“We Got Married ” ep 18 ( WGM ep 255) ~ So Eun:” I’ll protect you!”

After the balloon ride confession, Jae Rim and So Eun enjoyed a jar kebab and made pots with a traditional pottery wheel.

Episode 18

The honeymoon continues with a ride on a hot air balloon. So Eun is happy. Her wish came true, but Jae Rim is anxious. What if the balloon will fall, why the balloon has so many patches, he’s thinking. Even if So Eun is consoling and encouraging him, Jae Rim can’t hear her.

So Eun:”Trust me! Hold onto me. I’ll protect you.”

To make Jae Rim feel better, So Eun talks to him about the next think on her schedule, a more scary think…skydiving.

Jae Rim:” You have wings because you’re an angel, but I’m human so I don’t.”

So Eun:” I’ll catch you after I spread my wings.”

Up in the sky, Jae Rim confesses one more time his feelings. As response the embarrassed So Eun covers Jae Rim’s eyes and tells him what he wants to hear, but Jae Rim will have to wait and see the episode to know.

Jae Rim:”I like you So Eun!”

While going down, Jae Rim back hugs So Eun and kisses her on …her head. The balloon was shaken while landing and Jae Rim hugs So Eun again to protect her from falling.

After they enjoyed staying in the sky it’s time for the couple to enjoy the earth so they went pottery shop. There they learn who to make pots using a traditional pottery wheel. Jae Rim is pretty good at making pots since it’s not the first time he does it. The only problem is that rotating the traditional pottery wheel is tiresome. While Jae Rim is making the pot, So Eun rotates the pottery wheel. For the first time, the gentleman that always takes care of So Eun doesn’t see that she is struggling with the pottery wheel. He is too concentrated on making the pot. He even screams at So Eun because she talks too much and he can’t concentrate on the pot. But because So Eun is upset, Jae Rim kisses her on the temple. He kisses her a lot that day. Jae Rim didn’t really pay too much attention to So Eun even when she said that she got clay on her hair. He was afraid that the pot will be ruined if the pottery wheel will be stopped.

Later that night it’s time to eat. Jae Rim and So Eun went to the restaurant and ate jar kebab. To just eating it it’s boring so they decided to play a game. The one that will break the jar better will get a wish fulfilled by the other. The one that beak the jar first was Jae Rim, but the chosen winner was So Eun. Once again Jae Rim will have to accomplish So Eun a wish.

Jae Rim:” I only spit my love onto you.”

After eating a lot, Jae Rim remembered that he is on a diet and… went to buy another jar kebab. So Eun breaks that jar again and inside she didn’t found food, she found folded roses made from money. Those folded roses were a promise Jae Rim made to So Eun before they came to Turkey. Since soon they will celebrate their 100 day, he gave her the folded roses as present. On the bottom of that jar there was also a bracelet that he made. That bracelet has a special meaning. On the bracelet there are the months they were born and between them “faith and trust”.

After dinner Jae Rim took So Eun to another place. Before coming to Turkey, while So Eun was searching for places to visit, Jae Rim looked into one place, the best sunset view.

Jae Rim:”My biggest gift is you.”

So Eun:” You are my greatest fortune.”

Those two are really starting to look and talk like each other.

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