“Healer ” ep 14 ~ Jeong Hoo:”I can hurt you.”

Jeong Hoo reacts badly to Ki Young Jae’s death. He listens to Young Jae’s last message for him.

Worried because she wasn’t able to get in touch with him, Young Shin goes to Bong Soo’s house.

Episode 14

Arrived in front of the police station, Jeong Hoo sees the ambulance taking Young Jae’s body. He doesn’t see and think clearly so he wants to go and take his teacher from there, but Dae Yong and her gang tried to stop him. Because they couldn’t stop Jeong Hoo, Dae Young called Min Ja. Jeong Hoo entered the police station, hit the doctors that tried to stop him and went to where Young Jae’s body is. He can’t believe that Young Jae is death.

The same time Min Ja called Moon Ho, because he is the only one who can get inside the morgue and get Jeong Hoo out. Inside, detective Yoo recognized Moon Ho and takes him to where Young Jae’s body is. On the hallway they see the doctors lying unconscious on the floor. Worried that Jeong Hoo might still be there, Moon Ho goes ahead. Jeong Hoo is gone. Young Jae was like family for Moon Ho so crying, Moon Ho whispers to Young Jae’s body that from now on he will do what it takes to clear Joon Seok’s name and find Joon Seok and Gil Han’s killers.

Leaving the morgue, Jeong Hoo hurries to kill the man that killed his teacher. On his way Jeong Hoo remembers all the happy moments he spent with his teacher. Moon Hoo gets in his way and stops him. They both will find a way to punish the killers, but Jeong Hoo doesn’t have to become a murderer. Ki Young Jae wouldn’t want Jeong Hoo to be a murderer either.

Jeong Hoo feels guilty. He was the one that called Young Jae back, he was the one that wanted answers and when he received those answers he was angry with Young Jae, he was so angry that he didn’t even eat one with Young Jae.

At the office, Young Shin is worried about Bong Soo. They’ve spent the night together working and since the morning he doesn’t answer his phone, she can’t get in touch with him. When Moon Ho arrived he said that Bong Soo will not come to work for few days because he is sick.

Young Shin followed Moon Ho to his office. Since Kim Moon Shik is a candidate for mayor position, Sunday News has to interview him. What Young Shin wants to for Moon Ho to put a good word for her so that she could interview Kim Moon Shik’s wife, Choi Myung Hee.

Min Ja hacked into detective Yoon’s computer and downloaded Ki Young Jae’s testimony. Before showing it to Jeong Hoo, Min Ja watched it and she realized that Young Jae’s testimony is a message for Jeong Hoo. Young Jae wants Jeong Hoo to stop being Healer, he wants Jeong Joo to marry the woman he loves, to have 2 kids, one dog, two cats, three goldfish. Ki Young Jae video testimony ended with Young Jae’s smile. He was smiling while looking towards the camera.

Now Min Ja asks Jeong Hoo what he wants to do next, does he want a new identity or does he wants to remain as Park Bong Soo forever and stay by Young Shin’s side. But he can’t stay by Young Shin’s side anymore, she knows who he is. Jeong Hoo fears that Young Shin could be in danger if she is next to him. Jeong Hoo pulled the plug all the monitors, took off Park Bong Soo’s phone battery, removed his watch and ring. He gave up everything.

For few days now, Young Shin tried to get in touch with Jeong Hoo, but she couldn’t. Moon Ho found her in a dark room’s corner. She was calling Bong Soo. Moon Ho gave Young Shin the phone number she wanted, Choi Myung Hee’s phone number. Young Shin calls Myung Hee and for the first time Myung Hee accepted to give an interview. She liked Young Shin’s voice, without knowing that the girl that is calling her is her lost daughter.

The next day, because she couldn’t get in touch with Jeong Hoo, Min Ja decided to go and look for Young Shin. The only way to enter Jeong Hoo’s house is for Jeong Hoo to open the door and he will not open to anyone. Min Ja knows that the only person who can enter Jeong Hoo’s house is Young Shin. She gave Young Shin the address of Jeong Hoo’s house.

Min Ja:”I had to see those eyes.”

Following the instructions Min Ja gave her, Young Shin arrived at Jeong Hoo’s house. She found him lying in bad. He was called. To make him feel warmer Young Shin lied in bed next to him.

Jeong Hoo:”I’m dreaming of you…”

Later, when he woke up Jeong Hoo saw Young Shin wearing his clothes. She needed comfortable clothes so she borrowed his. Now she is cooking for him. Young Shin took some days off, announced her father that she will be missing from home a while and decided to stay with Jeong Hoo until he will feel better. But Jeong Hoo isn’t pleased. He sends Young Shin away and tells her to forget about him or his palce.

Young Shin:” Is that the real you? You’re a little scary.”

That night Young Shin took care of Jeong Hoo, but he can’t let her be close to him. Jeong Hoo forces Young Shin to wear her jacket and pushes her away. She isn’t scared of Jeong Hoo, she doesn’t care that he is hiding so much from her. She hugged him and kissed him.

Young Shin:” You come to my house and sleep there any time you like! I’m only staying for a day. I’m not leaving.”

Young Shin:” Dong sent me away. If you send me away, you’ll cry your whole life.”

Jeong Hoo:”I can hurt you.”

Thoughts: Did they changed the filming crew of Healer? Or the cameramen had spasms? Why they moved so much the camera?

Is it me or Park Min Young ( Chae Young Shin) and Do Ji Won ( Choi Myung Hee) kind look alike?

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