“Pride and Prejudice ” ep 20 ~ Dong Chi:”Yeol Moo, Han Byul…was alive!”

Chief Moon saves Kang Soo, whose memory is starting to come back. The prosecution team knows who Park Man Geun is and they are trying to find evidence to prosecute him, but Park Man Geun threatened them.

Episode 20

Jung Chang Gi is helping Dong Chi. They will meet in secret and Jung Chang Gi will give Dong Chi a picture of Park Man Geun. While Dong Chi and Kang Soo were leaving for their meeting with Jung Chang Chi, in front of the prosecution office they’ve met Song Ah Reum. She is too scared to wait for them so she came at their office. Dong Chi sends Kang Soo to meet Jung Chang Gi and get Park Man Geun’s picture, while he will stay with Song Ah Reum.

Song Ah Reum is too scared. She wants Dong Chi to help her leave the country. While looking around Dong Chi’s office, Song Ah drops her tea cup. She saw a picture with Park Man Geun on Dong Chi’s wall. The Park Man Geun that Song Ah Reum recognized is Dong Chi’s friend, prosecutor Choi Gwang Gook. Out of shock Dong Chi runs to the restroom to throw up. He trust prosecutor Choi, he asked for his help and he even told prosecutor Choi details about the case.

Meanwhile at the secret meeting, after Jung Chang Gi gave Kang Soo a picture with Park Man Geun a car suddenly came towards them. That car’s driver’s mission was to kill the traitor Jung Chang Gi. Scared Kang Soo screams for help. Jung Chang Gi is unconscious. Fragments of Kang Soo’s memory came back. Someone is signing Kang Soo to turn his face. Chief Moon came to save Kang Soo and Jung Chang Gi. When he saw chief Moon saving him from that car, Kang Soo remembered that in the day he was kidnapped, chief Moon locked him the trunk.

Jung Chang Gi is badly hurt. He is in surgery. Kang Soo is sleeping and he dreams about the day he was kidnapped. He remembers being in a trunk with another child. He is scared and wants to hold his robot. There is someone else there with him. The boy holds the other boy’s hands. Scared Kang Soo woken up. Next to him was Dong Chi. Kang Soo told Dong Chi what he remembered about chief Moon.

Later Dong Chi asks chief Moon about what Kang Soo remembered. The day Kang Soo was kidnapped, chief Moon met the kidnaper by accident. He heard noise in the kidnaper’s trunk and opened it. When he saw the little boy chief Moon wanted to get him out of there, but the others prosecutors from the special unit arrived so he put the boy back and told the kidnapper to take the boy to the hospital. What chief Moon didn’t know at that moment was that there were two children in that car trunk. Closing the trunk and letting the boy in was the only way to same him at that moment. But at that moment chief Moon didn’t know that Park Man Geun was prosecutor Choi and prosecutor Choi followed chief Moon in order to find the boy.

Dong Chi calls the whole team in the conference room. From now on they will focus on Han Byul’s case. There isn’t much time before the statute of limitation expires and he has to catch Park Man Geun until then. Dong Chi tells everyone all the things related to this case, including the fact that he was the witness who tried to save Han Byul.

Baek Sang Dae was called for interrogation. If Baek Sang Dae had the note in which his brother, the kidnapper, was asked to kill the child, then maybe he knows more about what happened there.

Someone calls Dong Chi. It’s Kang Soo! He remembered that he saw Park Man Geun at the factory the day he was kidnapped. Later Dong Chi keeps thinking about something chief Moon said. It’s something related to the necktie pin. There was another witness at that factory.

“ The owner of this necktie pin killed a person.”

An envelope with a DNA test result came. After looking at the result of that test, Dong Chi realized who the witness chief Moon was talking is and goes to chief Moon’s office. The other witness is Dong Chi’s father. During their conversation prosecutor Choi came in and threatened chief Moon and Dong Chi.

Moon Hee Man:” We were always a ‘we’ from the beginning.”

When prosecutor Choi left, Dong Chi followed him outside. Prosecutor Choi threatened Dong Chi that he will kill chief Moon if Dong Chi doesn’t stop his investigation.

Dong Chi’s father was called for interrogation. The day Kang Soo and Han Byul were kidnapped, Dong Chi’s father was at that factory. He heard a scream and went to see what is going on. Dong Chi’s father saw Dong Chi hitting the kidnapper and running with a little boy in his arms. When the kidnapper went after Dong Chi to kill him, Dong Chi’s father hit him and killed him without realizing. Then Dong Chi’s father buried the kidnapped so no one will find him. He didn’t want Dong Chi to be blamed about anything. Also it was Dong Chi’s father the one that took the necktie pin from the police station saying that he is the victim’s father.

Moon Hee Man:” Why do you like a guy like that?”

There is a meeting. Chief Moon wants to keep going with the investigation. For the first time since he became a prosecutor, Dong Chi wants to close a case because he thinks that they will lose. Chief Moon realized why Dong Chi took that decision. It’s because prosecutor Choi threatened to kill chief Moon. But chief Moon will continue to investigate and fight against prosecutor Choi with or without Dong Chi.

Back to their office, Yeol Moo asks Dong Chi to stop the investigation and let everything the way it is. But Dong Chi changed his mind. He will help chief Moon catch prosecutor Choi and make him pay for killing Han Byul.

Dong Chi:”Yeol Moo, Han Byul…was alive.”

That night every member of the prosecution team, chief Moon, Yeol Moo, investigator Yoo Dae Gi and Dong Chi, each of them met an member of the Hwa Young organization.

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