“We Got Married ” ep 17 ( WGM ep 254) ~ Jae Rim:” The water is sweet, maybe because you’re in it.”

Visiting Pamukkale and going to Cappadocia to ride the balloon.

Episode 17

Jae Rim and So Eun’s couple tour in Turkey continues. They are walking around Pamukkale. There they are fascinated by the hot springs and salt terraces created from carbonate minerals left by flowing water. They soak their feet in the hot spring. Then they walk around to see the place or because they saw that there were a lot of people upstream and the water color was different where they were. When the found a new place to soak their feet into the water, the couple decided to sit facing each other, but Jae Rim sited on water. The place where Jae Rim placed his but was wet, he sat on a puddle of water.

Jae Rim:” I feel uncomfortable.”

Since he feels uncomfortable, Jae Rim bends down to dry his butt on the sun.

Jae Rim:” The skin on my butt will get better.”

Time to go swimming and the couple changed their clothes. As soon as he touched the water, Jae Rim totally adjusted to it. He is like a fish in the water. So Eun on the other hand is scared of deep water. If the water is too deep she has to lean on Jae Rim. While playing in the water Jae Rim pretends to kiss So Eun, with the excuse that he saw that scene in American movies.

Jae Rim:” I won’t kiss you until you say it’s okay.”

Later, the bored Jae Rim tastes the water. After tasting the water, Jae Rim attempts to teach So Eun how to swim, but the attempt failed.

Jae Rim:” The water is sweet, maybe because you’re in it.”

After playing all day it’s time to eat and finally they can enjoy a good meal. During their meal Jae Rim and So Eun talk about what they know about each other. As desert they have a cup of coffee. When they finished their coffee, the employee form that restaurant reads their future in the coffee grounds. In So Eun’s coffee the Turkish man sees that she has two roads ahead of her, one will make her really happy, but if she will chose the second one she will cry a lot. In Jae Rim’s coffee the Turkish man saw that he loves So Eun and that he wants a baby.

Did the producers told the Turkish man what to tell Jae Rim and So Eun?

Jae Rim:”I love her!”

After dinner, Jae Rim and So Eun took the buss for 10 hours and went to Cappadocia to ride the hot air balloon. While the balloon was going up, So Eun was excited, but Jae Rim was so pale that you could say he will faint soon.

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