“Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 3 ~ Do Hyun:”I, who have this face and this look in my eye, I’m Cha Do Hyun.”

Perry Park, another of Do Hyun’s personalities came out instead of Se Gi. He went to save Ri Jin and she saw him changing back into Cha Do Hyun.

Do Hyun found out that Ri Jin is a psychiatrist and went to see her.

Episode 3

Se Gi coes out every time Do Hyun is hurt so he asks secretary Ahn to hit him. Maybe secretary Ahn didn’t hit Do Hyun powerful because the one that came out wasn’t Se Gi, it was Perry Park another of Do Hyun’s personalities. Secretary Ahn takes advantage of this situation and offers Perry Park a boat with his name on it in exchange of Perry Park’s participation at the company meeting in Do Hyun’s place. At first Perry didn’t want to go, but when he heard about having his own boat with his name on it acceptant. But then a phone call came. It’s the gangster that holds Ri Jin. Hearing what the gangster wants, Perry said that it has nothing to do with him, but when the gangster threatened to kill Ri Jin, Perry accepted to save her.

While they wait for Se Gi, the gangsters do a simulation about how will they attack Shin Se Gi.

Jo Yoon Ho:”Think of me as that person. Slowly come to me. Slowly! Slowly! Why are you in such a hurry? Do you have an appointment?”

During the gangster’s simulation, Perry arrived holding two bombs. While Perry was threatening the gangsters with the bombs, one of the gangsters was behind him. The gangster is about to hit Perry. He avoided the hit, but dropped the bombs. All the gangsters hide scared. Everyone expects that the bombs will explode.

Bomb:”The rice is fully cooked.”

Realizing that it wasn’t a real bomb the gangsters come out and beat up Perry Park.

Do Hyun told secretary Ahn to attach on every of his personalities an device that will allow secretary Ahn to know where is Do Hyun and what is happening to him. While the gangsters were beating Perry they saw the device and took both Ri Jin and Perry away from there.

Perry is unconscious! Ri Jin received a text. The gangster reads the text. It was a picture with Ri On wearing the gangster’s jacket. The gangsters uncover Ri Jin’s mouth and she tells them that if they would’ve asked her form the beginning she would’ve told them that she has the jacket. But the gangsters never asked. They just covered Ri Jin’s mouth and no matter how much she tried to get their attention she couldn’t.

The jacket is full with drugs and the gangsters want it back. They call Ri On and let Ri Jin talk to him. Because the phone call is on speaker, Ri Jin sends a message to Ri On that only the two of them will understand. She asks him about chapter 3 of one of his novels. Ri On understood what Ri Jin was saying and told her that he is at an after work party with the men that helped him with his novels. The gangsters leave for the place where Ri On is. Only one gangster remained behind to look after Ri Jin and Do Hyun.

While they are tied up, Do Hyun comes back. Looking at Do Hyun’s body twitching and hearing the noises he was making, Ri Jin remembered that Se Gi is different from the man she met at the airport and hospital. Also the two of them are different from the man that came to save her holding two bombs. They act differently, they talk differently, they dress differently and their character is different, like they have different personalities.

Do Hyun is back himself. He unties himself and then he unties Ri Jin. While Do Hyun unties the rope that is holding her, Ri Jin tells Do Hyun what Se Gi told her. Then she looks into his eyes and asks his name. Do Hyun doesn’t tell her his name, but they both come out with a plan to get out of there.

Meanwhile the gangsters arrived to the place where Ri On and his friends are. Ri On takes off the jacket. Being a nice guy Ri On takes off some luggage before returning the jacket. When Ri On ripped off the lining the drugs came out. Ri On’s friends jumped up and all of them took out their badges. All of Ri On’s friends were cops. The gangsters are arrested.

Unfortunately the bombs that Perry had are true. The gangster that remained with Ri Jin and Do Hyun started the bombs clock without knowing. The bomb exploded.

Ri Jin:”Save me!”

Do Hyun takes the unconscious Ri Jin to the hospital and apologizes to her for putting her in danger.

After letting Ri Jin in the hospital, the hurt Do Hyun changed his clothes and went to the company meeting. He arrived when the executives were about to leave saying that he was involved in an accident. Ki Joon, who was sitting next to Do Hyun saw that Do Hyun’s hand was shaking and that he was bleeding.

The meeting is over. Do Hyun refused to go to the hospital. He can take care of his injury on his own. He asks secretary Ahn about Ri Jin’s condition and to take care of her treatment. Do Hyun still believes that Ri Jin has a mental problem like him.

Ri Jin will stay in hospital for few days. Ri On came to bring her food. The two siblings are having a party in Ri Jin’s hospital room. Ri Jin tells Ri On about the men that is different every time she meets him. She is worried about him.

Ri On:”Do you perhaps…like him?”

Secretary Ahn went to the hospital to talk to doctor Seok Ho Pil about a psychiatrist that can treat Do Hyun secretly. During their conversation Ri Jin entered doctor Seok Ho Pil’s office, she is bored and wants to come back to work. Secretary Ahn is surprised to see Ri Jin, but he is more surprised to find out that Ri Jin isn’t a patient, she’s a doctor.

In a hurry, secretary Ahn went to tell Do Hyun what he found out and Do Hyun decided to meet Oh Ri Jin.

After secretary Ahn left doctor Seok Ho Pil’s office, Ri Jin told doctor Seok about the man she met recently, a man with three multiply personalities and one of this personalities is Shin Se Gi. Hearing Se Gi’s name, doctor Seok Ho Pil tells Ri Jin that the patient he treated for several years in America is the man she is talking about. Doctor Seok Ho Pil tells Ri Jin about Do Hyun’s story.

Later, while she was chasing after Heo Sook Hee, Ri Jin met again Do Hyun. Looking at his eyes the man in front of her isn’t Shin Se Gi and he doesn’t have a bomb so she asks him again what his name is.

Do Hyun:”I, who have this face and this look in my eye, I’m Cha Do Hyun.”

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