“Heal Me Kill Me ” ep 4 ~ Se Gi:” I found that child first.”

Another personality of Cha Do Hyun appeared. Realizing that the first love Se Gi was talking about is Ri Jin, Do Hyun pushes her away.

Because Do Hyun is scared and weak, Se Gi took over the body again.

Episode 4

After knowing that Oh Ri Jin is a psychiatrist, Do Hyun came to see her. He wants to know if Se Gi asked her to put him to sleep so that Se Gi could take control of Do Hyun’s body for ever.

When they met Do Hyun tells Ri Jin his name and Ri Jin becomes worried when she heard that he took care alone of his injuries. He’s like Batman.

Before he get the chance to ask Ri Jin what he wanted to know, Do Hyun noticed that the hospital employees were all watching him and Ri Jin. Seeing her co workers, Ri Jin told Do Hyun what Se Gi did and asked him to fix her reputation. Because of Se Gi all of Ri Jin’s co workers think that she was dumped after two hours. The news traveled fast that the man that dumped Ri Jim came looking for her in an expensive suit and with an imported car so everyone came to see him.

While fixing what Se Gi did, Do Hyun met Ri Jin’s co-workers one by one pretending to by Ri Jin’s boyfriend. He even knelt and apologized to doctor Park Min Jae because Se Gi held him by his neck.

Since he fixed what Se Gi did, it’s now time to get the answers he wants. And what Do Hyun wants is to find out if Se Gi asked doctor Oh Ri Jin to put him to sleep. But the only thing Se Gi asked Ri Jin was to play with him. For one time Se Gi even listened to Ri Jin’s order, which is strange because Se Gi does what he wants to do. Also Ri Jin tells Do Hyun that Se Gi looked disappointed when he found out that she is a psychiatrist. It’s strange! If Se Gi didn’t approach Ri Jin because she is a doctor, then why did he approach her? Do they met before? Did Ri Jin met Do Hyun when they were younger? Do Hyun remembered that Se Gi told doctor Seok Ho Pil that he met his first love and realized that Se Gi meant Oh Ri Jin.

While Do Hyun was asking Ri Jin if they met before, Do Hyun heard Se Gi.

Se Gi:” You called me…a long, long time ago.”

Do Hyun is shocked and scared. It’s the first time this is happening. He doesn’t understand what is going on. From now on Ri Jin has to avoid Do Hyun. If he will appear she will have to hide. If he comes closer she has to run away. If he holds her, she has to hit him and run away. Scared that Se Gi will hurt Ri Jin, Do Hyun is pushing her away.

Do Hyun:”From this moment on, I’m never thinking of appearing in front of you.”

Do Hyun starts to have an migraine and Ri Jin went to get some pills for him. When she returned Do Hyun was gone. She calls him worried, but when Do Hyun answers he tells her to never call him again.

Do Hyun:”I don’t make friends. I don’t need friends.”

While sleeping Ri Jin dreams about playing on a trampoline with a boy. She can’t see that boy’s face. Suddenly instead of that boy before the young Ri Jin appeared Se Gi asking her to play with him. She wakes up scared and besides her it was Ri On. When she was younger, Ri Jin used to have nightmares, but she hadn’t had one in a while.

Ri Jin asks Ri On if the boy in her dream was him, if he remembers anything about their childhood. She tells Ri On what Se Gi told her in the dream so that he could interpret Se Gi’s words. A man knows men better. But when Ri Jin said Se Gi’s words, Ri On said that Se Gi is a player who wants to go with her to a hotel. Ri On lied to Ri Jin because he doesn’t want her to think about their childhood or the guy that is shaking her heart.

Ri On:” Did you get tired of your brother’s feelings to look after you?”

After Do Hyun left the hospital he never went home. Secretary Ahn can’t get in touch with him so the next morning he calls Ri Jin. Both secretary Ahn and Ri Jin are worried about Do Hyun. They keep calling him, leaving him text or voice messages, but still Do Hyun is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile Do Hyun wakes up. He is holding a teddy bear. He is locked in a room fool with broken toys. Someone comes towards him holding a club. Little Do Hyun is scared. The present and his past memories mingle together.

The maid came and called his name. Do Hyun’s hallucinations are gone. When he leaves he noticed that another personality took over him.

“I am NaNa.”

Coming out of the wine cellar, Do Hyun hears a conversation between his mother, grandmother and aunt. Do Hyun’s grandmother asked his mother to leave the house, but Do Hyun’s mother can’t, she knows too much about the family. Do Hyun’s mother knows a horrific truth that is not known to the world. She threatens the grandmother with what Do Hyun’s will do when he will find out what happened to his mother. Many people will get hurt when Do Hyun recovers his memories.

Later Do Hyun asks his mother what is the secret that she knows and he can’t remember, but she lied to him.

At his house, later on, Do Hyun after checking his phone and saw that he had a lot of missed phone calls from Ri Jin, he had another co-conscious hallucination. In his bathroom mirror, Do Hyun saw Se Gi.

Se Gi asks Do Hyun if he has the confidence of handling the truth if he recovers his lost memories. Se Gi has the answers Do Hyun needs. Something happened to Do Hyun during his childhood and to protect himself, because he couldn’t handle the pain, Do Hyun developed Se Gi and Se Gi fought the pain in Do Hyun’s place. To shut up Se Gi, Do Hyun broke the mirror, but he ended up locked inside the mirror. Se Gi took over the body.

Se Gi:” From now on, the owner of this body and time is me…because…I found that child first.”

In the hospital, Ri Jin received a text message from Cha Do Hyun. He was saying that he is at the hospital entrance and wants to meet her. Ri Jin runs over to meet Do Hyun, but the one that sent the text and was waiting for her was Shin Se Gi. He takes Ri Jin with him.

Se Gi:”I don’t have much time given to me. It’s better to get rid of the luggage that gets in our way.”

Thoughts : The little boy in Ri Jin’s dream I think it’s Do Hyun. Both of them don’t remember their childhood that well and Se Gi keeps said that Ri Jin called him a long time ago. Also Ri Jin had that dream after meeting Do Hyun.

                 Are Ri Jin and Ri On really siblings? Their mother’s reaction makes me thing that they aren’t.

                 Is Ri On in love with Ri Jin? Does he remember something about their childhood and doesn’t wants Ri Jin to remember too? And why Ri On has so many information and pictures with Do Hyun?

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