“Healer ” ep 13 ~ “Please save me.”

Young Shin realizes that Bong Soo is Healer, but she pretends that she doesn’t know.

Ki Young Jae turned himself to the police to protect Jeong Hoo and was killed.

Episode 13

While being on the phone with Min Ja, Healer’s phone got disconnected. She tries to get in touch with him, but she can’t so Min Ja calls Young Shin to look for Park Bong Soo.

Hurt and about to faint because of the tranquilizer, Healer goes to the roof. Suddenly someone stops him, hits him, takes his glasses and his jacket and pushes him on the roof. That person is Ki Young Jae. He pretended to be Healer and let himself caught instead of Jeong Hoo.

Worried, Young Shin looks everywhere for Bong Soo, but she can’t find him. While looking for him, Young Shin remembered that Bong Soo said that he likes high places because from there he can see people, but the people can’t see him. Young Shin goes on the roof and finds Bong Soo unconscious and full of blood. She puts her jacket on him and calls an ambulance.

The doctors finished treating Bong Soo, but he is still sleeping. Young Shin is by his side. She has a lot of questions, why was he bleeding like that, who is the lady the call her. Later Bong Soo opens his eyes, calls Young Shin’s name and raised his hand. Young Shin holds his hands and Bong Soo goes back to sleep. He holds her strongly by the hand and Young Shin remembered the night at the theatre when Healer held her hand and she remembers that Bong Shoo knew how many pills she takes even if she never told him that, she only told that to Healer. Surprised Young Shin runs out and search around Bong Soo’s car. The only thing she could find in Bong Soo’s car that could relate him to Healer is the little paper star she made one night while talking about Healer with Bong Soo.

Returning to the hospital, Young Shin sees that Bong Soo woke up. Dae Young was helping him get dressed. She got closer. Bong Soo looking at Young Shin, lied about everything. He said that he took some sleeping pills that must have kicked in later and the wound form his hand is because he fell. Even if she knew that he was lying, Young Shin pretended to believe him. She was afraid that if she would have told him that she knows the truth than Bong Soo would have disappeared.

After leaving the hospital, Jeong Hoo wants to go to Kim Moon Shik’s house and kill him. Min Ja tried to stop him and after a while she convinced him to don’t go to Kim Moon Shik’s house.

Home, Young Shin is not herself. She is acting unusual. The happy and optimistic girl, Chae Young Shin is now crying. She opens her heart in front of her father and tells him about the guy who lied to her in her face and she couldn’t say anything because she was afraid that she won’t be able to see him anymore if she did that.

The gangsters that Moon Shik paid to catch Healer took Young Jae. Later Moon Shik came to see Healer, but he knows that Young Jae isn’t Healer. He suspects that Jeong Hoo is Healer. But Young Jae talks about the past, about Gil Han and Joon Seok. He even threatened Moon Shik to not touch Young Shin or Jeong Hoo because he will protect them, he is their father’s friend.

Min Ja saw that detective Yoon followed the gangsters and made an anonymous phone call to the police saying that someone was kidnapped. Detective Yoon is now able to enter that building without warrant.

Ki Young Jae:” Detective, please save me.”

The same time Jeong Hoo went to see his mother. He knows that his mother is followed, but he needs to see her to protect her. Jeong Hoo and his mother pretend that they meet for the first time in 10 years. Then Jeong Hoo said to his mother that he will soon leave the country and he will not meet her anymore. Jeong Hoo said everything so that the man that was following them could record the conversation. If Moon Shik knows that Jeong Hoo won’t meet his mother anymore, then she will be safe.

The next morning, Jeong Hoo went to Moon Ho’s house. He is angry that Moon Shik tried to kill Young Shin and used his mother as bait. Jeong Hoo wants to know why Kim Moon Shik tried to kill Young Shin. But the person who tried to kill Young Shin is not Kim Moon Shik, is the Elder behind him.

Someone is at the door. Jeong Hoo went to open and the person who came is Chae Young Shin. She and Jong Soo came to interview Moon Ho about his brother, Kim Moon Shik. After the interview, Moon Ho gave some work to do to Young Shin, Jong Soo and Jeong Hoo. They will spent the whole night working.

The three reporters went to Young Shin’s father office. Jong Soo and Young Shin are really close. Young Shin doesn’t even look at Jeong Hoo. Jealous and sad because Young Shin doesn’t see him at all, Jeong Hoo went to get some coffee and Young Shin followed him. She asked Jeong Hoo to choose again “east” and “west”. Once again Jeong Hoo chose “east”. On “east” they can talk for 1 minute and on “west” they would’ve hugged for 10 seconds.

Young Shin:” Wanting to hold the hand, to hug, to talk all night long and even to kiss.”

Young Shin tells Jeong Hoo that she isn’t upset with him, she is holding in all the things she wants to do with the person she likes, with Healer. But now she knows that Healer is Bong Soo.

When she was leaving, Jeong Hoo holds her back. He wants to tell her the truth, but something stops him. Young Shin opens her heart towards Bong Soo even if she doesn’t tell him that she knows that he is Healer. She hugs him and leaves.

At the police station, detective Yoon is interrogating Ki Young Jae, who is now eating. Suddenly Young Jae feels something strange and decided to turn himself in. Ki Young Jae confessed that he is Healer and took over him everything that detective Yoon said Healer did. During his confession, Ki Young Jae died. He was poisoned by one of detective Yoon’s police officers. The police officer that poisoned Young Jae’s food was sent by the Elder.

Jeong Hoo arrived at the police station to help his teacher, but he arrived too late. When Jeong Hoo arrived the ambulance was taking Young Jae’s body.

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  1. snow says:

    Just a request….please don’t write spoilers in the heading…there are many of us who haven’t seen the ep yet… 🙂

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