“Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 2 ~ Se Gi:” Remember my eyes!”

Se Gi tried to kill Do Hyun’s psychiatrist, but Do Hyun came to surface and the doctor survived. Because Se Gi is getting stronger, Do Hyun made a plan to keep control of his life.

While everything was going alright, Do Hyun received a phone call. The phone call was from Se Gi. Something happened to Ri Jin and Se Gi has to come back. But Se Gi didn’t came back, the personality that came to surface is Perry Park.

Episode 2

After beating up his “new friends”, Se Gi turns and goes to Ri Jin. Scared Ri Jin tells him that she doesn’t like aggressive men, but Se Gi is obsessed. He keeps saying that she called him from a long time ago and that she doesn’t have to like him because it’s enough that he likes her.

Ri Jin managed to run away from Se Gi. She is scared to death. She gets into the first taxi she sees and goes away. Suddenly the taxi driver said that someone is following them. Se Gi took a motorcycle and followed Ri Jin until the hospital she is working for. In front of the hospital Ri Jin tries one more time to run away from Se Gi, but he caught her saying that she has to play with him now. Even if Ri Jin said that she is busy and she can’t, Se Gi told her that he is different because he doesn’t know how much time he has.

Se Gi:” I don’t know when I’m going to appear again.”

Seeing that Se Gi is bleeding, Ri Jin took him to her office to look at his wounds. While she is cleaning his wound, Se Gi sees that Ri Jin is a psychiatrist, which is not good for him. He takes her phone and saves his number. Then Se Gi told Ri Jin that there is another man with the same face, but different name and that man is a face.

Se Gi:” Remember my eyes!”

Se Gi keeps following Ri Jin around the hospital. She sees a co worker and goes to him. When the co worker was scolding Ri Jin, Se Gi aggressively said that he needs to take Ri Jin out or a while.

While Ri Jin was changing her clothes, secretary Ahn called Do Hyun to say that he found Do Hyun’s psychiatrist. Pretending to be Do Hyun, Se Gi answered and found out that he is in the same hospital where the doctor is. Se Gi enters the doctor’s office. He wants that doctor to tell Do Hyun to stop his treatment and to stop trying to get rid of all his other personalities. But when the doctor said that Se Gi and the others are created because of Cha Do Hyun’s defense mechanism, Se Gi tried to kill the doctor. Before Se Gi got to kill the doctor Do Hyun came to surface.

Hearing from the doctor that Se Gi found his first love, Do Hyun leaves in a hurry. He thinks that Se Gi’s first love is his own first love, Chae Yun. Violent personalities like Se Gi can confound violence and obsession with love and then the person that caught their attention could be in danger. While he was running towards Chae Yun, Do Hyun met Ri Jin. But Do Hyun can’t remember that Se Gi planned to meet up with Ri Jin, Do Hyun doesn’t know that Se Gi’s first love is Ri Jin.

After her meeting with Do Hyun, Ri Jin thought that Se Gi played with her. He seemed to like her and invited her for a date, but now he pretends that he doesn’t know her.

Since Se Gi is getting stronger there is no use for Do Hyun to return to America, he will stay in Korea and fight his other personality, Shin Se Gi. Do Hyun’s goal is the meeting form his family’s company that will be in three month. For everything to be alright at that meeting nothing has to happen to Do Hyun in these three months. Do Hyun needs to have a plan. For that he has to have the newest technology, to watch and control Se Gi.

Do Hyun wakes up every morning at the same hour every day. While he sleeps, Do Hyun locks himself in the house. Because the other personalities appear when he is stressed, Do Hyun got a room where he can exercise every day. The last thing on Do Hyun’s plan list to keep his other personalities quiet is to have a secret psychiatrist. Since Se Gi attacked his doctor, Do Hyun has to finds another doctor.

At the hospital, everyone is laughing of Ri Jin. For the first time in her life she got a man and that man abandoned her after few hours. The cleaning lady’s found Se Gi’s jacket and one of the doctors give it to Ri Jin. She calls Se Gi’s number to return the jacket, but no one answers.

It’s Ri Jin’s day off and she goes home. Her mother sends Ri Jin to call her brother, but he isn’t in his room. Ri Jin sees a wall and wants to look behind it. There is a picture there. She moves the wall and she is about to see the picture, it’s a picture with Cha Do Hyun, but Ri On came in and stopped her. The whole family is having fun during the family barbeque, but when Ri On talks about Jekyll and Hyde, Ri Jin remembers Se Gi’s eyes and Do Hyun’s eyes. She remembers what Se Gi told her, that there is another one with the same face, but different name so she should remember his eyes. That night Ri Jin realized that Se Gi’s eyes are different from Do Hyun’s eyes.

Nothing happened to Do Hyun for few days. He thinks that he is ready to start working at the family company. Left alone, with Do Hyun, Ki Joon said that he saw Do Hyun leaving the club. What Ki Joon doesn’t know is that on that day he saw Se Gi.

While she was coming to work, Ri Jin was kidnapped by the man whose jacket Se Gi took. Using Ri Jin’s phone that man calls Se Gi. Do Hyun answered, but he doesn’t understand what is going on and he doesn’t know who Oh Ri Jin is.

Realizing that Se Gi did something again and that someone could get hurt, Do Hyun goes home to look for the jacked, but he can’t find it. To be able to save Ri Jin, Do Hyun asked secretary Ahn to hit him. Every time Do Hyun is hurt, Se Gi comes out. Because it’s an order from his superior, secretary Ahn hits Do Hyun. One of Do Hyun’s personalities are out, but it’s not Shin Se Gi, it Perry Park.

Question: Why every time Do Hyun becomes Shin Se Gi he has a tattoo on his neck, but when he is himself or the others the tattoo is gone?

                 Anyone noticed that when Se Gi wears it the jacket is black, but when Ri Jin’s father wears it the jacket is brown? Did she took the wrong jacked after throwing it in the hospital or they didn’t find a black jacket that could fit the actor that is playing Ri Jin’s father?

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6 Responses to “Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 2 ~ Se Gi:” Remember my eyes!”

  1. I’ll say it again, i really love the line-part in your titles! It gives soul to a generic title with a key line from the drama! Isn’t Origin and Orion’s family one of a kind? They’re chincha nuts and awesome! Origin takes after her mother and Orion after his father as characters 😀 About your question, i guess it has to do with the comic-like aesthetic the drama has, they treat Do Hyun’s disorder with a supernatural tone and the tattoo is a characteristic only Se Gi has, that’s how i personally see it, don’t know if i helped 😛 HAHAHA! Hadn’t noticed the difference on the leather jackets! Good thing is i had taken screenshots to work on reviews, otherwise i’d be a bit bored to find the scenes xD And i just checked and you’re right! They probably couldn’t find the right size but it’s so lol they didn’t fix one leather jacket with these tiny spikes, it’s not that hard, punks do it every day on their own haha, they were either bored or didn’t think YOU would notice it, henceforth more of us that would read your opinion 😛

    • lemonmirae says:

      Well i wanted to put a title at every post and i didn’t know what to put so i decided to just take one of the lines i liked the most form every episode :D. Yeah the family is original :)) and Ri Jin and her mother are so noisy :)).
      About the jackets, first i thought that Ri Jin took another jacket from the trash at the hospital after she called Se Gi, but when her father was dressed with that jacked it had blood stains so it got me a little confused.
      About Se Gi’s tattoo,that it’s not the only characteristic Se Gi has. Don’t know if you noticed, but every time Se Gi appears he moves his finger.:P

      • Yush! Soooo noisy! And the father that makes beer is awesome too, i want that barrel beer-making whatever-it-is thingie!

        Yup, there’s the blood factor that betrays that it’s the “same” as DH and the bathroom guy’s, but they messed it up a bit with the slightly different color that you found out xD
        Yep, the finger tapping is another characteristic! And when secretary Ahn punched hi i was waiting for the fingers to move, but they didn’t and it was the bomber’s turn 😛

      • lemonmirae says:

        Was kind funny the first slap secretary Ahn gave Do Hyun, he barely touched Do Hyun 😛
        By the way have you noticed that Perry Park has the same hand gesture as Oh Ri On?

      • Yeah, secretary Ahn tried so hard to achieve a powerful blow 😛 Maybe it wasn’t strong enough to bring Se Gi to the surface and that’s why Perry came 😛
        Same hand gesture? :O

      • lemonmirae says:

        It’s quite uncomfortable to hit the man that pays your salary every month 😀

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