“Pride and Prejudice ” ep 21 ~ Final episode!

The final episode of “Pride and Prejudice” shows that the bad guys always pay for their crimes. But it’s also shows that there is no end for evil in this life. Even if you thing that you destroyed and evil another raises.

There isn’t such thing as perfect crime. The killer makes a mistake sooner or later. Han Byul’s killer made a mistake and he got caught.

Episode 21

The trial where prosecutor Choi Kwang Gook is accused of Han Byul’s death begins. The prosecutor’s that will accuse him are Dong Chi and chief Moon Hee Man. The lawyers that defend prosecutor Choi are Oh Do Jung and lawyer Ok, the Hwa Young lawyer.

The first witness to will testify against prosecutor Choi, is Kang Soo. He remembered what he lived the day he was kidnapped. Everything goes well in the beginning. Kang Soo answered Dong Chi’s questions with what he remembers of that day, but when Oh Do Jung’s time to ask questions came everything turned around. She made Kang Soo seem a person who will say anything to make someone pay for a child’s death because he feels guilty towards Han Byul’s family. Also she used the fact that Kang Soo’s memory returned after he knew that Choi Kwang Gook was guilty of Han Byul’s death.

Because his testimony went bad, Kang Soo is disappointed. Yeol Moo’s mother comes to him and encourages him.

Yeol Moo’s mother:”Let go of Han Byul now.”

The second witness to testify is Song Ah Reum. She told everything she heard of Park Man Geun. She is about to say that Park Man Geun is Choi Kwang Gook. Dong Chi shows her several pictures and she has to pick Park Man Geun’s picture. Suddenly someone enters. It’s Choi Kwang Gook. He came just in time to intimidate Song Ah Reum. After hearing his name, seeing him, Song Ah Reum, scared to death, said that none of the persons in those pictures is Park Man Geun. Choi Kwang Gook and his lawyers are relieved.

The third witness testifies in Choi Kwang Gook’s favor. It’s time the prosecutor’s ask their questions. Chief Moon finishes with one question. The third witness was convicted for drugs.

It’s time for another witness to testify. This time it’s Sung Moo Young’s time. Chief Moon asked him to testify against Choi Kwang Gook, but Sung Moo Young it’s scared of repercussions so he testifies in favor of Choi Kwang Gook. But Moon Hee Man came strong too. He has recordings with Sung Moo Young ordering Dong Chi’s death and refusing to testify because of fear of Hwa Young. Even if Sung Moo Young said that he never met Dong Chi, he wanted Dong Chi dead. Chief Moon wants to know the reason of that.

The next witness is Dong Chi’s father. He tells in court that one night at the factory he saw a man wearing a suit looking at a child that was wearing a yellow jacket. The child was still alive.

Dong Chi’s father testimony is strong against Choi Kwang Gook so Choi Kwang Gook need to get rid of his testimony. Since it was dark, who could the witness see clearly Choi Kwang Gook’s face, the lawyer asks. And if the witness saw the accused face, why didn’t he saw the child’s face too. Then the lawyers ask Dong Chi’s father about the kidnapper. Dong Chi’s father blames himself in front of the court for killing the kidnapper. But Dong Chi gets up and tells the court what happened the day Han Byul died. Dong Chi has evidence that the kidnapper died because of the steel pipe he used to hit the kidnapper. In front of the court, Dong Chi indicted himself for the kidnaper’s death.

In thirty minutes the statute of limitation will expire. Choi Kwang Gook and his lawyers are sure that they’ve won. Chief Moon approaches Choi Kwang Gook and asks him one more time if he was at the factory the day Han Byul died, if he watched the child die without doing nothing. Choi Kwang Gook denied all of Moon Hee Man’s accusations. Prosecutor Choi doesn’t know what the name of his crime is. It’s a murder if you kill someone and it’s an assault if you hurt someone, but he didn’t do any of those so what the name of his crime is. Choi Kwang Gook is sure that he won, that chief Moon doesn’t have any evidence against him. But Lee Jang Won comes in holding something. It’s an USB memory. Kang Soo and Han Byul’s kidnapper had a custom to record every stranger that he talked too.

When he buried the kidnapper, Dong Chi’s father took the recorder and gave it to little Kang Soo. On that recording Choi Kwang Gook’s voice can be heard clearly telling the kidnaper to kill the child.

After the trial, Choi Kwang Gook was arrested. Chief Moon goes to his car. Someone is there. Because he betrayed the Hwa Young organization Moon Hee Man has to die.


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2 Responses to “Pride and Prejudice ” ep 21 ~ Final episode!

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  2. fiona says:

    Daebak,happy ending but logic.The strong one will always win but the good one will always survive,it is the rules of life

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