chi went to search for Song Ah Reum. They found her with Baek Sang Dae and Jung Chang Gi. While Dong Chi was fighting Baek San Dae, Kang Soo stopped Jung Chang Gi from driving away with Song Ah Reum with his own body. Song Ah Reum found a moment in which she got away from Jung Chang Gi’s car and tried to run away. Dong Chi runs after her. He caught her and took her to his car. Kang Soo got in the car too and they drove away.

At some moment Dong Chi stopped the car. When Kang Soo went to buy something warm for Song Ah Reum to drink, Song Ah Reum told Dong Chi what she knows that makes those powerful people want to kill her. Song Ah Reum knows who kidnapped and killed Han Byul. But when Dong Chi asked her if she is willing to testify what she knows, Song Ah Reum got scared. She wants to hide for a few days and think if she will testify or not, but she only wants Dong Chi to know where she is.

After taking Song Ah Reum to a safe place, Dong Chi returned in a hurry. Dong Chi’s father surrendered and confessed that he killed the kidnapper at the factory and then he buried it. Dong Chi talked to chief Moon, but chief Moon will release Dong Chi’s father only if Dong Chi hands over Song Ah Reum. A fake witness appeared and confessed that he saw Dong Chi’s father killing the kidnapper.

Dong Chi can’t let his father pay for a crime he thinks he committed and also can’t hand over Song Ah Reum. To save his father, Dong Chi confessed in front of chief Moon, Yeol Moo and Kang Soo that he hit the killed and killed him.

Dong Chi:”I’ll confess! Baek Sang Ki was killed by me! I used a steel pipe as weapon.”

Chief Moon told Yeol Moo to arrest Dong Chi and left. Kang Soo followed chief Moon and lied that he remembered everything so he knows that it wasn’t Dong Chi the one that killed the kidnaper. But there is one problem. Chief Moon knows that Kang Soo is lying because he tries to save Dong Chi. Chief Moon tells Kang Soo to ask Jung Chang Gi for help. Now Jung Chang Gi has more power than him.

Dong Chi:” Han Yeol Moo stop looking at me.”

Form the interrogation room, Dong Chi tells Yeol Moo to go and take care of Kang Soo and Song Ah Reum. Crying Yeol Moo does what Dong Chi asked her to do.

After Yeol Moo left, chief Moon came to Dong Chi with two indictments, one with Dong Chi’s name on it and the other one with Dong Chi’s father name on it. Chief Moon tells Dong Chi that maybe there is someone else who is the killer. Maybe neither Dong Chi or his father killed the kidnapper, maybe someone else was there too. If Dong Chi sign the indictment with his father’s name on it, then Dong Chi can catch the real killer. If Dong Chi signs the indictment with his name on it, then he will be in jail while Yeol Moo, an mare apprentice, and she isn’t ready to catch a criminal in a week.

Dong Chi:”There is no need to be conflicted since I’m the real criminal.”

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