“We Got Married ” ep 16 ( WGM ep 253) ~ Jae Rim’s proposal for So Eun!

Turkey trip continues. They’ve prepared presents for each other.

Jae Rim proposed to So Eun with a serenade.

Episode 16

Turkey food tour with Jae Rim and So Eun continues. This time the newlyweds bought ice-cream. They sit down, while eating their ice-cream, to decide from which store to buy kompir. A friendly Turkish guy was smiling and waving at them so they decide to buy from him, but he wasn’t selling kompir so they moved to another store. Even if they brought the ice-cream for the both of them, Jae Rim, who is on diet, ends up eating it all. So Eun only tasted it, maybe she was afraid of gaining weight. They brought their kompir and sit down to eat it. While they were eating two stray cats approach them. Because the cats keep looking at them, Jae Rim wants to give them sausages from their kompir. The sausages are salty so Jae Rim puts the sausages in his mouth, sucks the saltiness and gives it to the cats.

Jae Rim:”Potato and cheese is the best combination…just like you and me.”

After eating street food all day, Jae Rim and So Eun went to drink some Turkish beer at night. So Eun is thankful that Jae Rim came with her to Turkey even if he is having a hard time.

Jae Rim:” It’s obvious the thread follows the needle.”

Because she is thankful, So Eun prepared a present for Jae Rim. She hands him an envelope. Jae Rim opens the envelope, inside there were few coupons made by So Eun. He lost his words. On that coupons are written all the things he hates: bungee jumping, ride the Viking, skydiving, hot air balloon, tame your temper, one day Kim submissive use. Jae Rim can’t hide his disappointment, So Eun wrote down all the things he is scared off. Suddenly So Eun gets up and returns with a cake, singing “Happy Marriage” to Jae Rim. While she teases Jae Rim with the coupons, So Eun sings the waiter and he came with the real present. The real present So Eun brought Jae Rim was a couple perfume with a unisex scent.

It’s 4:30 am. So Eun and Jae Rim are at the airport. They are going to visit Pamukkale. When they arrived a guide explained to them the history of Pamukkale. The couple arrived at the amphitheater. It’s impressively huge. Impressed by the amphitheater’s beauty they take pictures of each other. After they took picture of each other Jae Rim proposed to So Eun. He prepared an event for her. He took picture with the two of them since the day they’ve met and matched them with the lyrics of the song he was singing.

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