“Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 1 ~ “You can take you jacket off and bring it to me slowly.”

Cha Do Hyun, a man that survived a lot of tragedies during childhood is now suffering from multiple personalities disorder, returns to Korea and met psychiatrist Oh Ri Jin. Do Hyun has seven different personalities.

For those how don’t know the man that is fighting Se Gi at the end of episode 1 he is comedian Jo Yoon Ho form KBS show “Gag Concert”.

Episode 1

Do Hyun is a third generation billionaire who is studying in America. He is good at everything and he can’t say no when someone asks for his help. One day one of his classmates asked Do Hyun to give something to another classmate who missed school for several days. When he arrived at his classmate house, Do Hyun heard noise and entered. His classmate was beaten up by her father. Do Hyun tried to help her, but his classmate’s father beat him too. The neighbors called the police, but when they arrived Do Hyun’s classmate, scared of her father, accused Do Hyun of beating her. While he was beaten up, fragments of Do Hyun’s past come to his mind.

After the police let him go, Do Hyun arrived home. He isn’t feeling alright and wants to get some pills, but he can’t. Do Hyun faints and suddenly he wakes up, but it’s not Do Hyun, it’s one of his multiple personalities. He goes and beats his classmate father.

12 years later, because of his multiple personalities disorder, Do Hyun finds himself is places he doesn’t recognize, people that he doesn’t know recognize him and talk to him on the street and of course he has to deal with the consequences of the things his multiple personalities did.

Do Hyun’s family called him back to Korea, but he can’t return before finishing his treatment. He can’t return to Korean with monsters living inside him. Do Hyun wakes up. He is in a plane. One of his other personalities took over, sent his belongings to Korea and got him in a plane. When Do Hyun woke up, the plane was landing in Korea.

When the plane landed, the first thing Do Hyun wants t do is to get on the first plane that leaves. He tries to reserve a fight ticket, but he sees the men his grandmother sent to pick him up. Suddenly a strange woman comes towards Do Hyun telling him to come out. She is furious. He thinks that that woman met one of his multiple personalities, but the woman wasn’t talking to Do Hyun. Behind Do Hyun a young man was hiding. That man is her twin brother that always gets her into trouble. The strange angry woman is psychiatrist Oh Ri Jin.

Do Hyun’s first trip is to his grandmother’s house. Shin Se Gi, one of Do Hyun’s personalities, the aggressive one, sent a video to his grandmother saying that Do Hyun will return to Korean only if he will become the president on the family’s company. Also Se Gi asked for stock shares and a house for Do Hyun.

Later that night Do Hyun meets Ki Joon at a club. While he was left alone, a woman came to Do Hyun. Oh Ri Jin follows that woman. She is Ri Jin’s patient who ran away from the hospital. The ran away patient lied Do Hyun that she is doctor and Ri Jin is her patient. Trying to help patient, Do Hyun stopped Ri Jin. While trying to get away from Do Hyun, Ri Jin hit Do Hyun. Scared, Do Hyun runs and locked himself in the toilette. When he woke up, it wasn’t Do Hyun anymore, it was Se Gi. He didn’t licked Do Hyun’s clothes so he took the clothes of the man who was putting some makeup on.

Ri Jin caught the ran away patient and put her in the ambulance then she returned to see if Do Hyun is alright. Since he is wearing other clothes now, she didn’t recognized him until Se Gi grabbed her hand.

Shin Se Gi:” January 7th, 2005 and 10 o’clock…the time I fell for you.”

Thinking that Se Gi is a man that likes rough woman, Ri Jin laughs and apologize for not accepting his feelings and turns around to leave. Suddenly motorcyclists surrounded her and Se Gi. They are the man from the restroom friends.

Jo Yoon Ho:” Take it off! You can take you jacket off and bring it to me slowly.”

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10 Responses to “Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 1 ~ “You can take you jacket off and bring it to me slowly.”

  1. At last one drama we’re watching matches and well done! I enjoyed the first two eps more than i expected actually! The whole multi-scene inside the club from the moment Seul Gi appears up to the very end of the episode is awesome! The part with the clock when he said that it is the time he fell for her was so moving! And of course Origin’s thoughts before the fight begins whether these are lines from an erotic or bromance movie xD Do i have to say that i love Origin’s expressions? *.* Her smile when the patient arrives at the hospital and when she finds Seul Gi is not a sane person’s smile xD

    • lemonmirae says:

      Reaaly? Finally the drama’s we’re watching matches, hopefully won’t be the only one :D.
      The part from the club, from when Seul Gi appears until the end, it’s funny, but i also think it’s funny the part from the airport, when Ri On hides behind Do Hyun and Do Hyun thinks that Ri Jin is angry at him :d

      • Which ones are you planning to watch? Shine or Go Crazy maybe? I’m thinking of watching it even though i’m not in the mood for Sageuk now. I’m thinking of watching My Heart Twinkle Twinkle because of the 3 beauties, BSB who is a really good actor and the interesting script. Also, Lee Joon’s forthcoming drama seems intriguing, i want to see how he will progress after Mr. Back.

        Seul Gi was awesome 😀 Yeah! In the beginning i thought she was angry at Do Hyun, but then i saw Orion and it made perfect sense xD

      • lemonmirae says:

        I’m planing to watch “Spy”, “My Heart Twinkle Twinkle”, “Shine or Go Crazy” ( but i don;t think i’m going to write the recaps because i don;t have much time) and “Hyde, Jekyll and I” which i’m planing to make the recap for.
        About Lee Joon, i always thought that he is a better actor then singer. 😀

      • Even if you had the time, it would be tough to write for all of them XD And recaps take more time than expected O.O It’s a pleasantly frightening experience 😛 I haven’t invested much in his singing abilities, but his acting future feels bright!

      • lemonmirae says:

        Yeah, his acting has a bright future 😀
        which one of this dramas are you planing to watch?

      • Heard it as a Rumor, it starts on the 23rd of February!

      • lemonmirae says:

        yeah, i heard. can;t wait 😀

      • You heard it as a rumor, right? 😀

      • lemonmirae says:

        actually i read it 😀 it’s on dramawiki

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