“Pride and Prejudice ” ep 19 ~ Kang Soo:”Please save me.”

Dong Chi, Yeol Moo and Kang Soo are closer to the truth. They keep investigating what happened the day Han Byul died.

During the investigation, a car hit Kang Soo and Jung Chang Gi. Trapped in the car, scared, Kang Soo begins to remember the day he was kidnapped. The same person who took him out of the car that day came to save him now.

Episode 19

Dong Chi had to make a decision so he signed both indictments. With both indictments signed chief Moon can’t hand over any of the indictments and also both Dong Chi and his father changed their testimony. Both Dong Chi and his father changed their testimony saying that they neither of them killed the kidnapper. Chief Moon has to let go Dong Chi and his father, he doesn’t have enough evidence to arrest them. But chief Moon can’t let Dong Chi go. He called the policemen and told them to confine Dong Chi. Only chief Moon can see Dong Chi from now on.

Because she can’t let Dong Chi being arrested, Yeol Moo asked chief Moon to give her 5 minutes to try and convince Dong Chi to say where Song Ah Reum is. But he didn’t say anything. Dong Chi keeps insisting that the prosecutors don’t have enough evidence against him so he lets them arrest him. Dong Chi must have a plan. But of course, the fool Yeol Moo doesn’t see what is in front of her eyes and she doesn’t trust Dong Chi so she submitted cancellation of prosecution. She submitted an indictment that cancels chief Moon’s indictment. Dong Chi is released and she will receive disciplinary action.

Yeol Moo returns to the office where Dong Chi is waiting for her angry. He can’t understand why she risked her carrier. But Dong Chi calmed down soon. He tells Yeol Moo about the whistle that was found near the kidnapper’s body and that is why he thinks that he is the one that killed the kidnapper and his father buried the body to protect him. Also Dong Chi told Yeol Moo that chief Moon said that someone else was there too so maybe the tired person is the one that killed the kidnapper.

Later Dong Chi goes to chief Moon’s office. He understood what chief Moon was doing when he confined Dong Chi. Chief Moon was trying to save his life. Chief Moon didn’t want to find Song Ah Reum, he was trying to keep Dong Chi confined inside so no one could follow him and find Song Ah Reum or kill Dong Chi.

Dong Chi:”If I do my job and you do yours then I won’t die.”

Kang Soo heard Park Soon Bae, the gangster, saying that he found Song Ah Reum. He calls Dong Chi and they both went to pick up Song Ah Reum and move her to a safer place. When they arrived they saw that they were followed. Park Soon Bae’s gangsters followed them. Dong Chi and Kang Soo run away. While they were running they split. Dong Chi got rid of the gangsters that where following him. He entered a store. Dong Chi knows the owner. The store owner helped Dong Chi move Song Ah Reum. Now that he knows that Song Ah Reum is safe, Dong Chi calls Kang Soo. He was caught by the gangsters that followed him. Dong Chi rushes over. He fights the gangsters, but they are too many. While the gangsters where hitting Dong Chi and Kang Soo the police arrived.

Yoo Dae Gi:”Did you ever see the police come so quickly? We came very quickly.”

The gangsters were arrested. The prosecutor in charge of them is the team ace, Lee Jang Won. Even if he is a little scared of them, Kwang Mi makes sure that Jang Won gets the gangsters to confess. The same time chief Moon is interrogating Park Soon Bae. He pretends that he doesn’t remember anything, but that is okay, chief Moon and investigator Yoo Dae Gi remember everything that Park Soon Bae did.

In his office, Dong Chi explains Yeol Moo and Kang Soo how their investigation will go. They will investigate on three directions.

Dong Chi:”I didn’t commit arson. That’s for sure.”

Yeol Moo sent a picture of her father to the policewoman that took the evidence of Han Byul’s case. That policewoman didn’t recognize Yeol Moo’s father as the man who came to pick up the necktie pin after Han Byul’s death.

Lee Jang Won investigated the necktie pin. At first they believed that the necktie pin was the same design for all the special prosecution unit, but Jang Won found out that the necktie pin that was found at the factory was unique. Even if chief Moon wore that necktie pin in the picture of the special prosecution unit, that necktie pin wasn’t his. That necktie pin’s owner is Park Man Geun, the man who Song Ah Reum heart saying that he killed a child. No one knows Park Man Geun’s face, except for Song Ah Reum and that is why those gangsters were trying to kill her.

Dong Chi plans to make Song Ah Reum tell everything she knows at a press conference. To be able to protect Song Ah Reum, his father and himself, Dong Chi has to arrest Park Man Geum. He called Jung Chang Gi in chief Moon’s office and he asked them both to give him a picture of Park Man Geum.

While he was leaving, Jung Chang Gi met Kang Soo at the elevator. Kang Soo asked him to help Dong Chi. Jung Chang Gi tried to pay back for his crimes by standing next to Kang Soo for 10 years, but Dong Chi and Yeol Moo were also hurt by what happened at the factory when Han Byul died.

When Kang Soo entered his office, Dong Chi received a text message form Jung Chang Gi in which Jung Chang Gi was telling him to meet up in an hour. Because Song Ah Reum disappeared, Dong Chi sent Kang Soo to meet Jung Chang Gi.

After Jung Chang Gi gave Kang Soo an envelope with Park Man Geun’s face, a car hit them. Jung Chang Gi is unconscious and Kang Soo is hurt. Kang Soo wants to get out, but he can’t.

Kang Soo:”Please get me out of here. Please save me.”

Scared Kang Soo screams for help. Memories from the past come to his mind. There are memories from when Kang Soo and Han Byul were kidnapped and trapped in a car’s trunk. Suddenly someone came to save Kang Soo. It’s the same person who came to save him 15 years ago when he was a child. That person is Moon Hee Man.

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