“Healer ” ep 12 ~ Jeong Hoo:” What the hell have you done to us?”

Jeong Hoo went to Kim Moon Shik’s house and met Myung Hee. From Myung Hee, Jeong Hoo finds out who Chae Young Shin really is.

Something happened to Healer and Min Ja called Young Shin.

Episode 12

Kim Moon Shik came to see Moon Ho at Someday News. On his way he heard that Seo Jeong Hoo appeared asking everything relate to his father. Arrived at Someday, the first person Moon Shik met is Young Shin. He now knows that Young Shin is Myung Hee and Gil Han’s daughter, Ji Ahn.

After her father died, the person who found Ji Ahn was Moon Shik. He wasn’t pleased that she was alive, but still he took the child with him. Ji Ahn was scared and she was holding Moon Shik’s hand. While Moon Shik went to buy her a bottle of water, Ji Ahn disappeared from his car.

Now, when he met the adult Ji Ahn, Moon Shik is surprised to see that she grew up happy. She has a bright personality. Also Moon Shik checks Young Shin’s high. He compares her with Myung Hee.

Moon Ho came angry as soon as Young Shin called to say that his brother is in their office. He can’t believe that Moon Shik faced Young Shin without asking for forgiveness, without begging in his knees.

Meanwhile Jeong Hoo is held in the interrogation room. He pretends to be a fool, all he does is chewing gum, tripping over everything, sleeping on the chair or table. While Jeong Hoo was sleeping, Moon Shik’s secretary came to him. He asked Jeong Hoo to come with him because one of his father’s friends wants to meet him. At Moon Shik’s house, Jeong Hoo takes picture of everything, surveillance cameras. He even took pictures of Moon Shik’s secretary.

When they met, Moon Shik pretended to be happy to see Jeong Hoo. But actually he wanted to check if Jeong Hoo is Healer and for that Myung Hee was called. Before coming home Myung Hee met Jeong Hoo’s mother and found out that Jeong Hoo’s mother tried to investigate and find out the truth about Seo Joon Seok’s dead, but Moon Shik stopped her and threatened her.

When she saw Jeong Hoo is Moon Shik’s office, Myung Hee acted like it’s the first time she sees the young man in front of her, like Jeong Hoo doesn’t look like his father at all. After meeting Jeong Hoo’s mother, Myung Hee seems that she doesn’t trust that much Moon Shik.

Myung Hee asked Jeong Hoo to come closer to her. She is happy to see him. She acts like a mother that was reunited with her lost son after a long time.

The happy Myung Hee took Jeong Hoo to her room. There is something that Jeong Hoo wants to know. He wants to know if it’s true that his father killed his friend. Myung Hee tells him the truth, that what he heard isn’t true, that Joon Seok didn’t kill Gil Han.

Jeong Hoo opens his heart towards Myung Hee and tells her the reason he wants to know the truth now. He found a woman that he likes and he wants to know what kind of person his father was to see if it’s alright for him to like that woman. Without knowing that Jeong Hoo is talking about her own daughter, Myung Hee lets Jeong Hoo know that he can love Young Shin.

Suddenly Myung Hee turns towards Ji Ahn’s picture. Seeing the picture and hearing the name, Jeong Hoo realized that when he saved Young Shin from the falling elevator, Moon Ho came calling Young Shin with Myung Hee’s daughter name. Moon Ho called her “Ji Ahn”.

Jeong Hoo now knows why Moon Ho needed Young Shin’s DNA, because she is Myung Hee’s daughter. Angry, Jeong Hoo goes to Moon Ho and hits him. He wants to know why Moon Ho didn’t tell him who Chae Young Shin was, why Moon Ho lied saying that Oh Ji Ahn died.

Jeong Hoo:” Her mother is alive but everyday while you look at her silently in front of you, you keep your mouth shut.”

Jeong Hoo doesn’t trust Moon Ho anymore. No matter how much Moon Ho said that he lied because he was protecting Young Shin, Jeong Hoo can’t trust him anymore.

Jeong Hoo:” What the hell have you done to us?”

Hurt, Jeong Hoo went to the only person that can make him feel better, to Young Shin.

Jeong Hoo:” I’m really having a hard time right now, would you help me out?”

He hugs Young Shin strongly. At first she hugs him back. She is worried about him and she si nervous of being in his arms, but because she doesn’t realize that she has feelings for Bong Soo, Young Shin stops the hug. Jeong Hoo needs a reason for the way he acted so he lies to her that there are bugs all over his house and because he is too scared to go home he needs a place to stay. Jeong Hoo also tells Young Shin about his parents, that his mother remarried and that his father died when he was little.

Bong Soo:” Is it okay if you let any man stay over and hug him because he said he’s having a hard time?”

It’s dinner time. Bong Soo has to help Young Shin prepare the food. But Young Shin is scared that he can hurt himself looking at the way he handles the knife so she gives him a small knife to peel the onions. Is he faking or he really doesn’t know how to peel an onion? Looking at Bong Soo peeling that onion one could think that he is peeling an apple.

After diner, Young Shin hands Bong Soo one of her father’s pajamas. The pajamas pants fell and both of them bend down to get it. Their hands touched. Young Shin has a strange feeling like she recognized the hand. She grabs Bong Soo’s hand and thinks about Healer’s hand. But that can’t be, Healer is a night courier who does everything for money while Bong Soo is scared of bugs…

Moon Ho sent Young Shin and Bong Soo to meet with the detective that follows the gangsters that were protecting the CEO of the entertainment agency who was assaulting his actresses. On their was Min Ja called Jeong Hoo. An email came on Healer’s address, it’s a picture with Seo Joon Seok’s mother. Jeong Hoo goes towards the place his mother is with high speed. Young Shin doesn’t understand what is going on.

When they arrived, Bong Soo excuses himself because he has something urgent to do. Bong Soo changes into Healer’s clothes and enters the restaurant where his mother was, but she is not there. Worried he looks everywhere for her, the tracking device that he put on Moon Shik’s secretary shows that the secretary is with his mother.

From the car, Young Shin sees someone taking picture of a man who is in the restaurant. She goes inside, but he isn’t there anymore. In the parking lot, Healer met the gangsters. While he was fighting the gangsters one of them shot Healer with a tranquilizer arrow. Healer tries to run away, but he can’t see or move properly. Suddenly someone grabbed him from behind, took his cap and glasses and pushed him on the roof. Up on the roof, Healer looses consciousness.

Min Ja can’t get in touch with Healer and his vital signs are low. She calls Young Shin and asks her to look for Park Bong Soo.

Min Ja:” You know Park Bong Soo, right? Can you find him? I think he’s in serious danger.”

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