“Healer ” ep 10 ~Jong Hoo:” My father was a murdered and I’m…a thief!”

Bong Soo confesses his feelings for Young Shin, but she rejects him. Going home, Jong Hoo met his teacher who told him everything about his father.


Episode 10

The mayor candidate is holding a press conference, but only the journalists that are on the guest list can enter. The room next door is holding an engagement party. Disguised as rich people and pretending that they are the groom’s cousins, Jung Hoo and Young Shin could enter. Also Lee Joong Soo, disguised as a waiter managed to get in. The three reporters from Someday News enter the restroom to prepare their equipment.

Because Min Ja kept calling him, Jung Hoo closed himself in the bathroom and answered her. She called to tell him that there are some people taking pictures of Young Shin and the people around her. They even have Bong Soo’s picture.

At the press conference Young Shin has to grab the chance and ask a question about the abused woman that is living at her house. They only needed a few seconds. The mayor candidate doesn’t have to answer the question, it’s enough that the question was asked in front of so many cameras. While Young Shin and Jung Hoo are chased out, Kim Moon Ho will keep talking about that case from their studio. After introducing the news, Moon Ho also let everyone hear the interview with the bused woman, of course that woman’s voice was covered.

While they were listening Moon Ho’s life, both Young Shin and Joong Soo are impressed. The only one that isn’t impressed is Bong Soo. When they are about to leave, Moon Ho calls Young Shin. Looking at how happy Young Shin is to talk with Moon Ho, Jong Hoo is jealous.

When they are leaving, Jong Hoo sees a car following them. He gave Young Shin a pair of boots to change because she can’t really walk with high heels. The car keeps following them. A truck shoved between the two cars and Jong Hoo grabs that chance to get rid of the car that is following them. When the follower’s car lost them, Jong Hoo takes Young Shin with him and lets Jong Soo going with the car. The followers found them and they keep following Jong Soo.

Left alone with Bong Soo, Young Shin asks him why he dragged her out of the car.

Jong Hoo:” Let’s go out to eat.”

Young Shin felt awkward with Jong Soo so she accepts Bong Soo’s invitation. For the first time since they’ve met, Bong Soo took Young Shin’s hand and took the initiative. Bong Soo took Young Shin to his secret place, the place from where he can look at people without them seeing him. To get there they have to take the elevator. But Young Shin can’t step in an elevator yet, she is still scared.

Jong Hoo:” I like looking at people from high up.”

Young Shin got in the elevator, but she is scared. She keeps her eyes closed. When he sees her, Jong Hoo goes nest to her. Feeling that Jong Hoo is close by, Young Shin grabbed his hand and held him tight.

Upstairs the door is closed. Young Shin takes a hair pin from her head and opens the door like a thief.

Young Shin:” If you tell anyone else about this you’ll die.”

On the rooftop they sit on a sofa in front of a fire. Because Bong Soo is the one the listens to her problems every time, today Young Shin decided to listen to him story. Bong Soo confesses that he has feelings for her.

Bong Soo:” If the person you’re waiting for doesn’t come, can’t you just stay beside me like this? If you want, I can live the way you want me to.”

Surprised Young Shin tells him that she can’t accept his feeling for now. There is someone in her heart.

When he arrived home, Jong Hoo met Ki Young Jae. His teacher was waiting for him at the house. He came to answer Jong Hoo’s questions. Jong Hoo doesn’t have a reason to live. He thinks that if he knew why his father died maybe that will give him a reason to live.

Jong Hoo:” My father…why did he commit suicide?”

Jong Hoo’s father, Seo Joon Seok, was a reporter. While he was investigating he discovered some money and because of that money someone died. While he was in prison, Ki Young Jae read in the papers that reporter Seo Joon Seok killed someone and committed suicide, but he never believed it.

Jong Hoo:” My father was a murdered and I’m…a thief!”

Ki Young Jae told Jong Hoo, after he calmed down a little, that Joon Seok wasn’t someone who could kill another person. So before he react like that, Jong Hoo has to discover the truth.

Ki Young Jae:”If you’re going crazy like that, find out about it properly…who killed your father.”

Then Young Jae told Jong Hoo about the sixth person, the one who took the photo, Kim Moon Ho. Jong Hoo, dressed as Healer, goes to Moon Ho’s house and finds a notebook, “1981 May- Healer- Nursing Chapter.”

The same time, Kim Moon Ho is leaving the office. He knocks the bags with Bong Soo and Young’s clothes. Form Bong Soo’s clothes Young Shin’s broken phone came out.

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