“It’s Okay, Roommate ” ep 14 ~ Bam Bam:” Isn’t he a drama person?”

Roommate family gave briquettes to the elders. They invited their friends for help.

When they finished Dong Wook, Jackson, Kang Joon and Se Ho went to the bathhouse.

Episode 14

Winter has come. Outside is frizzing and it’s snowing. Lee Dong Wook and Jo Se Ho went to distribute 1400 briquettes to the elders to keep them worm during winter. Each briquette weights 3,5 kg. They thought it will be easy, but since it’s harder than they thought, Dong Wook and Se Ho decide to call the roommate family for help.

When the rest of the roommate family arrived, warmly dressed, they split into teams. Kang Joon, Jackson, Se Ho each carry 12 briquettes, which is around 40 kg and Dong Wook carries around 28 kg of briquettes. The girls support them from behind.

The roommate members are working hard, but there are still a lot of briquettes to carry so they decide to call for more help. Kang Joon calls his 5urprise members and Jackson calls his GOT7 members. Both of them tell their members that the roommate family is having a barbeque party. Since all of Young Ji’s members are girls and they can’t carry, Young Ji just put to work her managers.

The guests arrived. Since they were invited for a barbeque party, the GOT7 members arrived wearing thin clothes, especially Bam Bam. The poor kid still thinks that he came for a barbeque party. When Se Ho asked him if he knows Dong Wook, Bam Bam said that he know that “drama person.” So the GOT7 members describe everyone as “person”. Jackson did the same thing with Dong Wook the first time they met.

Bam Bam:” Isn’t he a drama person?”

Se Ho puts the briquettes on Bam Bam’s back. He is wearing thin clothes and he is really skinny. Dong Wook holds Bam Bam’s hand and doesn’t let the poor little one carry more than 6 briquettes. Dong Wook is really worried that Bam Bam could fell and hurt himself. Dong Wook would be more comfortable if he will carry the briquettes instead of Bam Bam.

On his way, Bam Bam met Young Ji and asked her to hold his hand and to smile at him.

It’s time to have a small break. One of the grandmothers they are giving briquettes prepared lunch for them.

The briquettes distribution is finished. The guests are gone. Because they are cold and dirty, Se Ho, Kang Joon, Jackson and Dong Wook went t take a bath at a public bathhouse. Except for Se Ho, the other three roommate members are embarrassed to take their clothes off in front of the camera. Since they are filmed Jackson and Kang Joon are pumping up their muscles.

The cameraman’s filmed the differences between the way Jackson washes and the way Kang Joon washes. Jackson brushes his teeth fiercely, his hands are almost invisible when he washes his face and he washes his hair as if he’s pulling his hair out. Meanwhile Kang Joon washes his hair as if he’s massaging it, he’s particulate even about rinsing the shampoo…because he is special. Then they get in the bathtub next to Dong Wook and Se Ho. The four men play in the water.

Thoughts: Dear Roommate producers, next time you invite 5urprise members please make sure to show their faces. The only 5urprise member that I could see, except Seo Kang Joon who is a regular roommate member, was Yoo Il and that was for an ENTIRE half a second!!!!!! Thank you!

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