“Healer ” ep 11 ~ Jeong Hoo:” I’m my father’s immediate family.”

Healer revealed himself to Moon Ho. Knowing who Healer is, Moon Ho tells him everything about his father and his other friends.

Healer and Moon Ho start investigating together Seo Joon Seok’s death.

Episode 11

Moon Ho saw Young Shin’s phone in Park Bong Soo’s clothes.

When he arrived home, Moon Ho saw that someone searched around his house. Someone calls him. It’s number he doesn’t know. Moon Ho answers and the caller is Healer. The Healer never calls anyone, but this time he has something to ask Moon Ho face to face. Healer turned off the light. Moon Ho turns around. Healer is there, but it’s too dark to see his face. Healer asks Moon Ho about the picture Moon Ho has, in which Healer saw his father. Moon Ho will tell Healer everything he wants to know, but Moon Ho has a condition he wants to see Healer’s face. Kim Moon Ho takes from his pocked Young Shin’s phone and shows it to Healer, calling him Park Bong Soo.

Healer turns on the light, he gets close to Moon Ho and reveals his face. Seeing Healers face and knowing that Healer wants to know about Seo Joon Seok, Moon Ho remembers that Myung Hee told him about a thief that looked like her old friend Joon Seok. Moon Ho now realized that the Healer is Seo Joon Seok’s son, Seo Jung Hoo. To get Jung Hoo’s attention, Moon Ho asks him about Moru Moru island, an island that Moon Ho was using to keep quiet Jung Hoo and Ji Ahn when he had to take care of them.

So does that mean that because of Moru Moru island was Healer obsessed with buying a deserted island and move there?

The next day, when Young Shin arrived at the office everyone was agitated. The CEO of the entertainment agency that was beating up his actresses committed suicide. Young Shin tries to talk to Bong Soo like she always was, but he was avoiding her. Moon Ho was always placing Young Shi and Bong Soo in the same team, but now he sends Young Shin on the field with Jong Soo while he, Moon Ho goes out with Bong Soo. Shocked that Bong Soo in avoiding her since she rejected his conversion, Young Shin is also surprised that suddenly Bong Soo and Moon Ho are close.

Moon Ho took Jong Hoo to the junkyard where the five friends use to meet. He tries to get close to Jeong Hoo, but Jeong Hoo rejects him. Jeong Hoo can’t trust Moon Ho yet.

One day Gil Han and Joon Seok came to see Moon Shik. The year they died, Gil Han and Joon Seok were famous journalists. They were investigation about some slush found and they needed a car. Gil Han and Joon Seok told Moon Shik what they knew until that day and asked them to borrow them a car. Also they asked Moon Shik to drive that car. So the three friends got in the car and left. Then the accident occurred. In that accident Gil Han died and Joon Seok was arrested for killing his friend. Before he got a chance to clear his name, Joon Seok died.

After he became a reporter, Moon Ho tried to investigate Gil Han’s and Joon Seok’s dead, but every time he was stopped. Now Moon Ho gave everything he could investigate about those two friend’s deaths to Jeong Hoo. While Jeong Hoo was leaving, Moon Ho was looking at him and seeing Joon Seok walking next to Jeon Hoo.

Young Shin sent an email to Healer. She wants to go on a date with him, they will not talk and she will cover her eyes. She just wants to know that he is close by, always watching her from behind.

The day they are supposed to meet, Young Shin gets ready, she wears nice clothes and she even wears makeup. Young Shin walks alone and eats alone, imagining that Healer is next to her. Then Young Shin waited for him at the theater until an employee asked her to leave because it’s closing time. Suddenly she hears the door and returns. Young Shin enters the theater and she sees a candle path. She fallows that path. Healer prepared for her a doll. They will watch a movie together, even if they will not sit next to each other.

The movie ended and the lights are on. It’s time for Young Shin to leave. Suddenly Healer grabbed her hand. He can’t let her leave like that.

Young Shin comes to work and the first thing she does is to look for Bong Soo, but he is not there. Moon Ho is helping Jeong Hoo to investigate his father’s dead and to clear his name. While he is on the phone with Min Ja and Moon Ho, Jeong Hoo disguised went to search for his father’s testimony of the accident at the police station. But he couldn’t find anything. In the security room there was nothing related to Seo Joon Seok.

The police gives everything related to the case to the immediate family and Jeong Hoo is Seo Joon Seok’s immediate family. Taking another disguise, Jeong Hoo requests everything related to his father using his real name Seo Jeong Hoo.

After Jeong Hoo requested the documents some men came and took him to an interrogation room.

Jeong Hoo:” I’m my father’s immediate family.”



Thought: When did Healer had time to make the candle path and prepare everything? There were only few seconds from when Young Shin was asked to leave and the moment she heard the door moving…

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